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Manual (SEV)


Weapon platforms are ground-based units which can fire at attacking starships. They provide a very efficient means to protect your colonies from orbital bombardment.


Unlike starships, weapon platforms do not require a space yard for construction. Therefore all colonies can build their own weapon platforms for defense. Also, since weapon platforms are classified as Units, they can be loaded into a starship's cargo hold and then unloaded onto colonies where they are needed.

Although weapon platforms are immobile, they are also extremely cost effective. In combat, weapon platforms have unlimited ordnance and supplies. Since they have infinite supplies, and do not need engines and other required starship components, weapon platforms are typically composed entirely of weapons and armor. They are therefore much quicker to build in an emergency than additional starship defenders.

During combat, a planet with weapon platforms will fire at ships within range. The weapon platforms are damaged and destroyed as ships fire at the planet. Unlike in SE4, weapon platforms in SE5 are not destroyed before population and facilities; instead, damage is allocated randomly. This makes them more powerful than in SE4, and it increases the importance of population, if only as cannon fodder.

Ground Combat

Weapon platforms do appear, and can be destroyed, in ground combat. Although in stock it is not possible for weapon platforms to fire at the ground forces, in some mods there are weapons which can do this. For example, in Balance Mod, point defense guns can fire at ground troops during combat.

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