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Direct-fire vs. seekers

Direct-fire weapons attack instantaneously and have a miss chance (unless the ship has a Religious Talisman). They are immune to point defense.

Seeker weapons (like missiles) deploy a seeking projectile which moves towards enemy ships. If the projectile reaches an enemy ship, it is guaranteed to hit. However, these projectiles can be targeted and destroyed by point defense, and ships can also move out of the range of the projectile even while it's moving towards them.

Firing order

During ship design, you need to add weapons to a ship in the order you want them to fire in combat. This is most applicable to Strategic Combat. You can manually select weapons to fire in Tactical Combat, allowing you to fire in whatever order you like, or to avoid firing weapons if you'd rather capture a disabled ship.

When ordering your weapons, it's recommended to place shield depleters before your main weapons. Another example is to place a tractor beam before some high damage weapon like ripper beams, and then maybe even use a repulsor beam after that.

If you disable Condensed View when designing a ship, you can stagger the placement of weapons to control which will fire first and in what order. This can be useful for using Ionic Dispersers, for example. You might want to put first 1 Shield Depleter, then 2 Anti-Proton Beams, then 1 Ionic Disperser, then several more Anti-Proton Beams. The purpose of this is to try to get all of the shields knocked out before the Ionic Disperser fires. If there are shield points remaining, the Ionic Disperser will be unable to do its damage to the engines. The Anti-Proton Beams do not care what they hit, shields or hull. Placing a few of them before the Ionic Disperser helps improve the chances that all of the shield points will be gone before the Ionic Disperser fires. You might consider placing the Ionic Disperser last. However, if you do this, you might create situations in which the Anti-Proton Beam shots get lucky and knock out some engines, thus wasting damage points overall. (Imperator Fyron)

Weapon types

Null Space Projectors are useful against heavily shielded and armored ships because they skip both shields and armor. The disadvantage to these weapons is that they are expensive and have a slow reload time.

Wormhole Beams can give your ship extended life in "Dogfights" especially with gunships.

Specialty weapons should be used rarely, but are useful in certain circumstances.

Weapon-destroying weapons are useful if you want to disable the ships then destroy them or disable and then capture them.

Engine destroyers (Ionic Dispersers)

Engine destroying weapons (ionic disperers) disable ship movement and supply storage. If the engines were the ship's only supply storage, then it will be unable to fire its weapons in addition to being immobile. However, ships with supply storage components or Quantum Reactors will still be able to fire their weapons normally.

Quote from the forums, sorry, did not copy the author: "Level I and II Ionic Dispersers only do 15 damage if not in an upgraded mount. It takes 20 damage to destroy an engine. The damage doesn't seem to accumulate, so if you put level I or II Ionic Dispersers on a destroyer or smaller, they are essentially useless and just taking up space. Ok, here is the complete scoop on Ionic Dispersers, at least as run from the simulator. There is no carryover of damage from shot to shot, even in the same volley. I set up a group of 5 sats armed only with a single Ionic Disperser II each. Brought a target ship up close and let fly. No matter how many hits, there was no damage done. I switched to Ionic Disperser IV's which do 30 points of damage per hit. In the first volley, there were three hits. That should have caused 90 damage, enough to destroy 4 engines. However, only three engines were destroyed, one per hit. I then switched to Ionic Disperser V's which do 40 per hit. As expected, each hit destroyed two engines. conclusion: any extra damage not equaling the 20 points to kill the next engine is totally lost, even on the same volley."

One hit from a heavy mounted or two shots from large mounted Ionic Dispersers will wipe out all of the engines on any ship. This will eliminate all supply storage [in the engines] on the ship, thus rendering it unable to fire any weapons. All further weapons from the enemy fleet will now ignore your useless hulk and target other ships. So, you should always add a Supply Storage component to all warships (certainly of Light Cruiser size or larger, possibly Destroyers, but those tend to die very quickly anyways so the benefits are reduced). Later when you get Quantum Reactors, the Supply Storage component should be replaced with a Quantum Reactor. This will allow the ship to still have some supplies after all engines are knocked out. So, it is still a threatening target. Enemy warships will continue to fire weapons at it until it is disabled (all weapons destroyed) or utterly destroyed. Thus, fewer ships of yours can be disabled in a given round with the same amount of enemy firepower. At 20 kT, a Supply Storage component is almost trivial in size (especially once you get Battle Cruisers and larger sized ships), and has the added benefit of increasing the operational range of your fleets by 10-20%, depending on other factors. Note: A Solar Collector is _not_ a viable replacement for a Supply Storage component! Surely, it provides greater benefits in terms of range, but it will not prevent your ships from being unable to fire at all if they are hit by Ionic Dispersers. (Imperator Fyron)

Computer virues

Main article: Computer Virus (SEIV)

Computer Virus (CV) attacks skip armor and shields, destroy Master Computers (MC) but do no other damage. CV's are direct fire weapons. CV 1,2,3 does 20,40,60 damage respectively, MC 1,2,3 has 40/40, 30/30, 20/20 space/structure respectively, therefore it is actually harder to destroy a mc1 than an mc2 or mc3. Since it is a "special" weapon, CV's don't do partial damage - it's all or nothing. Therefore a normal mount CV cannot damage a MC1 or MC2; if the CV is on a larger mount which increases its damage > the MC, only then will it work.

If a Master Computer is destroyed (and it does not have normal bridge, etc.), the ship CAN then be subverted. This is no longer true after the v1.84 patch.

Computer Viruses are the bane of Master Computer equipped ships. For larger ships, you might consider adding 1 Bridge, 1 Life Support, and 1 Crew Quarter component in addition to the Master Computer. 1 of each is all you need to maintain full command and control of the ship (ie: no loss of movement). Surely, adding the extra C&C components is more expensive in cost and size than just the Master Computer. However, on larger ship hulls, it will still be cheaper than using no Master Computer at all and relying on normal C&C components. If the Master Computer is knocked out, you still have the required command and control components, so your ship is fully functional. It will still be protected from Allegience Subverters and Mental Flailers, even with a damaged Master Computer. Against Psychic races, you get immunity to Allegience Subverters and immunity to disablement from Computer Viruses. Against normal races, you still get the immunity to disablement from Computer Viruses, and can save a lot of space and resources on large ship hulls. (Imperator Fyron)

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