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You can set up waypoints to have ships built at spaceyards automatically go to a given location. Define the waypoint under Empire Status, and select the given waypoint at a space yard by "set move to" button. A player can set up to 10 waypoints in a game.

Q: How do I actually set automatic "move to" orders?


  1. (Part I) Setting Automatic Move To Points.
    1. Click on the EMPIRE STATUS icon. (The Gold Crown Icon second row 4th from the left.)
    2. Click on WAYPOINTS
    3. Click on one of the numbers in EXSISTING WAYPOINTS.
    4. Click SET (This will take you back to the System map.
    5. Click on the system you want to have the Automatic Go To set in.
    6. Click on the Place you want it to be. Can be any spot. Warp Point, Planet, Asteroid, etc.
  2. (Part II) Setting order to move to Automatic Move To Point.
    1. Open the Construction Queues icon. (The Wrench 6th from the left on the TOP row.) Or open a specific Planet Build Queue.
    2. Pick a planet, then click on the Build Queue icon. (Second row, 11th from the left, looks like a steam shovel.) This will open up that planets build queue.
    3. Once you are in the Planet Build Queue of any planet you choose. (Provided it has a shipyard.) You can set the Move To orders.
    4. Click the SET MOVE TO button. (9th from the top on the right hand side.)
    5. Click the number that corresponds to your desired location that you want the ship to move to once it has been constructed.
    6. NOTE: The queue will send all ships that it constructs to that location unless you specify other, or clear the Move To command.
    7. To remove a Go To Location entirely, repeat the steps in Part I, except this time click DELETE instead of SET.
    8. To clear a planets build queue's Move To orders, simply click Clear Move To. (10th down from the top on the right side.)
  3. (Part III)
    1. Choose a ship.
    2. Click the Move To Waypoint Icon. (Top Row, 8th icon. Looks sort of like a yellow triangle)
    3. Click the number that corresponds to your desired location that you want the ship to move to.

A better way to make waypoints is to use the hotkeys. On the system map, hit alt + # (where # is the number of the way point you want to set) and then click on the sector you want to set the waypoint in. Much faster. You can hit ctrl + # to send a ship/fleet to a waypoint directly. ctrl + # doesn't work for setting auto waypoints at SYs, but then, how could it? (Imperator Fyron)

Using Waypoints is a great way to simplify some of the micromanagement. If you only use 1 waypoint, make your homeworld waypoint 1. I usually transform my homeworld into a training center at some point in the game. It is very convenient to click on a ship and then hit CTRL-1 to send it to my homeworld for training. If I make another training world or fleet rally point, it is easy to use another waypoint for that one too. You are limited to 10 waypoints, but I have never needed all 10. You can also make spaceyards automatically send ships to a given waypoint. Also, rename your waypoints to give them descriptive titles such as "home", "defensive chokepoint 1", etc. I haven't tried this, but I believe that if you move a waypoint, all the ships which have orders to move to that waypoint will automatically go to the new location. This might be a good way to have a "rolling" fleet staging point.

You cannot chain waypoints together and ships will not automatically resupply along the way to a waypoint.

Be careful with the "Set Move To" option at a spaceyard when you build colonizers. Usually you don't want to automatically move colonizers.

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