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Warp Points for Space Empires IV

Warp points are the means by which players can send ships, fleets and drones from one system to another. A Space Empires warp point is, for all intents and purposes, a wormhole.
A large, stable warp point.

Warp points on the Galaxy Map

A selection of warp point images from SEIV.

If you look at the galaxy map, you will notice that it is made up of little circles connected by straight lines. The circles represent systems, the lines represent warp points. You can use a warp point to move ships, fleets and drones (and in some rare circumstances, bases- see below) directly between any two systems connected by a line.

Using Warp points

Using a warp point is simple. Any warp point transition takes exactly one movement point.

Ships and Fleets

Click on the ship you wish to move, click the "move" icon (or press "m" on the keyboard) and then click on the galaxy map to see the system on the far side of the point. Now click a destination there. Assuming enough movement points are available, your ship(s) will move to the warp point and go through. Alternatively, give your ship any order that involves movement (for example attack, launch units, resupply) and if the destination is in a different system, the game will work out a route through the warp point for you.


Moving drones is slightly different. You must use the "attack" command. You can either attack the warp point itself (this will move the drone to the warp point and then through it) or attack a target on the far side, allowing the game to work out the route for you.


Ordinarily bases cannot move, so moving them through warp points is impossible. However, with a little modding it is possible to make bases mobile. In this case, you control them just as you would ships.


Fighters cannot travel through warp points under their own power. They must be transported as cargo in another ship. This is what carriers are for.

Satellites & Mines

Satellites and mines are immobile. They cannot be moved through warp points except as cargo.

Neutrals and Warp Points

As a general rule, Neutral races will not use warp points when under AI control. However, a few rare exceptions to this have been reported in some versions of the game. The conditions that allow this are not known.

Types of Warp point

Warp points come in 2 varieties, Stable and Unstable. The difference being that an unstable warp point will cause random damage to a vessel passing through it. It's usually the largest item on that vessel but is a random selection if all items are the same size. This means that Colony ships always lose thier colonization bay when transitting an unstable warp point.

Opening and Closing Warp Points

To open a warp point you must research stellar manipulation up to at least level 3, and then build a ship with a Gravitational Quantum Resonator on it.

This will be very expensive.

For the warp-opener to work, the ship must have at least one movement point (ie, it must have some engines) and considerable supply storage. Move the ship to the sector you want your warp point opened, and then enter the stellar manipulation menu by clicking the icon, or pressing "B" on the keyboard. Now click "Open warp point" and select your destination system. Consult the section below on "warp point placement" for more detailled information on the results of your actions.
Further research into stellar manipulation will yield more powerful, more expensive versions of the Gravitational Quantum Resonator. These can open warp points to more distant systems.
Note that there are some conditions under which a warp point cannot be created, namely:

The process for closing warp points is very similar. The only difference is the required component, which is a Gravitational Condenser.

Open/ close warp point commands can be queued up in the order queue.

Warp Points Opening and Closing Randomly

There are events that can occur, which cause a warp point to disappear. If you occupy the system that contains one of the warp points, you'll get a system message, "Our scientists have detected shear forces in the warp point to ... and have determined it will close in x months". You only get the message once, and you only get it in one system. When it finally does close, the other system just gets, a "warp point closed mysteriously" message.

There are rumors of warp points opening randomly, and it appears the be in the game's code, but seems to occur very rarely, if at all.

Warp Point Placement

Disregarding maps created or altered using the map editor, there are certain rules governing the way the game places warp points in SE4. The random generation of warp points at the beginning of the game use these rules, and players using stellar manipulation to open their own warp points will be (partially) subject to them as well.

  • If "warp points anywhere in system" is not selected during game setup, then warp points will always be generated at one of the "edge" sectors, as far from the system's centre as possible.
  • If "warp points anywhere in system" is selected during game setup, then warp points can appear closer to the system's centre.
  • In either case, the direction of the warp point from the system's centre (ie to the left, right, top or bottom of the system) depends entirely on the direction of the system at the other end of the point on the galactic map.

For example, a ship in the Cestus system opens a warp point to the Primadara system. The location of the Cestus end of the warp point is entirely at the player's discretion: Wherever the ship is, the warp point will be opened. This means the player can put the warp point over a well-defended planet or another warp point if that is convenient.
However the location of the other end of the warp point within the Primadara system cannot be controlled. If Cestus is directly "south" of Primadara on the galactic map, then the warp point will be directly "south" of Primadara's central sector. If it is south south west, then the warp point will be as well.
Since the location of systems on the galaxy map is fixed, any warp point opened from Cestus to Primadara will terminate in exactly the same position, no matter where in the Cestus system the player opens the far end of the point. The player could move the ship to Primadara and open the point from there, but then he will have no control over the Cestus end of the new warp point.

Warp Points and the Map Editor

To create a warp point in the map editor, click one of the systems you want to warp point to appear in. Now select the sector where you want the point to appear. Click "Add" underneath the system window, and then pick "warp point" from the menu. You can now specify the details of the warp point, including the system and sector you want the warp point to lead to.

Note that so far, you have only created half a warp point, or a one-way warp point. A warp point will appear in the first system and allow travel to the second, but there will be no warp point leading from the second system back to the first. To complete the warp point, you must go to the system and co-ordinates specified in the previous step and create a second, reciprocal warp point back to the first system.

Some map-makers make good use of one-way warp points, and of warp points with mis-matched exit points.

Note that the map editor is not subject to the 10 warp point limit.

Modding Warp Points


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