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Vikings Flag.pngSpace Vikings
The Space Vikings Race Portrait.

The Space Vikings is a shipset created for Space Empires IV by dogscoff.

The Vikings are a collection of warlike but honorable beings (mostly humans) who wear silly horned helmets and worship the norse gods of old. The Vikings choose oxygen ice worlds to live on. The shipset features an excellent AI, created by Rollo, which earned it a place in the TDM Modpack.

Viking ship design

The Viking ships feature visual elements reminiscent of viking longboats. The images were all painstakingly etched, pixel by pixel, in 2D graphics packages. They were among the earliest shipsets to conform (although still not completely) to the se4 shipset Neostandard.

Vikings in fiction

Related shipsets

  • The Valkyries are essentially a re-colored copy of the Viking set.
  • The Geek Vikings by Alastair Blakey were inspired by the Space Viking set.

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