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Weapons platforms (WPs) are a type of unit available in Space Empires IV. They can assist defending planets against incoming ships, fighters, or drones. They cannot be launched, only transfered from planet to planet via ships.

Usage and bonuses

To use a WP, simply put it into planetary cargo. The next time the planet is attacked, the WP will be able to take part in combat. The planet is assumed to have an unlimited amount of ammunition, so the WPs don't need to worry about supplies. WPs also get their own weapon mounts, which add additional range, as well as damage, to the weapons. WPs can also target up to 10 ships per combat turn so adding a Multiplex Tracker would be meaningless.

Ships and Cargo

WPs can be moved into a ship's cargo for transportation from planet to planet, but they cannot fire from ship's cargo. On a planet's surface they count against cargo space, rather than facility space.

Ground Combat and Damage

WPs cannot take part in ground combat in SEIV, but they can be destroyed as collateral damage. Putting an ECM on WP(s) in the default game are useless. (1.84+) WPs will be destroyed first! Once all WPs gone, the other damage is done randomly. Note also that weapon platforms can have an indirect effect on ground combat, since their presence on the planet will, under certain circumstances, prevent or delay troop transports from closing with the planet and dropping their troops.

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