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Hard sci-fi, stuff the makes sense and complex RPS.


Different types of weapons, shields and armor will have different effects and effeciencies versus each other. Electro-magnetic shielding works very will versus charged particles, but is almost useless - Or possibly detrimental - Versus other weapons.

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Explanation of minor feature.

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Discussion, vote, real objections. Diminshing returns - You can be average at many things or great at a few things. If it doesn't make sense, it doesn't go in.


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Electromagnetic Shielding - Near-immunity to charged particle weapons.

Gravitic Shielding - Best against low-speed projectiles, good against missiles, useless against near-c and c weapons. Can be ramped up through resource spending to near-invulnerability for horrendous costs.

Near-c Projectiles - Goes through near any defense. Torpedoes. Very, very high supply. Point-Defense purpose-built to defeat it is cost-effective, but takes up needed space. Components are very large due to the energy required to accelerate projectiles (lose 1 movement point? energy from engine used?) Very slow fire rate. - Is it possible to make PD for a specific, custom class of projectile?

Gravitic Missiles - Fast, evasive, very high damage, cost a lot. Expand?

Explosive Reactive Armor - Percent damage reduction, very few HP. A very bad idea versus rapid-fire projectile weapons. Effective versus slower weapons and beam weapons.

Deforming Reactive Armor - Not bad versus most weapons.

Plasma Shields - Great versus beam weapons, detrimental versus explosives. Cheap.

Plasma Torch Drive - High speed, high supply use, doubles as close-range, quite effective weapon.

Charged Particle Drive - Low speed, low supply use. Adds to ECM.

Railguns - They range from small to large, slow to fast-firing. They scale well and can use a variety of munitions. The tech is average or lower cost, the resource cost is low, but they use both supply and ordnance. Various effectiveness against shields, depending on munitions and speed.

Fission Reactor - Small amount of radioactives, negative to ECM, large size. Generates Supply.

Fusion Reactor - Large size (fuel), no negative to ECM, high Minerals cost. Generates Supply.

Total Internal Reflective Armor (or Refractive Armor) - layers of different materials of varying refractive indexes, beams reflect off the interfaces perfectly with no energy absorbance. Easily damaged by all other weapons.


No specialized hulls without a reason. Carrier, Colony and Transport hulls to be made and made effective through components, not hulls.

Likewise, hulls distinguished by size; you distinguish them by purpose.

Engine components come in cheap, smaller commercial drives and expensive, larger and faster military drives. QNP.

Near-c Projectiles

Bloom Cannon: Torpedo. Minerals 800%, Organics 250%, Radioactives 1350%, Supply 2500%, To-Hit +999%, Damage 1000%, Firing Rate 12%, Speed 1000%, ECM +500%, Structure 5%

Gravitic Missiles, Standard: Missile. Minerals 250%, Organics 50%, Radioactives 175%, Supply 75%, Ordnance 300%, Speed 150%, ECM 150%, Damage 200%, Structure 150% - Was thinking these would go from being 'nukes' to being 'standard'.