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This is the incomplete Version History for Space Empires 5 since the initial 1.00 release, but not updated since May 2009.


Current Beta patches

These patches are released to beta testers and will be included in the next official patch release.

Patch Release 1.79

  • Patch No.: 15
  • Release Date: 06 May 2009

Version 1.79

   1. Changed - Reduced stealth armor's maximum cloaking level.
   2. Fixed - Boarding defense would sometimes result in Security Stations with greater than 100% damage.
   3. Added - Ability value to "Self-Destruct" ability type which specifies the chance the self-destruct will
      go off during a boarding action.
   4. Fixed - AI should no longer perform any intelligence actions if intelligence projects are not allowed in the game.

Version 1.78

   1. Fixed - Ships which suffered critical failures in combat would be able to fire their weapons too often.
   2. Fixed - Self-Destruct devices were not going off during boarding actions.
   3. Fixed - Boarding combat calculations were incorrectly skewed against the defender.
   4. Fixed - You can no longer move into red blocked sectors.
   5. Fixed - Added some missing design types.
   6. Fixed - Error in help text for Emergency Build.
   7. Fixed - Incorrect use of possessive 's in several locations.
   8. Changed - Increased maximum mines per sector to 1000.
   9. Changed - Increased supply and ordnance capacity of all planets.
  10. Fixed - AI updated to use missing design types.
  11. Fixed - Unit groups would uncloak when loading a game.

Patch Release 1.77

  • Patch No.: 14
  • Release Date: 24 December 2008

Version 1.77

1.  Fixed   - Mines will no longer detonate if they cannot damage the ship.
2.  Fixed   - A few more conditions where vehicle design statistics would not record a destroyed ship. 
3.  Fixed   - The solar system display was not repainting and removing marked minefields. 
4.  Fixed   - After all enemies are dead in combat, ships will hold position.
5.  Fixed   - Starting technology points were still incorrect.
6.  Fixed   - Starting techs from racial traits were not being supplied.

=Version 1.76

1.  Added   - "Display Speed Improvements" to the Options window. These settings allow you to turn off the display
              of certain column in the Ships, Colonies, and Systems window. Turning off the display of some columns
              will greatly decrease the time is takes to display these windows when large numbers of objects are
2.  Fixed   - Text wrapping was incorrect.
3.  Fixed   - Error in intelligence events script preventing messages.
4.  Fixed   - Mines will no longer detonate if they cannot damage the ship.
5.  Fixed   - Fleets selected to move together were losing an extra movement point.
6.  Fixed   - Damaged ships were not receiving their full movement on the turn they were repaired.
7.  Fixed   - Ships were not getting their crew back when unmothballed even if a crew source was available.
8.  Fixed   - On a deconstruction and analyze, you might get a message for an impossible tech level. 
9.  Fixed   - Units would lose supplies and ordnance when recovered during combat.
10. Changed - Units launched will take supplies and ordnance from their parent object if they do not have
              their maximum. They will only take supplies down to the level of "Ship Supply Amount for Low Supply 
              Warning" in Settings.txt.
11. Fixed   - Units recovered on a ship will add their supplies and ordnance to the parent ship until it reaches its

Version 1.75

1.  Fixed   - Units entering combat from space would not have their full allotment of supplies and ordnance.
2.  Fixed   - Using orders, you could remove the last 1M population from a planet.
3.  Fixed   - Destroyed organic armor would still regenerate.
4.  Fixed   - Some system wide facility abilities were not stacking correctly.
5.  Fixed   - Some planet damaging weapons would not fire on planets.
6.  Fixed   - A critical failure on a ship will result in zero movement and no weapons fire from that ship. A
              critical failure is when a ship loses its bridge, master computer, all life support, all crew 
              quarters, or all of its crew.  
7.  Fixed   - Starting technology points were including race trait supplied tech areas.
8.  Fixed   - Alliance proposal vote requirements will now round up. For example, if the rules say that 60% of 
              votes are needed to pass and there are 3 possible votes, then 2 votes are required to pass the proposal. 
9.  Fixed   - Religious Studies should have only 1 tech level. 
10. Fixed   - You can only retrofit a ship once per turn.
11. Fixed   - When you join an alliance, your empire becomes aware of all empires and alliances that any of the 
              members are aware of.
12. Fixed   - A component's supply and ordnance usage can never be lowered below 1 by abilities if the original value 
              was greater than zero. 
13. Fixed   - Error in event script changing a planet's value.
14. Fixed   - Error in event script increasing a population's anger.
15. Fixed   - Fixed some overflow errors that could be generated in scripts. 
16. Added   - Field "Compress Savegames" to Settings.txt data file. This determines whether the game will compress and
              decompress savegames, map files, empire files, game setup files, and player order files. Setting this to
              false has trade offs: Your savegames will load and save much faster, but will be much larger in size 
              (instead of a 30MB savegame, you'll have a 300MB savegame file). Also, with this setting false, the game 
              will no longer be able to load compressed games. This field is really intended for single player games
              where the load times have become unbearably long. If you wish to manually compress\decompress a savegame 
              file use the program SE5Compressor.exe in the se5\utilities directory.
17. Fixed   - Treaties that shared designs could cause the savegame to bloat with designs kept around long after they
              were no longer being used. 
18. Changed - Old designs are now deleted when no longer in use, marked as obsolete, and haven't been seen in at least 2 years.

Patch Release 1.74

  • Patch No.: 13
  • Release Date: 09 June 2008

Version 1.74

1.  Fixed   - AI script for purchasing initial technology would sometimes repurchase existing levels.
2.  Fixed   - "Sys_AI_Setup_Get_Research_Points_Remaining" was returning an incorrect value.
3.  Fixed   - "Sys_AI_Setup_Select_Tech_Area" was returning false incorrectly at times.
4.  Fixed   - In a no intelligence game, the AI would still build Intelligence facilities.
5.  Fixed   - Sometimes the processing of a game turn could result in an unloadable game file.
6.  Added   - "All Shipsets Get 360 Degree Center Firing Point" to Settings.txt. This field adds an
              additional firing point to all shipsets that is directly in the center of the ship and
              fires in a 360 degree arc. This field is mainly used for shipsets that don't have a complete
              firing field for their ships.
7.  Fixed   - The expected benefits for a tech level would sometimes not show all items.
8.  Changed - Decreased damage per level increase for smaller weapons.
9.  Fixed   - In Simultaneous games, changes made to a planet would not be included in the orders file if 
              the player made the changes, saved the game, and reloaded the game before ending their turn.
10. Fixed   - May have fixed the duplicating design problem during simultaneous games.
11. Fixed   - Long text strings without spaces would sometimes not be displayed in message boxes.
12. Fixed   - Sometimes the combat replay log file would get junk in it. 

Version 1.73

1.  Fixed   - The Resupply At Nearest order was only sending a ship to the nearest location which currently
              had both supply and ordnance available. It will now first pick a site with supply and ordnance
              available, if that fails it will pick a site with supply available, and failing that it will
              pick the nearest site that generates supply.
2.  Changed - The restriction that fighters can only be launched once per turn has been removed.
3.  Fixed   - Units recovered from space retain their last movement amount for the turn. If they are relaunched
              in the same turn, they will have their same movement amount as when they were recovered. If they are
              launched into a group with full movement, then the group will now have the minimum movement of all units 
4.  Fixed   - When units are recovered from space, they also transfer with their percentage of supply and ordnance
              from the group (they used to transfer with their maximum supply and ordnance amount possibly leaving
              the remaining group with insufficent supply and ordnance).
5.  Fixed   - You were unable to remove the last 1M of a population on a planet, even if there were other populations 
6.  Fixed   - AI players did not have their starting tech levels in place when running the setup script.
7.  Changed - Sys_Get_Treaty_Elements_Between_Empires now takes a 4th parameter which is a sub element list. This list
              is filled to the same size as element list and contains the sub item selection for each treaty element.
8.  Fixed   - AI was not getting all log messages from the Sys_Empire_Log_Get_Log_Entries_For_This_Turn function.
9.  Fixed   - In Simultaneous games, sometimes a ship with an odd movement amount (like 13) would not get its last movement.
10. Fixed   - In Simultaneous games, an emergency propulsion component would not give additional movement correctly.

Version 1.72

1.  Fixed   - "Sys_Get_Construction_Queue_Item_Upgrade_ID" was taking incorrect parameters.
2.  Fixed   - "Sys_Get_Construction_Queue_Specific_Facility_Count" was taking incorrect parameters.
3.  Fixed   - "Sys_Empire_Log_Get_Package_Selection_List" was defined in the doc incorrectly.
4.  Fixed   - Rare "Range Check Error" in the Comparisons window.
5.  Fixed   - May have fixed corrupted large savegame problem.
6.  Fixed   - Using the hotkey, you could set enemy planet colony types.
7.  Fixed   - Unmothball order was not working.
8.  Fixed   - Remote mining was not lowering asteroids value.
9.  Fixed   - Ground combat would sometimes lock the game for the TCPIP Host. 
10. Fixed   - Players created through combat simulations were sticking around and causing the game to error.

Patch Release 1.71

  • Patch No.: 12
  • Release Date: 26 March 2008

Version 1.71

1.  Fixed   - "Sys_Get_Empire_Government_Type" and "Sys_Get_Empire_Society_Type" were returning 
              boolean instead of string.
2.  Fixed   - Combat with units could sometimes cause an error.
3.  Fixed   - In Simultaneous Games, sight memory of planets would sometimes get cleared.
4.  Fixed   - The Research window would show items past their maximum level in expected benefits.
5.  Added   - Script function "Sys_Get_Space_Object_Current_Ordnance".
6.  Added   - Script function "Sys_Get_Space_Object_Maximum_Ordnance".
7.  Added   - Script function "Sys_Set_Space_Object_Name".
8.  Added   - Script function "Sys_Is_Planet_Domed".
9.  Added   - Script function "Sys_Are_Solar_Systems_Connected".

Version 1.70

1.  Fixed   - Sometimes ships could move through a sector with enemy ships and not start combat.
2.  Fixed   - Help text describing a construction queue's emergency build rate. 
3.  Changed - Ships in combat with the same target will spread out around the target a bit more. 
4.  Changed - "Only Engines", "Only Weapons", and "Only Shield Generators" damage types now 
              penetrate both shields and armor. 

Version 1.69

1.  Fixed   - When opening a warp point, the error message for insufficient distance was incorrect.
2.  Added   - Script function "Sys_Get_Treaty_Elements_Between_Empires".
3.  Added   - Script function "Sys_Get_Lightyear_Distance_Between_Systems".
4.  Added   - Script function "Sys_Get_Space_Object_Order_Type".
5.  Added   - Script function "Sys_Get_Space_Object_Order_System_Location".
6.  Added   - Script function "Sys_Get_Space_Object_Order_Sector_Location".
7.  Added   - Script function "Sys_Get_Space_Object_Order_Target_Space_Object_ID".
8.  Added   - Script function "Sys_Set_Empire_Fleet_Attack_Formation".
9.  Added   - Script function "Sys_Set_Empire_Fleet_Defense_Formation".
10. Added   - Script function "Sys_Set_Empire_Fleet_Taskforce_Attack_Strategy".
11. Added   - Script function "Sys_Set_Empire_Fleet_Taskforce_Defense_Strategy".
12. Added   - Script function "Sys_Get_Empire_Fleet_Taskforce_Ids".
13. Added   - Script function "Sys_Get_Empire_Fleet_Taskforce_Ship_Ids".
14. Added   - Script function "Sys_Get_Space_Object_Cargo_Item_Population_Loyalty".
15. Added   - Script function "Sys_Get_Empire_Government_Type".
16. Added   - Script function "Sys_Get_Empire_Society_Type".
17. Added   - Script function "Sys_Set_Empire_Fleet_Taskforce_Attack_Formation".
18. Added   - Script function "Sys_Set_Empire_Fleet_Taskforce_Defense_Formation".
19. Fixed   - Shield Imploders were not causing internal damage. 
20. Fixed   - Weapons will no longer fire on targets that are not effected by the weapon's damage 
              type's special effect.
21. Fixed   - Map creation would crash with more than 2000 stellar objects types. The maximum number
              of stellar objects types is now 8000. 
22. Fixed   - If ground combat is taking place on a planet, the owner of the planet cannot scrap 
              cargo, jettison cargo, or abandon the planet.
23. Fixed   - Organic armor was not regenerating if all of it on the ship was destroyed.
24. Fixed   - When one ship rams another, they will both take the warhead damage from both ships.
25. Fixed   - All warheads on the ramming ship will be destroyed after a ram. 
26. Fixed   - AI would delete empty fleets in simultaneous games.
27. Fixed   - Maximum units per player per sector were not being enforced.
28. Fixed   - "Same As X" planets in SystemTypes.txt were not being named like moons.
29. Fixed   - Units can only be launched once per turn. 

Version 1.68

1.  Fixed   - Ability "Planet Maximum Population" now combines with a sum instead of a max. 
2.  Changed - Script function "Sys_Change_Planet_Conditions" now takes a real instead of a long.
3.  Changed - Script function "Sys_Change_Planet_Value" now takes an additional parameter of the resource type.
4.  Fixed   - Intelligence action and Event action damaging planet conditions were damaging them too much.
5.  Fixed   - Improved text for script parser "Incorrect Parameter Type" message.
6.  Fixed   - Improved text for script parser "Incompatible Types" message.
7.  Fixed   - Crash with large numbers of stellar object types.
8.  Fixed   - Sometimes drones would fly beneath their target to ram.
9.  Fixed   - Sometimes allies would fire weapons on each other during combat.
10. Fixed   - Weapons which are negated by shields or armor will not fire on a target which has shields or armor. 
11. Changed - Increased the damage done by black holes.
12. Fixed   - AI would sometimes send warnings for actions a player didn't take. 
13. Fixed   - Intelligence actions would continue to occur even after spending was set to zero. 
14. Fixed   - The first stellar object should always be in the center of the combat map. 
15. Fixed   - Unit groups in combat would not give their full supplies and ordnance to individual units. 
16. Fixed   - Ramming target selection was not taking into account targeted damage.

Version 1.67

1.  Fixed   - Rare game hang during end of turn processing.
2.  Fixed   - Log window would crash on some occasions.
3.  Added   - Additional requirement text for the ring world and sphere world generators.
4.  Fixed   - Ships would uncloak when a game was loaded.
5.  Fixed   - "No Tactical Combat" option was not working correctly.
6.  Fixed   - You can no longer jettison enemy troops on a planet you own.
7.  Fixed   - Join Fleet order now displays with the actual fleet name. 
8.  Fixed   - Enemy ship designs would still sometimes show after a sector view.
9.  Fixed   - Allegiance Subverter was working against ships with Master Computers.
10. Fixed   - Ships no longer drop their cargo when being retrofitted.
11. Changed - When repairs on a ship are complete, its crew is restored to maximum.
12. Fixed   - Occasional error in ground combat with large numbers of units. 
13. Fixed   - "Psychic Ship Training Facility" typo.
14. Fixed   - "Psychic Fleet Training Facility" typo.
15. Fixed   - Sometimes units could start outside of the retreat circle in space combat.
16. Fixed   - The end of turn confirmation dialog was including ships in fleets for its listing
              of ships without orders. 
17. Added   - The end of turn confirmation dialog now lists fleets with movement remaining but no orders.
18. Fixed   - Sometimes mine damage would report hitting the wrong player.

Patch Release 1.66

  • Patch No.: 11
  • Release Date: 19 December 2007.

Version 1.66

1.  Fixed   - More AI improvements.
2.  Fixed   - If you received a tech level through trade or treaty, the expected benefits would not
              reflect the new level on the Research window.
3.  Added   - Multiple upgrades of items are now condensed into single log item reports.
4.  Added   - Vehicle class name to the Fleet Transfer window.
5.  Fixed   - Combat replays would replay incorrectly if the combat took place in an asteroid field or 
6.  Added   - Script Function "Sys_Is_Sector_In_System".
7.  Added   - Formula function "get_empire_ability_facility_count" was not being recognized.
8.  Added   - Formula function "get_empire_specific_facility_count" was not being recognized.
9.  Added   - Formula function "get_empire_queues_ability_facility_count" was not being recognized.
10. Added   - Formula function "get_empire_queues_specific_facility_count" was not being recognized.
11. Fixed   - You can only reply to a message once but you can reply to old messages. 

Version 1.65

1.  Fixed   - You can not reply to old messages.
2.  Fixed   - In a Simultaneous Game in the Cargo Transfer window, Population, Supply, and Ordnance would
              only transfer 1 at a time regardless of the amount setting.
3.  Fixed   - In a Simultaneous Game in the Cargo Transfer window, Population, Supply, and Ordnance should
              not show the cargo item in the transfer order.
4.  Fixed   - In a Simultaneous Game in the Cargo Transfer window, you could get orders for transfering
              facilities to a ship.
5.  Fixed   - The population bar for planets would be huge if the current population was greater than the 
              max population.
6.  Added   - A warning message to the Intelligence window if you are spending intelligence points against another
              empire but have not set a focus area.
7.  Fixed   - Sometimes the ruins icon would still be showing after the planet was colonized.
8.  Fixed   - Map Compiler now supports mods.
9.  Fixed   - Map Compiler would show error windows even when run from the command line.
10. Fixed   - Speed improvements for AI player processing.
11. Added   - Script Function "Sys_Get_Facility_Name".
12. Added   - Script Function "Sys_Is_Debug_Print_In_Use". 
13. Fixed   - AI improvements and fixes.

Version 1.64

1.  Fixed   - Nebulae events had an incorrect picture filename.
2.  Fixed   - Game would hang during end of turn processing when a new empire was created.
3.  Fixed   - The Ships List window was sorting crew amount as text instead of as a number.
4.  Fixed   - Using the "All Ministers On" button in the Empire Options window would cause
              planet and ship reports to not show their individual minister icon. 
5.  Fixed   - Norak cruiser and battleship had switched models. 
6.  Fixed   - Sometimes an AI seek order would cause the game to lockup.
7.  Fixed   - AI Political memory was saving incorrectly.
8.  Fixed   - Fighter groups would not have the correct supplies when launched into an existing group.

Patch Release 1.63

  • Patch No.: 10
  • Release Date: 13 November 2007.

Version 1.63

1.  Fixed   - Slight script error. 
2.  Fixed   - Population was reproducing too fast when migration treaty was in effect.
3.  Fixed   - Queue types should not contain accumulated resources.
4.  Fixed   - Queue types were bypassing requirements.
5.  Fixed   - Space and ground units were regenerating their shields and armor too fast. 

Version 1.62

1.  Fixed   - Climate Control Facility would not improve a planet with deadly conditions.
2.  Changed - Increased tonnage structure for Emissive Armor, Stealth Armor, Scattering Armor, 
              Organic Armor, and Crystalline Armor.
3.  Fixed   - End turn processing of happiness would sometimes cause processing to stop forever.
4.  Fixed   - Attack Seek orders should not be cleared if combat occurs but the target is not destroyed.

Version 1.61

1.  Fixed   - Sometimes joining an alliance would cause the game to crash. 
2.  Fixed   - "Component - Damage Resistance" for armor does not apply if the damage type hitting the armor
              has an armor penetration percent of 100%.
3.  Fixed   - Planet Value Low Percent, Planet Value High Percent will not allow negative numbers.
4.  Fixed   - All Remote orders will no longer generate a Moveto order if the vehicle is at the 
              load/drop/launch/recover location, and it has no other orders. 
5.  Fixed   - The Set Construction Queue warning messages can now be removed with the Escape key. 
6.  Fixed   - The Condensed button is now enabled on the Transfer Cargo window during Simultaneous Games.
7.  Fixed   - You can transfer multiple items in the Transfer Cargo window during Simultaneous Games. 
8.  Fixed   - The Transfer Cargo window would sometimes load the same object twice during a Simultaneous Game.
9.  Fixed   - Units and Facilities will show an ID number after their name for non-condensed cargo items in 
              the Transfer Cargo and Launch/Recover Units windows in Simultaneous Games. 
10. Fixed   - In the Transfer Cargo window in a Simultaneous Game, if you use the Move Cargo button on 
              an order line, that order will be deleted. 
11. Added   - Formula function "get_empire_ability_facility_count".
12. Added   - Formula function "get_empire_specific_facility_count".
13. Added   - Formula function "get_empire_queues_ability_facility_count".
14. Added   - Formula function "get_empire_queues_specific_facility_count".
15. Fixed   - Ruins icon was not showing on the planet report. 
16. Fixed   - Abilities list was not displaying for uncolonized planets.
17. Added   - Status Icons column to the Planets List window. 
18. Fixed   - Storms should not block sector view ship placement.
19. Fixed   - The ability "Shield Disruption" was not working.
20. Fixed   - Improved the speed of the Unit Group report.
21. Fixed   - Launching of large unit groups was causing a slowdown.

Version 1.60

1.  Fixed   - When running command line processing, the game will default to Windowed mode. 
2.  Fixed   - The Sector View would show cloaked enemy ships.
3.  Fixed   - Planets would grow unhappy from enemy ships that were not visible inside storms.
4.  Fixed   - "Out Of Resources" error on game start. 
5.  Fixed   - Some machines would compute a different checksum with the exact same data files.
              NOTE: If you are currently running a simultaneous game, you need the host to 
              end turn before players can play a new turn. 
              NOTE: Checksums are only computed for Simultaneous turn Different Machine games.
6.  Fixed   - Ships moved by a spatial anomaly would disappear completely.
7.  Fixed   - Trade resources were not getting added to an empire's coffers before construction and maintenance.
8.  Fixed   - The minister scrapping units on planets will not longer display on screen messages. All unit 
              scrapping will be reported in the logs. 
9.  Fixed   - Unit scrapping log messages did not have a portrait.
10. Fixed   - Sometimes game creation would add two identical random empires to a game.

Version 1.59

1.  Fixed   - Sometimes the Planets List window would crash when opening it. 
2.  Fixed   - Some memory leaks. 
3.  Fixed   - You could add multiple space yards to a construction queue. 
4.  Changed - Increased Resupply Depot supply and ordnance generation.
5.  Changed - Increased Resupply Depot supply and ordnance remote distribution.
6.  Fixed   - AI will now scrap old weapon platforms on its planets when cargo space is low or the design is really old.
7.  Fixed   - AI was not purchasing units that cost more than the construction queue rate. 
8.  Fixed   - AI was not purchasing enough weapon platforms.
9.  Fixed   - Sometimes units that took part in ground combat would be off the map.

Patch Release 1.58

  • Patch No.: 9
  • Release Date: 11 October 2007.

Version 1.58

1.  Fixed   - The "Can Be Placed In Ship Sections" for components was not being checked in the Create Design window.
2.  Changed - Increased Quantum Reactor supply generation. 
3.  Fixed   - Sometimes trade would still be going with empires even if there was no trade treaty provision. 
4.  Fixed   - The Transfer Cargo during an order exploit.
5.  Fixed   - Added text to the ability descriptions for Organic Armor, Shield Regenerator, and Cloak saying they 
              require supply to function. 

Version 1.57

1.  Fixed   - On the Create Design window, the Warnings list would sometimes highlight the row on mouse over. 
2.  Changed - On the Create Design window, components can always be added to a design. The Placement requirement for
              a component is now tested only after the component is added to the design. The Placement requirement
              description will be displayed in the Warnings list if it fails its test. 
3.  Fixed   - Failure messages for cargo not loaded or dropped were not always being sent during a Simultaneous Game.
4.  Fixed   - The Drop Specific order was not working. 
5.  Fixed   - Is_Planet_Domed was not being recognized. 
6.  Note    - All functions require parenthesis even if they have no parameters (Is_Planet_Domed()).  
7.  Added   - Damage, Supply, Ordnance bars and movement amount to the Fleet Transfer window. 
8.  Fixed   - Type in Racial Trait "Physical Weakness". 
9.  Added   - Field "Maximum Number Of Ships #" to Settings.txt. This is the base selection value for maximum number
              of ships in the Game Setup window.
10. Added   - Field "Maximum Number Of Units #" to Settings.txt. This is the base selection value for maximum number
              of units in the Game Setup window.
11. Added   - Field "Planet Base Repair Rate - Facilities" to Settings.txt. This is the inherent amount of repair for
              facilities that any planet with a colony can perform.
12. Added   - Field "Planet Base Repair Rate - Ships" to Settings.txt. This is the inherent amount of repair for
              ships that any planet with a colony can perform.
13. Added   - Field "Planet Base Repair Rate - Units" to Settings.txt. This is the inherent amount of repair for
              units that any planet with a colony can perform.
14. Changed - All colonies can repair 100kT of facilities per turn and 50kT of units per turn. 
15. Removed - The hard coded requirement for only one space yard component per vehicle.
16. Changed - Only one master computer can be on a vehicle. 
17. Added   - On the Fleet Transfer window, you can now use Shift-click and Ctrl-click to select multiple rows to 
              perform actions on. 
18. Fixed   - Drawing speed up for the Ship List. 

Version 1.56

1.  Fixed   - You were unable to login as a computer player in a Simultaneous Same Machine Game. 
2.  Fixed   - AI was not operating correctly.
3.  Fixed   - "Supply Storage" and "Ordnance Storage" were not working for facilities on planets.
4.  Added   - Formula function "is_planet_domed".
5.  Fixed   - Sometimes the highlighted solar system on the quadrant map would remain when the mouse was moved elsewhere.
6.  Fixed   - Sometimes you could get a component to activate multiple times even if it was destroyed on the first use. 
7.  Added   - "Upgrade Queues" button on the Designs window. This will upgrade one design to another throughout all of
              the empire's construction queues. 
8.  Fixed   - The Transfer Cargo window was not showing the correct amounts in Simultaneous Games. 
9.  Fixed   - The Transfer Cargo window would change list positions when adding an order in Simultaneous Games.
10. Fixed   - The Transfer Units and Transfer Cargo windows now blank the edit box when you click on it. 
11. Added   - Additional specific types to Load Cargo Remotely and Drop Cargo Remotely orders. 

Version 1.55

1.  Fixed   - The popup help was incorrect for "Toggle AI" on the TCP/IP Host window.
2.  Fixed   - Increased the communications timeout to 60 seconds on the TCP/IP Player window.
3.  Fixed   - If you tried to restart a TCP/IP game without exiting the program it would often fail. 
4.  Fixed   - Movement log was not loading correctly.
5.  Fixed   - Starting positions on the Game Setup window will now only allow you to select a system
              if it has a physical type of "Normal" and a "Empires Can Start In" of TRUE. 
6.  Fixed   - Planets with memory owners were still showing up as colonizable and empty in the Planets window.
7.  Fixed   - The Quadrant Map was not showing ownership from sight memory. 
8.  Fixed   - Generated fleet names were incorrect past 10. 
9.  Fixed   - The estimate of another empire should never report 0 races or 0 solar systems unless their dead.
10. Fixed   - Statistics and Pending Messages were not getting cleared when saving an empire to file. 
11. Fixed   - Ships were turning the wrong direction in the Movement Replay. 
12. Fixed   - Sys_Get_System_Queues_Specific_Facility_Count was not working correctly.
13. Fixed   - The scripts functions for stellar manipulation are now working. 
14. Fixed   - External events causing stellar events are now working correctly.
15. Fixed   - Replays of stellar events would sometimes not look correct. 
16. Changed - Any planet in SystemTypes.txt which uses "Offset X Ring Y" will be considered a moon and have the same
              name as the parent planet (Offset X) plus a letter. 
17. Fixed   - "Planet Maximum Population" ability was not working for facilities.
18. Fixed   - "Trade Modifier" ability was not working.
19. Fixed   - The Mothball order should execute even if a ship or base has zero movement remaining. 
20. Fixed   - You should not get multiple messages of taking damage through a warp point for the same group of ships.
21. Fixed   - Sometimes early AI troop designs would have no weapons on them. 
22. Fixed   - Capture Pods were not changing their height over the combat map to close with their target. 
23. Fixed   - Happiness was considering ships of a fellow alliance member as enemies. 
24. Fixed   - AI should be communicating with alliances correctly now. 
25. Fixed   - Proposing a message for an alliance was not working. 
26. Added   - Script function "Sys_Get_Number_Of_Alliances".
27. Added   - Script function "Sys_Empire_Politics_Is_Alliance_Known".
28. Added   - Script function "Sys_Empire_Politics_Get_Status_With_Alliance".
29. Added   - Script function "Sys_Empire_Politics_Get_Status_Time_With_Alliance".
30. Added   - Script function "Sys_Empire_Politics_Set_Message_To_Alliance".
31. Added   - Script function "Sys_Empire_Politics_Set_Mood_Towards_Alliance".
32. Added   - Script function "Sys_Empire_Politics_Set_Anger_Pct_Towards_Aliance".
33. Added   - Script function "Sys_Empire_Politics_Get_Treaty_Name_Between_Player_And_Alliance".
34. Added   - Script function "Sys_Empire_Politics_Is_Alliance_Ally".
35. Added   - Script function "Sys_Empire_Politics_Is_Alliance_Enemy".
36. Added   - Script function "Sys_Empire_Log_Get_Log_Entry_Message_From_Alliance".
37. Added   - Script function "Sys_Empire_Log_Get_Log_Entry_Message_Param_Against_Alliance".
38. Added   - Script function "Sys_Empire_Log_Get_Log_Entry_Caused_By_Alliance".
39. Added   - Script function "Sys_Empire_Log_Set_Log_Entry_Message_Param_Against_Alliance".
40. Added   - Script function "Sys_Alliance_Get_Emperor_Title".
41. Added   - Script function "Sys_Alliance_Get_Emperor_Name".
42. Added   - Script function "Sys_Alliance_Get_Alliance_Name".
43. Added   - Script function "Sys_AI_Empire_Stats_Get_Alliance_Score".
44. Added   - Script function "Sys_Game_Settings_Get_AI_Difficulty".
45. Added   - A view button to proposal and message details in the Alliance Chambers window. 
46. Fixed   - The message report window for a message from an alliance was not displaying correctly.
47. Added   - "Sent To:" and "Reply To:" lines to the Alliance Proposal list. 
48. Added   - A log message given to empires if they are in an alliance and there are proposals to vote on.

Version 1.54

1.  Fixed   - The default AI strategy file had some extra text which was causing an error.
2.  Fixed   - Sometimes panels on the TCP/IP Host window were not in the correct positions.
3.  Fixed   - Sometimes text on the Treaty Elements window would not wrap correctly.
4.  Fixed   - Sometimes multiple identical alliances were created. 
5.  Fixed   - In the Alliance Window, the Propose Message and Add Member would often give a blank window. 
6.  Fixed   - You cannot start a ground combat unless a planet has been selected.
7.  Changed - Cheat Codes are now off by default if you use the Game Setup window. If you start a Tutorial
              or Quick Start game, the cheat codes are on. 
8.  Fixed   - Sys_Get_System_Queues_Ability_Facility_Count and Sys_Get_System_Queues_Specific_Facility_Count were not
              working correctly.
9.  Added   - Limited Sight Memory for planets. If you see a planet with a colony on it, then when that planet is no
              longer in current sight it will show the last empire's flag you saw there. The flag will be darkened in 
              the Main window and darkened on reports and on the Planets window. 

Version 1.53

1.  Fixed   - Panels would show after a different data files error message.
2.  Fixed   - The Settings.txt checksum does not include the fields:
                Allow Music - Support Multithreaded
                Maximum Number Of Systems
                Minimum Number Of Systems Small Quadrant - Maximum Number Of Systems Large Quadrant
                Main System Display Icon Move Speed Points Per Second Low - List Header Section Color
                Number of Quick Start Styles - Quick Start Style #
                Number of Title Songs - Finale Song # Filename
                Default Empire Option Sort Components By Name - Default Empire Option Sort Mounts By Name
3.  Added   - Fields "Windowed Width" and "Windowed Height" to HUDSettings.txt. These control the width and
              height of the main window when running the game windowed. 
4.  Fixed   - Added a few more data files to the checksum test.
5.  Fixed   - Wormhole, Tractor, and Repulser beams cannot move Planets. 
6.  Added   - Script function "Sys_Get_Empire_Fleet_Leader".
7.  Added   - Script function "Sys_Get_Empire_Fleet_Task_Force_Leader".
8.  Added   - Script function "Sys_Set_Empire_Fleet_Leader".
9.  Added   - Script function "Sys_Set_Empire_Fleet_Task_Force_Leader".
10. Added   - Script function "Sys_Get_Construction_Queue_Ability_Facility_Count".
11. Added   - Script function "Sys_Get_Construction_Queue_Specific_Facility_Count".
12. Added   - Script function "Sys_Get_System_Queues_Ability_Facility_Count".
13. Added   - Script function "Sys_Get_System_Queues_Specific_Facility_Count".
14. Added   - Script function "Sys_Get_Space_Object_Task_Force".
15. Added   - Script function "Sys_Get_Space_Object_Task_Force_Role".
17. Fixed   - The Movement Replay Log would show day zero during replay. 
18. Fixed   - The Movement Replay Log will now play at a rate of about 1 day per second.
19. Added   - "Movement Replay Rate" to the game options to control the delay between days.
20. Added   - "Movement Replay Icon Movement Speed" to control the "System Icon Movement Speed" during a 
              movement replay.
21. Fixed   - The Facility Total cargo space on the Construction Queues window was wrong for ships with 
              construction queues.
22. Added   - "Queued Cargo Space Used" to the Construction Queues window as a custom layout column. This 
              column displays the amount of cargo space taken up by cargo items in the queue.
23. Added   - "Remaining Cargo Space" to the Construction Queues window as a custom layout column. This 
              column displays the total amount of cargo space minus the amount used on the planet and the 
              amount in its queue.
24. Added   - "Queued Facility Space Used" to the Construction Queues window as a custom layout column. 
              This column displays the amount of facility space taken up by cargo items in the queue.
25. Added   - "Remaining Facility Space" to the Construction Queues window as a custom layout column. 
              This column displays the total amount of facility space minus the amount used on the planet 
              and the amount in its queue.
26. Fixed   - The Log window was not highlighting the solar system for the event the mouse was over.
27. Fixed   - After changing orders in the View Ordesr window, the movement lines were not updated.
28. Fixed   - After renaming a vehicle, the Ship List was not updated.
29. Fixed   - A Timed event would display the first message twice on the same date. 
30. Fixed   - Text fix for timed events. 
31. Added   - Put "Retreat When All Weapons Damaged" back in strategies.
32. Added   - "Do Not Leave Sector Until Defeated" to strategy retreat settings. This option indicates that 
              when a vehicle retreats, it should not leave the sector (the combat map) as long as we have 
              ships with weapons still on our side in combat.
33. Fixed   - "Retreat Settings" was missing from the Strategy Report.

Version 1.52

1.  Fixed   - Restored maintenance calculation and SocietyTypes.txt values.
2.  Added   - Formula function "get_queue_ability_facility_count".
3.  Added   - Formula function "get_queue_specific_facility_count".
4.  Added   - Formula function "get_system_queues_ability_facility_count".
5.  Added   - Formula function "get_system_queues_specific_facility_count".
6.  Removed - The hard coded requirement for only one space yard per planet.
7.  Added   - The requirement for only one space yard per planet to the facility requirements.
8.  Fixed   - Rare Index Error when a planet took too much damage.
9.  Fixed   - Units in cargo were not regenerating their shields each game turn. 
10. Fixed   - Sometimes units that took part in space combat would be off the map in ground combat.
11. Fixed   - Create Planet was not working in the French and German versions. 
12. Fixed   - AI's were not responding to messages in the French and German versions. 
13. Fixed   - Empire List had overlapping text in the French and German versions. 
14. Fixed   - Simultaneous Turn Hot Seat games will no longer reload the graphics and data files each turn. 
15. Fixed   - A player in a simultaneous game will not be able to load their turn if their data files are different in any way. 
16. Fixed   - The data file check upon player load was missing some files. 

Version 1.51

1.  Fixed   - Weapon's reload rate and fire time is a little more accurate.
2.  Fixed   - You can no longer see orders, status icons, strategy, or crew experience using
              Long Range Scanners. 
3.  Fixed   - Movement lines were showing decreased movement for some orders which do not cost movement.
4.  Changed - "Advanced Storage Techniques" now gives +25% to cargo space and +10% to facility space. 
5.  Fixed   - "Storage Facility Space Percent" ability was giving 100% more than it should.
6.  Fixed   - The Construction Queue Usage Per Turn would not take into account that a queue set to 
              Repeat Build could build multiple items in a single turn.
7.  Fixed   - The "Load Cargo Remotely", "Drop Cargo Remotely", "Launch Units Remotely", and "Recover Units Remotely" 
              orders would not give an explicit Moveto order to the sector where the object currently was. 
8.  Fixed   - With multiple ships displayed in the ship list, activating an order in another solar system would
              cause the list to be reset. 
9.  Fixed   - In the Empire Setup window, technology areas opened by racial traits were not showing in the 
              technology section.
10. Fixed   - The mouse scroll wheel will now scroll as many lines as dictated by your Windows settings. 
11. Fixed   - Shield Regenerators were not stacking with each other. 
12. Fixed   - Facility report was not showing maintenance with empire modifiers factored in. 
13. Fixed   - Empire level modifiers for maintenance were not being computed correctly. 
14. Changed - Reduced the maintenance cost modifiers in SocietyTypes.txt .
15. Fixed   - Ship List will remember its old top row if reloaded. 
16. Fixed   - Some models would not pull their textures from the mod directory. 
17. Added   - Formula function "get_planet_ability_facility_count".
18. Added   - Formula function "get_planet_specific_facility_count".
19. Added   - Formula function "get_system_ability_facility_count".
20. Added   - Formula function "get_system_specific_facility_count".
21. Fixed   - The field "Requirements Evaluation Allows Placement" was not being tested for a facility
              when it was added to a construction queue. 

Version 1.50

1.  Fixed   - Sys_Create_Empire_Fleet_Task_Force script function was not working.
2.  Fixed   - When fleets pool their supply and ordnance, carriers will only restore
              their own stores and not those of their carried units. 
3.  Added   - Field "Treaty Element Maximum Trade Percentage 1 - 6" to Settings.txt.
4.  Added   - Field "Treaty Element Tariff Percentage 1 - 8" to Settings.txt.
5.  Added   - Field "Alliance Rule Percentage Of Votes To Pass 1 - 6" to Settings.txt.
6.  Added   - Field "Alliance Rule Maximum Trade Percentage 1 - 6" to Settings.txt.
7.  Added   - Field "Alliance Rule Turns To Add Player 1 - 2" to Settings.txt.
8.  Changed - Happiness.txt values are now all decimals. 
9.  Changed - Changed some field names in Happiness.txt to make them more clear. 
10. Added   - Field "Our Ships Lost" to Happiness.txt. 
11. Added   - Script function "Sys_Give_Space_Object_Order_Load_Specific_Cargo".
12. Added   - Script function "Sys_Give_Space_Object_Order_Drop_Specific_Cargo".
13. Fixed   - Combat Morale ability was not always showing up in the abilities list. 

Version 1.49

1.  Fixed   - Sometimes the death of a unit in combat would cause combat to crash. 
2.  Fixed   - Sometimes combat would not end at the maximum time.
3.  Fixed   - The exact number of ships destroyed by a minefield was not being shown to the minefield's owner. 
4.  Fixed   - No message was being sent to the owner of a minefield if ships were damaged but not destroyed.
5.  Fixed   - Sometimes hex icons would remain from a previous player's turn. 
6.  Fixed   - The Systems, Planets, Colonies, Ships, Contruction Queues, and Research windows will now 
              remember their last row position. 
7.  Fixed   - You can now mothball and unmothball fleets. 

Version 1.48

1.  Fixed   - Ship Experience and Fleet Experience "Combat To Hit Offense" was not always being applied.
2.  Fixed   - Only Fighter groups can be added to fleets. 
3.  Fixed   - Join Fleet order button was not enabling properly.
4.  Fixed   - Join Fleet order was not joining the fleet on the same turn it moved into the sector.
5.  Fixed   - In a Simultaneous game, if you are a player and save your game before
              ending your turn, the internal multiplayer game name will not be changed. The game
              used to change the internal muliplayer game name on any save, so when the player
              ended their turn, the .plr file would have the same name as the filename they saved
              with mid-turn. 
6.  Fixed   - In a Simultaneous game, if a player saved their game before ending their turn, 
              designs created previous to the save would not be added by the host. 
7.  Fixed   - Speed up for big list windows with large numbers of items. 
8.  Fixed   - The unique tech areas "Power Leech" and "Shield Implosion" were not being placed on planets.
9.  Fixed   - Adjusted AI research priorities.
10. Fixed   - Improved accuracy of FPS counter. 
11. Fixed   - Improved timer resolution. 
12. Fixed   - When starting a game as a Host or a Player, no empires can be defined in the Game Setup window.
13. Fixed   - Order files were sometimes lost if the host received them while taking his turn. 

Version 1.47

1.  Fixed   - The Create Design window would always report a design error. 

Version 1.46

1.  Fixed   - Bolt weapons were sometimes not firing on ringed planets. 
2.  Fixed   - Ships were not auto-moving to the correct position for firing on ringed planets.
3.  Fixed   - Ship Experience was not always being applied.
4.  Fixed   - Fleet Experience was not always being applied.
5.  Fixed   - Experience effects were not showing in the abilities list. 
6.  Fixed   - For Ship and Fleet Experience abilities such as "Combat To Hit Offense" and "Combat Morale",
              your vehicle gets the higher value of the ship or the fleet experience. 
7.  Fixed   - You can now Fire On And Destroy unit groups. 
8.  Fixed   - Some cheat codes could still be used when the "Cheat Codes Allowed" was off. 
9.  Fixed   - Filling a construction queue from a saved queue could clear emergency settings.
10. Added   - When order files are loaded by the game, if there are any errors they will be displayed in a list to the host.
11. Fixed   - Ships with a strategy of Never Retreat would not move away from danger in combat. 
12. Fixed   - Carriers that have launched units in combat should not retreat unless compelled to.

Version 1.45

1.  Fixed   - Having more than 20 fleets would sometimes cause an access violation. 
2.  Fixed   - An Access violation would occur occassionally after combat with a fleet. 
3.  Fixed   - The game would report that "data files had been modified" when starting a 
              Simultaneous Turn game. 
4.  Fixed   - The Space Combat Simulator would crash if a design from an Alliance was present.
5.  Fixed   - The log event for "facility not upgraded" had no picture. 
6.  Fixed   - You can no longer login with a password if your empire's password is blank. 
7.  Fixed   - Ground combat was always getting the maximum number of militia. 
8.  Fixed   - Mines were not cloaked. 
9.  Added   - Task Force Leader is now displayed on the Fleet Report. 
10. Added   - "Set TF Leader" button to the Fleet Transfer window. 
11. Changed - On the Set Construction Queue window, the Available Items list will now show "Sys/Exist" and "Sys/Queue"
              for Facilities, Ships, and Units. "Sys/Exist" displays the number of items of this type in existence in 
              this solar system out of the total in your empire. "Sys/Queue" displays the number of items of this type
              queued up in this solar system out of the total queued in your entire empire. 

Patch Release 1.44

  • Patch No.: 8
  • Release Date: 13 July 2007.

Version 1.44

1.  Fixed   - Mine vehicle sizes were using the wrong ability value in the ability description.
2.  Fixed   - Added check for machines that don't support gamma shifting. 

Version 1.43

1.  Fixed   - Improved End of Turn processing speed. 
2.  Fixed   - The Movement Log was fragmenting memory increasing the game's system impact. 
3.  Fixed   - Sometimes huge games would not allow you to save them.
4.  Fixed   - "Sys_Get_Empire_Research_Tech_Area_Accumulated_Points" was not compiling correctly. 
5.  Fixed   - "Sys_Empire_Research_All_Techs_Researched" was not compiling correctly. 
6.  Changed - Victory Condition "Highest Score" now requires a score of 2,000,000.
7.  Fixed   - Mines had an incorrect description for their abilities. 
8.  Fixed   - On an object's abilities tab, sometimes the descriptions were incorrect or redundant.
9.  Fixed   - You can now give the "Sentry" order with multiple vehicles selected.
10. Fixed   - You can now give the "Load Cargo Remotely" order with multiple vehicles selected.
11. Fixed   - You can now give the "Drop Cargo Remotely" order with multiple vehicles selected.
12. Fixed   - In a Simultaneous Game, the order lines would not update after a keyboard order. 
13. Fixed   - In a Simultaneous Game, the report would not refresh after clearing orders. 
14. Fixed   - "Point Generation Modifier - Intelligence" and "Point Generation Modifier - Research" abilities
              were stacking when they shouldn't. 
15. Fixed   - Sometimes an error would occur during sector placement before a combat. 
16. Added   - Added a message to simultaneous games that tell a player after they login if their data files are 
              different from those of the host. 
17. Fixed   - You could get a ton of errors message when trying to recover units to a vehicle that could not recover.
18. Fixed   - AI was creating incorrect drone designs. 
19. Fixed   - Anti-Planet Drones were getting distracted by satellites. 

Version 1.42

1.  Fixed   - The Experience Type report was not showing decimal numbers. 
2.  Fixed   - If you minimized the game during turn processing, the Log window would show on the next 
              turn with offset text (this also happened with the Login and Select Colony Type windows). 
3.  Fixed   - Tool tip help was incorrect for the second page of the design statistics on the Create Design window. 
4.  Fixed   - Ship and Unit Group report were showing the wrong tool tip help for orders. 
5.  Fixed   - The planets statistic on the Planets window was always showing zero. 
6.  Fixed   - On the Planets window, the columns for radiation and temperature were not sorting correctly.
7.  Fixed   - Militia amounts from Settings.txt were not being used. 
8.  Fixed   - When one player surrenders to another, all objects that change ownership will have their orders cleared.
9.  Added   - Script function "Sys_Get_Space_Object_Experience".
10. Added   - Script function "Sys_Get_Planet_Happiness".
11. Added   - Script function "Sys_Get_Planet_Conditions".
12. Added   - Script function "Sys_Get_Empire_Research_Tech_Area_Accumulated_Points".
13. Added   - Script function "Sys_Get_Empire_Fleet_Experience".
14. Added   - Script function "Sys_Is_Game_Using_Intelligence".
15. Fixed   - In the Research window, some expected tech benefits would not show at the top of the window. 
16. Fixed   - AI players in team mode were still breaking treaties with each other. 
17. Fixed   - Solar Generation facilities were not providing resources in Finite Resource games on planets with depleted resources.
18. Fixed   - AI was not creating correct designs for space yard ships or bases. 
19. Fixed   - Stellar Construction was requiring the initiating vehicle to have movement. 

Version 1.41

1.  Fixed   - General game speed up. 
2.  Fixed   - Sometimes an error would occur when loading a game from within a game. 
3.  Fixed   - Sensors had stopped working. 

Version 1.40

1.  Fixed   - Increased speed of compression and decompression. 
2.  Fixed   - Using the Players window would cause the UI not to respond. 
3.  Fixed   - If a player had a treaty with a sharing of combat reports, they could receive
              the same report multiple times. 
4.  Fixed   - Some savegame were being bloated with hundreds of reports of the same combat for allied AI players.
5.  Fixed   - Filling a construction queue from a saved queue could clear emergency settings.
6.  Fixed   - Only planets that can be seen will be displayed in the Select Package Item window. 
7.  Fixed   - Too much information was displayed when viewing a report on an enemy planet in the Ground Combat Simulator.  
8.  Fixed   - General speed increase for order execution.
9.  Fixed   - The combat log was not being deleted if it was empty. 

Version 1.39

1.  Fixed   - The command line option -moddir was not working correctly. 
2.  Added   - Turn Based games can be loaded with the command line options now. It works the same
              as loading the game from within the UI, but you can change the mod being used.  
3.  Added   - For the command line parameters, "-moddir [dirname]" can be surrounded by double quotes. 
4.  Fixed   - Game Master password was not reset when starting a new game. 
5.  Added   - The Game Host can now reset player passwords using the Game Menu. 
6.  Added   - The quadrant map will now show in ownership colors (like SE4). These are:
                Unexplored - Dark Gray.
                Explored - Light Gray. 
                Player Present - Only a single player is present (that you can see). The icon is in the 
                  color of the player present.
                Multiple Players Present - Multiple players are present (that you can see) in this solar 
                  system. If you are in the system, then the color is your empire's color. If not, the 
                  the system is in the color of one of the empire's present.
7.  Fixed   - Crash during combat in mods which have a seeker with zero speed. 
8.  Fixed   - In the combat log report, units were showing zero tonnage.
9.  Fixed   - Units in a fleet following a formation would not move during combat. 
10. Fixed   - Satellites launched from planets in combat were ending up inside the planet. 

Version 1.38

1.  Fixed   - If you accepted treaty changes with an empire where you had an existing treaty which 
              did not allow treaties, the existing treaty would be set to None.
2.  Added   - A text warning to the Research window if research is not allowed by a treaty.
3.  Added   - A text warning to the Intelligence window if intelligence is not allowed by a treaty.
4.  Fixed   - Script Parser was erroring when loading data files. 
5.  Changed - Changed default strategies to not retreat until 90% of force lost. 
6.  Fixed   - Ships were retreating when they shouldn't. 
7.  Fixed   - For an Alliance proposal, if the total number of yes votes equaled the number needed 
              to pass, the proposal would fail. 
8.  Fixed   - In Ground Combat, the Change View Mode button would cause a crash. 
9.  Changed - The combat log report is now more of a summary of the combat. A new button "Details"
              will let you view the specifics of the combat. Instead of two lists of starting forces and
              ending forces, there is now just one list with a "Start Dmg" and "End Dmg". The status column
              now shows the following states:
                Undamaged    - Vehicle took no damage in combat. 
                Operational  - Vehicle took non-critical damage in combat.
                Captured     - Vehicle was captured by another player.
                Retreated    - Vehicle retreated from combat.
                Disabled     - Vehicle had all weapons and engines destroyed.
                Disarmed     - Vehicle had all weapons destroyed.
                Immobilized  - Vehicle has all engines destroyed.
                Destroyed    - Vehicle has been destroyed.
              (Thanks go to SJ for the design)

Version 1.37

1.  Fixed   - Sometimes processing of a turn would halt when a deconstruct & analyze order was executed. 
2.  Added   - Script function "Give_Space_Object_Order_Any" to give orders not covered by other script functions.
3.  Fixed   - In a turn based game, a retrofit of multiple ships will now result in only one report window. 
4.  Fixed   - Retrofit order will be available now even if multiple ships are selected. 
5.  Changed - Display of resources and points over a million will show as #,### kT. 
6.  Fixed   - Fighters with no supply remaining will now move at 25% of their normal speed. 
7.  Fixed   - If a strategy has a target type damage amount for a planet as "All Weapons Gone", then 
              when the planet has no weapons left in combat, no ships will fire on it. The behavior for other targets
              with this damage amount setting is that they will be targeted last after all other targets are destroyed.
8.  Removed - Strategy selection "Retreat Immediately". This can now be done through the "Retreat When" section.
9.  Removed - Strategy selection "Retreat When All Weapons Damaged". This can now be done through the "Retreat When" section.
10. Fixed   - The "Retreat When" section is now working better.
11. Fixed   - The "Retreat Settings" section is now working better.

Version 1.36

1.  Fixed   - "Out of Memory" error when loading a game from within a game. 
2.  Fixed   - Ground combat replay would sometimes show buildings and facilities moving. 
3.  Fixed   - Intelligence defense could prevent all intel attacks over time. 
4.  Fixed   - Duplicate line in SystemTypes.txt.
5.  Fixed   - Changed description of Remote Miners to say "only one ship or unit per turn".
6.  Fixed   - Multiple units were able to remote mine the same location at the same time.
7.  Fixed   - Two ships remote mining would both report positive maintenance costs even though
              only one was actually mining. 
8.  Fixed   - A vehicle with no supply could still remotely mine.

Patch Release 1.35

  • Patch No.: 7
  • Release Date: 9 May 2007.

Version 1.35

1.  Added   - Added another command line parameters. 
              se5.exe [Savegame path] [password] [-plrstop] [-moddir [dirname]]
              -moddir [dirname]   - This changes the directory name for the mod in the savegame.
2.  Fixed   - Bolt weapons were not firing on planets at maximum range. 
3.  Fixed   - In combat, Automove would not move after a player's set targets. 
4.  Fixed   - Units weren't launching in simulated combat. 
5.  Fixed   - When sharing enemy designs, a player would receive designs it had created. 
6.  Fixed   - The ministers would sometimes not control certain ships with specific design types.
7.  Fixed   - The Population Transport minister was not working correctly. 
8.  Fixed   - Colonizing with a fleet would remove all of the ships in the fleet (Simultaneous) or
              remove the wrong ship (Turn Based). 
9.  Fixed   - Militia were not showing up in combat replays.
10. Fixed   - Capture pods were not showing up in combat replays. 

Version 1.34

1.  Fixed   - Some strategy settings in the Empire Options window would not change. 
2.  Fixed   - Bolt weapons were not firing on ringed planets. 
3.  Fixed   - Ringed planets were shooting weapons from their rings and not from the surface.
4.  Fixed   - Ringed planets were hit from weapons too far from the surface. 
5.  Fixed   - Old movement log entries were not being deleted properly resulting in a memory leak.
6.  Fixed   - The Select Elements and Select Rules windows would not wrap their text. 
7.  Fixed   - The Tutorial window would be garbled after an Alt-Tab. 
8.  Changed - Modified the command line parameters. They now work like this:
              se5.exe [Savegame path] [password] [-plrstop]
              [Savegame path]   - The complete path to the savegame. 
              [password]        - The game master password for this game. 
              -plrstop          - Turn processing should stop if there are errors in the player files. 
              Return Codes
              0                 - Turn processed succesfully.
              1                 - Savegame file not found.
              2                 - Invalid game master password.
              3                 - Error while loading savegame. 
              101 - 120         - Could not load player file. The player number is the error code minus 100.
              201 - 220         - Player order file does not have the correct game date. The player number is the error code minus 200.
              301 - 320         - Player order file does not have the correct turn sequence id. The player number is the error code minus 300.
              401 - 420         - Player order file does not have the correct game id. The player number is the error code minus 400.
9.  Fixed   - Sometimes processing of a turn would halt when a self-destruct order was executed. 
10. Fixed   - In Simultaneous Games, a ship would not clear its moveto order if its last movement was through a warp point.
11. Fixed   - The order for Self-Destruct was unavailable for mines and satellites.
12. Fixed   - Drones were not using supplies.
13. Fixed   - The Auto Complete function in the Create Design window could place components on invalid vehicle types. 
14. Fixed   - Sector View would reveal ship details without long range scanners. 

Patch Release 1.33

  • Patch No.: 6
  • Release Date: 23 March 2007.

Version 1.33

1.  Fixed   - AI would scrap facilities to make room for spaceports even for races which didn't need them. 
2.  Fixed   - Point-defense bolt weapons would sometimes not fire on torpedoes.
3.  Fixed   - For seeking or bolt weapons, the calculation for whether a weapon would hit a target moving
              away was incorrect. 
4.  Fixed   - Facilities were not showing up in Ground Combat.
5.  Fixed   - Planets were not getting shields in combat simulations. 
6.  Fixed   - During combat, the cargo report for ships and planets would not show unit damage. 
7.  Fixed   - A highlighted cargo item at the bottom of the cargo tab should not show the damage percent on
              the cargo item picture (since its displayed to the right of the picture). 
8.  Fixed   - Emissive armor was still providing its damage resistance even when destroyed. 

Version 1.32

1.  Fixed   - Strategy Damage Amount "All Weapons Gone" was not working correctly. 
2.  Fixed   - Planets were not having their damage percentage calculated correctly for strategies. 
3.  Fixed   - Planets were not launching units. 
4.  Fixed   - In the Fleet Transfer window, "Create Fleet" was not working when no fleet was present.
5.  Fixed   - In combat, spreading of damage was sometimes using an incorrect target hitpoints amount. 
              This was most notable with planets not spreading their damage enough.
6.  Fixed   - Sometimes beams firing from a planet would fire from the far left corner of the combat map. 
7.  Fixed   - Planets with rings would sometimes not fire bolt weapons against targets far above them. 

Version 1.31

1.  Fixed   - You could add ships to construction queues without spaceyards using the "Select Multiple Queues" feature. 
2.  Fixed   - Units launched into existing fields would be launched without supplies or ordnance. 
3.  Fixed   - The top most items should default to be selected in the Launch/Recover window. 
4.  Fixed   - Remote recovery of units by planets would usually fail because of the Moveto order. 
5.  Fixed   - Remote recovery would sometimes give an error message "A  cannot be recovered from space."
6.  Fixed   - "Advanced Storage Techniques" racial trait was giving a 225% bonus instead of 125%. 
7.  Fixed   - Launch/Recover specific units would only perform once a turn in Simultaneous Games.
8.  Fixed   - Load/Drop specific units would only perform once a turn in Simultaneous Games.
9.  Fixed   - "Upgrade Facilities" in the Construction Queues window would often not work in Simultaneous Games. 
10. Fixed   - Space combat will no longer end if 2 players are on a planet engaged in ground combat and
              one still has a troop transport in space with troops to drop. 
11. Fixed   - You can now Mothball or Unmothball multiple selected ships. 

Version 1.30

1.  Fixed   - Moved strings from the AI scripts to constants. 
2.  Fixed   - Fixed some AI issues with incorrect tech names and component names. 
3.  Fixed   - AI will now attempt to add more weapons at the end of vehicle design if there is space remaining.
4.  Fixed   - Script Parser was not rebuilt with latest function definitions. 
5.  Fixed   - Crystalline Torpedo had incorrect effect name and wasn't displaying in combat. 

Version 1.29

1.  Fixed   - Combat against a planet owned by a player but with no units or population would end immediately.
2.  Fixed   - "Only Weapons" damage type now penetrates shields. 
3.  Fixed   - "Only Engines" damage type now penetrates shields. 
4.  Changed - Capital Ship Missile: decreased cost, increased damage, decreased reload rate. 
5.  Changed - Anti - Proton Beam: increased cost, 
6.  Changed - Meson Blaster: increased cost, increased supply used, increased range. 
7.  Changed - Point - Defense Cannons: increased damage. 
8.  Changed - Point - Defense Blaster: increased space taken, increased cost, decreased damage, increased reload rate. 
9.  Changed - Point - Defense Beam: decreased damage.
10. Changed - Flak Cannon: Increased damage.
11. Changed - Plasma Missile: decreased cost, increased damage. 
12. Changed - Anti - Matter Torpedo: increased damage, increased range. 
13. Changed - Quantum Torpedo - increased cost, increased damage, increased range. 
14. Changed - Gamma Pulse Torpedo - reduced space taken, reduced supply and ordnance usage, increased damage. 
15. Changed - Phased - Polaron Beam: increased cost, increased supply usage, modified damage. 
16. Changed - Graviton Hellbore: increased cost, increased damage, increased range. 
17. Changed - Ripper Beam: increased damage, increased range. 
18. Changed - Incinerator Beam: increased damage.
19. Changed - Wave - Motion Gun: increased damage, increased range. 
20. Changed - Null - Space Projector: decreased cost, decreased supply and ordnance usage, increased damage, decreased reload rate. 
21. Changed - Tachyon Projection Cannon: decreased cost, increased damage, increased range. 
22. Changed - Ionic Disperser: changed description, increased damage.
23. Changed - Ionic Pulse Missile: changed description, increased damage.
24. Changed - Toxic Injector: increased damage. 
25. Changed - Plasma Charge: increased damage, increased range. 
26. Changed - Hyper - Plasma Bolt: increased damage.
27. Changed - Electric Discharge: increased damage. 
28. Changed - Lightning Ray: increased damage, increased range. 
29. Changed - Seeking Parasite: increased range. 
30. Changed - Acid Globule: increased damage.
31. Changed - Enveloping Acid Globule: increased damage.
32. Changed - Shard Cannon: decreased damage.
33. Changed - High - Energy Magnifier: increased damage, increased range. 
34. Changed - Time Distortion Burst: modified damage. 
35. Changed - Temporal Shifter: modified damage, increased range. 
36. Changed - Temporal Tachyon Cannon: decreased space taken, increased damage, increased range. 
37. Changed - Telekinetic Projector: modified damage. 
38. Changed - Mental Singularity Generator: increased damage, increased range. 
39. Changed - Subpsace Rupture Beam: increased damage, increased range. 
40. Changed - Massive Ionic Disperser: changed description, increased damage. 
41. Changed - Small Depleted Uranium Cannon: modified damage. 
42. Changed - Small Rocket Pods: increased damage, increased range.
43. Changed - Small Anti - Proton Beam: decreased damage.
44. Changed - Small Meson Blaster: modified damage. 
45. Changed - Small Phased - Polaron Beam: increased damage, increased range. 
46. Changed - Small Incinerator Beam: increased damage, increased range. 
47. Changed - Small Anti - Matter Torpedo: increased damage, increased range. 
48. Changed - Small Cluster Bomb: increased damage.
49. Changed - Small Graviton Beam: increased damage, increased range. 
50. Changed - Small Electric Discharge: decreased damage, increased range. 
51. Changed - Small Acid Globule: increased range. 
52. Changed - Small Shard Cannon: increased range. 
53. Changed - Small Time Distortion Burst: decreased damage, increased range. 
54. Changed - Small Telekinetic Projector: increased damage, increased range. 
55. Changed - All components now increase their structure with level. 
56. Changed - Increased structure per level increase for armor. 
57. Changed - Increased structure per level increase for small armor. 
58. Changed - Increased shields per level increase for small shield generator. 

Version 1.28

1.  Fixed   - Misspelling in AI speech. 
2.  Fixed   - AI was not researching "Advanced Military Science" and "Applied Political Science" correctly.
3.  Fixed   - Small race portraits were being loaded incorrectly in the simulators for mods. 
4.  Fixed   - Upgrading a design was not upgrading weapon mounts.
5.  Fixed   - Construction was sometimes consuming more resources than it should and giving them back when the
              construction was complete (especially radioactives). 
6.  Fixed   - It was possible to start a game with an empire breaking the tech or racial point limits. 
7.  Fixed   - In a Simultaneous Game, you could not give an Attack Move order for the sector you were in. 
8.  Added   - "Change Email" and "Change Password" buttons to the Empire Options window. 
9.  Fixed   - Planet attack and defense strategies were not being updated in a Simultaneous Game. 
10. Fixed   - In the Player Setup window, the technology and racial trait lists will no longer reset to the top
              when a new tech or racial trait is available.
11. Changed - Decreased amount of crew killed by Toxic Injector. 
12. Changed - "Kills Crew" damage type now cannot get through shields and kills 1 crew for every 10 damage points. 
13. Update  - Results of Ship states:
                Critical Failure - Half normal movement points. Cannot resupply or reordnance others.
                                   Half attack and defense modifier. Cannot cloak.
                                   All weapons take 3 times longer to reload.
              Critical Failure = Loss of your bridge, all life support, all crew quarters, or all your crew 
              (a Master Computer when present, replaces the previous criteria). 
14. Fixed   - After conquering a planet through ground combat, units that did not take part in ground combat 
              dissappear (but are still there). 
15. Fixed   - If an alliance was created, then disbanded, the savegame would no longer load. 
16. Fixed   - Improvements for "Total Targeted Damage" strategy option. 
17. Fixed   - Improvements for point defense spreading of damage. 
18. Fixed   - The data file error list window would only show 4 lines of an error message. 
19. Fixed   - An Atmospheric Converter facility will convert the atmosphere to that breathed by the largest 
              population on the planet.
20. Fixed   - Improvements to "Even Empire Distribution". 

Version 1.27

1.  Fixed   - Pulled out more hard coded colors to Settings.txt. 
2.  Fixed   - Attempting to warp while on a warp point would either fail or cause two warps. 
3.  Fixed   - A colony ship would load population but not execute the MoveTo order. 
4.  Fixed   - Typos in MainStrings.txt.
5.  Fixed   - Move To Waypoint would not show order lines until you reselected the ship. 
6.  Fixed   - Cancel orders would not work after a Move To Waypoint.
7.  Fixed   - The "N" hotkey would show the Rename window with an added "n" after the ship's name. 
8.  Fixed   - Ranks in the Comparison window would be wrong if the scores were negative. 
9.  Fixed   - Graphs no longer try to show negative numbers. The bottom out at zero. 
10. Fixed   - In the Comparisons window, only players you know of are considered an enemy or ally. An
              enemy empire is any empire that you know of but do not have a treaty with. 
11. Fixed   - The game will now continue processing even when minimized. 
12. Fixed   - When minimized, the SE5 icon will change its name to show what its currently doing. 
13. Fixed   - Speed up for AI combat execution. 
14. Added   - "16X" and "32X" to the Strategic Combat window. 
15. Fixed   - Combat would sometimes get negative to-hit modifiers from other sectors. 
16. Fixed   - Removed loading of "d3drm.dll" since Vista no longer has it. 
17. Fixed   - The Help window was showing Cultural Achievement images for the Intelligence Achievements.
18. Fixed   - In Simulated Ground Combat, militia troops were not being added.
19. Fixed   - The correct militia amounts were not showing up in ground combat. 
20. Fixed   - In space combat, if your side has a transport with troops to drop on a planet, and the 
              transport is targeting the planet to drop troops, then your side will not fire any
              weapons on the planet. 
21. Fixed   - In space combat, sometimes a planet would not get all of the weapons from its weapon platforms.
22. Fixed   - If you run the game with command line parameters, it will launch minimized and then dissappear
              when complete.
23. Fixed   - "Maintain Defensive Locations" was not being used. 
24. Changed - Changed minister option text from "Maintain Defensive Locations" to "AI controls empire in player 
              absence". Turn this option off if you do NOT want the AI to control your empire if a turn is 
              processed without your order file. The default value for this is TRUE. 
25. Added   - Script function "Sys_Set_Vehicle_Design_Strategy".
26. Added   - Script function "Sys_Get_Vehicle_Design_Strategy".
27. Added   - Script function "Sys_Get_Planet_Size".
28. Added   - Script function "Sys_Is_Planet_Breathable".
29. Added   - Script function "Sys_Empire_Research_All_Techs_Researched".
30. Added   - Script function "Sys_Get_Planet_Plague_Level".
31. Added   - Script function "Sys_Get_Space_Object_Cargo_Item_Facility_ID".
32. Added   - Script function "Sys_Get_Space_Object_Cargo_Item_Population_Atmosphere_Breathed".
33. Fixed   - On the Create Design window, mount names could overflow the list box. 
34. Fixed   - When replying to a Counter Alliance Proposal on the Communicate window, the selections
              for Accept, Refuse, and Counter Alliance Proposal were not present.

Version 1.26

1.  Fixed   - The ground combat simulator was not letting you add enemy units. 
2.  Fixed   - Ships were not using supply when they retreated. 
3.  Fixed   - Ships were not executing orders after a Move To in the correct sector.
4.  Fixed   - Warhead damage from a single unit was adding all warhead damage from the entire group.
5.  Fixed   - AI was not putting weapons on its early troops.
6.  Fixed   - Increased AI placement of point - defense weapons on its designs.
7.  Fixed   - The Movement Log Replay would end with the solar system not displaying objects. 
8.  Fixed   - The Movement Log Replay would immediately hide the replay buttons. 
9.  Fixed   - Slowed down Movement Log Replay a bit. 
10. Added   - MapCompiler to utilities. 

Patch Release 1.25

  • Patch No: 5
  • Release Date: 29 January 2007

Version 1.25

1.  Fixed   - Surrendered empires would suddenly lose all of their population.
2.  Fixed   - Subjugated populations should not migrate. 
3.  Fixed   - Hitting cancel on the Load / Save Game window during a game would send you to the 
              Game Start window and not back to your game. 
4.  Fixed   - Mouse pointer would still be hidden after the first ground combat.
5.  Fixed   - If you turned on the "View Names" and the "View Damage" in combat, then they would overlap. 
6.  Fixed   - Improved AI's use of fleets (they don't sit waiting for ships as much).
7.  Fixed   - AI will now check to be sure safe locations to move are still safe.
8.  Fixed   - AI Satellite design tweaked towards heavier weapons.
9.  Fixed   - AI was not building as many units as it should.
10. Fixed   - The Ships List and Planets List windows were not showing reduced flag sizes correctly.
11. Fixed   - In a Simultaneous Game, if you created a design, saved the game, ended your turn,
              then processed the game turn, the game would have two copies of your new design. 
12. Fixed   - Ships moving to their destination on their last movement point were not clearing their orders. 
13. Fixed   - "Planet Utilization" tech area increased to 40 levels. 

Version 1.24

1.  Fixed   - Vehicle names in the Strategic Combat window will now wrap to the next line. 
2.  Fixed   - Long text in the Vehicle Design Report would sometimes not be right aligned.
3.  Fixed   - The vehicle types in the Designs Window would go into the scroll bar. 
4.  Fixed   - You can now use the "Fire On" order with no movement points.
5.  Fixed   - You can now use the "Self Destruct" order with no movement points (but the
              ship must still have a functioning self-destruct device).
6.  Fixed   - You can now use the "Analyze Components" order with no movement points.
7.  Added   - Field "Space Combat Allow Retreat" which controls whether vehicles can retreat in space combat.
8.  Fixed   - You cannot retreat into a sector where there are visible enemy ships or planets.
9.  Added   - Bar indicators to fleet display in the ship list on the main window. 
10. Added   - Bar indicators to unit group display in the ship list on the main window. 
11. Fixed   - Fighters launched from a planet were only getting 1 movement point. 
12. Fixed   - When unit groups enter combat as a group, they will evenly divide the supplies and ordnance between
              them. When units are launched in combat, then they take the maximum supplies and ordnance they can
              from the parent (even if later units will not get enough). 
13. Fixed   - Multiple ships warping at the same time would result in overlapping loud sound effects.
14. Fixed   - Alliance votes per billion population was always returning 1 vote. 
15. Fixed   - Speed up for system display load. 
16. Fixed   - Eliminated "empty solar system" view when moving ships. 
17. Fixed   - Speed up of ship movement when it has a long movement line.
18. Fixed   - Ships would not move into damaging storms. 
19. Fixed   - Wave - Motion Gun was underpowered.
20. Fixed   - Edited vehicle designs were not showing current supply and ordnance storage amounts. 
21. Fixed   - If "Graphic Detail" = High, then textures will be in 32 bit color (if supported), otherwise they will be in 16 bit color.
22. Changed - Increased per level improvement of shield generators and armor.
23. Fixed   - Emissive armor would not work if the damage amount was greater than the damage resistance. Now, the emissive armor damage
              resistance is subtracted from the damage done. 
24. Fixed   - Attempting to save an empire would cause an error. 
25. Fixed   - Emperor and Empire name in the status bar would sometimes overflow the boxes. 
26. Fixed   - Speed improvement for Log List display with a large number of items. 
27. Fixed   - In Simultaneous Games, sometimes too many combats were occuring on the very last phase. 
28. Fixed   - Weapons which were rolled a value to miss their target, could still hit the target if it wandered into the weapon's path. 
29. Note    - All weapons have a 1% chance to hit, and a 1% chance to miss, no matter what the bonuses are.
30. Added   - Script function "Sys_Empire_Politics_Get_Alliance_Anger_Towards_Player". 
31. Fixed   - Sometimes AI's would endlessly add and remove you from an alliance.
32. Fixed   - Disabled the carriage return on the Player Setup - History tab. 
33. Fixed   - The Fleet Transfer window would cause an error if the game was minimized and restored, or Alt-tabbed back to. 
34. Fixed   - Some blue buttons wouldn't reload after a minimize or an Alt-Tab. 
35. Fixed   - In the combat simulator, sometimes planets would switch from a simulated empire to a real empire when hit with damage. 
36. Fixed   - Increased organic tech using AI's percent of farming colonies.
37. Fixed   - Decreased amount of space AI was using for Supply and Ordnance storage on its designs. 
38. Fixed   - Script function "Sys_Get_Best_Facility_With_Ability" now retrieves the highest scope, then highest level facility with the ability.
39. Fixed   - AI will not longer put Ordnance Storage on ships that don't need ordnance.
40. Added   - Script function "Sys_Get_Vehicle_Design_Total_Supply_Usage".
41. Added   - Script function "Sys_Get_Vehicle_Design_Total_Ordnance_Usage".

Version 1.23

1.  Fixed   - Ships were launching too many fighters in a combat replay. 
2.  Fixed   - Not all fighters launched were showing up in the combat replay. 
3.  Fixed   - The Combat Replay would sometimes show double damage from weapons.
4.  Fixed   - Improved some of the choppy movement of units. 
5.  Fixed   - In DamageTypes.txt, Damage Percent for armor and shields can now be zero or negative and
              it will not skip that section entirely when applying damage. 
6.  Fixed   - Script function "Sys_Can_Facility_Be_Upgraded" was not working.
7.  Fixed   - AI was not upgrading its facilities correctly.
8.  Fixed   - Improved AI purchasing of vehicles. 
9.  Added   - Script function "Sys_Get_Facility_ID".
10. Added   - Script function "Sys_Get_Highest_Facility_Level".
11. Added   - Script function "Sys_Get_Planet_Physical_Type".
12. Added   - Script function "Sys_Get_Planet_Atmosphere_Type".
13. Fixed   - Improved AI selection of Colony Ships to construct. 
14. Fixed   - Improved AI selection of attack system. 
15. Fixed   - Resupply At Nearest order would sometimes send you to a place which had ordnance but no supply.
16. Fixed   - Ai would sometimes gives its fleets the same ID number. 
17. Fixed   - Builtin script function "reallist_set" was not working. 
18. Fixed   - Component information should show on the Design report when looking at Enemy Designs in the Designs
19. Fixed   - When a non-owner views a vehicle design report, the "Obsolete", "Maintenance Cost", and "Strategy" should
              not show even in combat.  
20. Changed - Increased the happiness for planets when their ships are in the same system or sector. 
21. Fixed   - AI was not sending ships to planets when they were rioting. 
22. Added   - Cheat code "runturns X" which will run X turns with all players as computer players. 

Version 1.22

1.  Fixed   - AI will no longer try to move vehicles with zero movement to a space yard for retrofit. 
2.  Fixed   - Units launched during combat were not showing up in the combat log replay. 
3.  Fixed   - The Empires window was drawing alliance empire flags incorrectly past 4. 
4.  Fixed   - If an empire joins an alliance, then all of its current treaties are lost.
5.  Fixed   - The Communicate window was drawing race icons incorrectly.
6.  Fixed   - If an empire is in an alliance, it cannot engage in treaties with other empires.
7.  Fixed   - In 3 or more player combats, the game was not using treaty settings for allies. 
8.  Fixed   - In the Load/Save Game window, the Game Type text would not move with the window. 
9.  Fixed   - If you loaded or started a new game from within combat, the order buttons would 
              remain combat buttons on the Main Window. 
10. Fixed   - If you loaded or started a new game from within combat, the combat simulator 
              would error when adding ships. 
11. Fixed   - Ability "Component - Weapon To Hit Percent" was not working correctly.
12. Fixed   - In the Create Design window, a weapon report would show mount modifiers even
              if the weapon could not use the mount. 
13. Fixed   - Abilities "Intelligence Defense Modifier" and "Intelligence Offense Modifier" were not working correctly.
14. Fixed   - Ability "Experience Rate Percent Change" was not working.
15. Fixed   - Abilities "Supply Generation Modifier Percent" and "Ordnance Generation Modifier Percent" were not working correctly.
16. Fixed   - Abilities "Tonnage Repair Component", "Tonnage Repair Modifier Component", "Tonnage Repair Modifier Facility",
              "Tonnage Repair Modifier Ship", "Tonnage Repair Modifier Unit" were not working correctly.
17. Fixed   - Removed "Point Generation Modifier - Culture" from Government Types. 
18. Fixed   - Abilities "Planet Population Assimilation", "Planet Population Environmental Tolerance", "Planet Population Loyalty",
              "Planet Population War Tolerance" were not working correctly.
19. Fixed   - Abililities "Race - Loyalty", "Race - Migration" were not working.
20. Added   - Script function "Sys_Get_Empire_Fleet_Order_Count".
21. Fixed   - AI Fleets were getting new orders even when they had old ones. 
22. Fixed   - Too many of the AI's had Tyranny for Government Type. 
23. Fixed   - Improved AI's assignment of colony types. 
24. Fixed   - AI was not scrapping facilities if it needed space for a spaceport. 
25. Added   - Script function "Sys_Get_Construction_Queue_Item_Facility_ID".
26. Added   - Script function "Sys_Get_Construction_Queue_Item_Upgrade_ID".
27. Added   - SE5_Modding.pdf to the "Docs" directory. This document details all of the fields in the datafiles,
              abilities, and formula functions. 
28. Fixed   - In sequential turn based games, the text "Processing after all players turns" would sometimes show between
              player turns. 

Version 1.21

1.  Fixed   - After a retrofit, ships would only get half movement because they had no crew. The crew
              was not restored because the planet had the wrong kind of population. Ships will only
              recrew at planets. 
2.  Fixed   - The game will determine if you don't have rights to save in the savegame folder and will
              instead use the My Documents folder. 
3.  Fixed   - Logging in as the Host to a game would result in a black screen. 
4.  Fixed   - Processing the turn as Host would show and hide the button bar. 
5.  Fixed   - Loading a game from within a game would not launch the login window. 
6.  Fixed   - If the generic flag for an empire was missing, then the game would not load. If any 
              images for an empire cannot be found, the game will pick a new image set for the empire.
7.  Fixed   - Reduction in combat replay file size. 
8.  Fixed   - An error would occur when a scrap order could not be executed. 
9.  Fixed   - When you save a game manually, the Multiplayer Savegame Filename gets set to that new name. 
10. Fixed   - A little smoother combat replay. 
11. Fixed   - Missing ship sets were not being replaced when a host was processing a turn. 
12. Fixed   - In the Launch/Recover window, recovering more units to a ship than it could hold would cause
              the game to lockup. 
13. Fixed   - Increased the starting size and size increase per level of satellites, mines, and troops.
14. Fixed   - Turn-based games on different machines were still showing combats for AI players. 
15. Fixed   - You cannot select Tactical Combat in a Turn-based different machine game. 
16. Fixed   - Units in ground combat were never missing. 
17. Fixed   - Having more than 5 selected victory conditions would crash the Comparisons window. 
18. Added   - Script function "Sys_Get_Space_Object_Cargo_Item_Design_ID".
19. Fixed   - Script function "Sys_Get_Number_Of_Units_In_Space_Sector" was always returning zero. 
20. Fixed   - Script function "Sys_Space_Object_Scrap_Cargo" was not working.
21. Added   - Script function "Sys_Give_Space_Object_Order_Scrap".

Patch Release 1.20

  • Patch No: 4
  • Release Date: 18 December 2006

Version 1.20

1.  Fixed   - The end of strategic combat would sometimes cause a game crash. 
2.  Fixed   - The start of combat would sometimes take a long time if a large number of units were present. 
3.  Fixed   - If units have not been given a sector position, then they will be arranged around a warp point
              (if present) for combat. 
4.  Fixed   - The selected tab button in the Comparisons window was not highlighted on entry.
5.  Fixed   - Speed ups for computer player movement. 
6.  Fixed   - Computer player might lockup at slow FPS rates. 
7.  Fixed   - Ground combat would continue forever if a non-ground combat unit was dropped on a planet. 
8.  Fixed   - Fleets could be disconnected with ships in multiple sectors. 
9.  Added   - Ships on the Fleet Report now display as they do in the Ship List. 
10. Added   - Fleets show their movement in the Ship List. 
11. Added   - "Move Item To Top" and "Move Item To Bottom" buttons on the Set Construction Queue window. 
12. Fixed   - Maximum damage at range could be a negative number. 
13. Added   - "Default Empire Option Sort Mounts By Name" to Settings.txt.
14. Added   - "Sort Mounts By Name" to Empire Options Window - Display - General Display Options.
15. Changed - In a turn based (sequential turn) game, players have their vehicles movement restored after 
              they have finished their turn. 
16. Fixed   - Radiation Bombs were having the opposite effect.
17. Fixed   - Upgrading a design with no roman numeral resulted in a design name with a huge number. 
18. Fixed   - Emergency Propulsion was setting movement to 1 if the vehicle was already at maximum movement. 
19. Fixed   - "View Weapons Range" in tactical space combat showed the wrong hot key.
20. Fixed   - The default key for "View Movement Destinations" is now F5, and the default key for 
              "View Weapons Range" is F6. These will only be set if you use the Default button in the
              Controls window. 
21. Fixed   - "Change View Mode" in combat was not displaying the new mode in text on the screen. 
              "Skewed Follow" will keep the map centered on the currently selected piece in combat (you
              cannot scroll the map yourself). 
22. Fixed   - Updated description of "Propulsion Experts" to make it clear that this bonus is only to vehicles
              in space (fighters don't get the bonus for ground movement). 
23. Note    - Afterburners don't add movement to a fighter design. These extra movement points only occur in combat.
24. Note    - Fighters have a vehicle size setting "Space Combat Maximum Speed Per Movement Point := 0.002" which
              is double what a ship gets. 
25. Fixed   - Fleet Transfer window was not selecting the first items in the lists by default. 
26. Fixed   - Hotkey for building a stellar construction would cause an error. 
27. Fixed   - Warp points moved by stellar constructions would leave the warp point destination. 
28. Fixed   - Fixes for Transfer Cargo and Launch/Recover Units windows in Simultaneous Games. 
29. Note    - If you use Transfer Cargo to load cargo or drop cargo in a Simultaneous Game, you need to give 
              the ship orders to move to the location first. Same goes for Launch/Recover. 
30. Added   - SE5_Script.pdf to the "Docs" directory. This document details the scripting language used for the AI,
              external events, and intelligence projects. 

Version 1.19

1.  Fixed   - Sometimes damage effects could lockup combat. 
2.  Fixed   - Settings in the SystemTypes.txt would allow objects to be placed outside 
              of the solar system. Savegames with these objects could not be loaded. 
3.  Changed - The password edit box now displays stars on the Player Setup window and
              password entry message boxes. 
4.  Fixed   - You have to enter the empire's password to edit the empire in the 
              Game Setup window.
5.  Fixed   - If you load a game with an empire using an empire style that's not present,
              the game will substitute a different one that is present.
6.  Fixed   - Ground Combat, Sector Damage, and Mine Damage during movement would cause 
              command line execution to run forever. 
7.  Fixed   - In the Designs window, the list will remain highlighted on the old design
              when doing an upgrade. 
8.  Fixed   - In the Design Create window, the components list will remain in the same 
              place after selecting a mount. 
9.  Fixed   - Easier to read tutorial text. 
10. Fixed   - The full 10 levels for Carriers and Heavy Carriers were not accessible.
11. Fixed   - Double click now adds and removes ships from fleets in the Fleet Transfer window. 
12. Fixed   - Empire option changed to "Next/Previous buttons should skip ships constructing items".
13. Fixed   - The Amount selection on the Set Construction Queues window will now go blank when you 
              click on it so you can just type a new number without deleting the old one. 
14. Fixed   - On the Login window, the password box will start with focus. 
15. Fixed   - The Retrofit Order now lets you select a list of vehicles to retrofit before 
              selecting the design to retrofit to. 
16. Fixed   - Remote Mining resources were showing up twice on the Empire Options window - Treasury. 

Version 1.18

1.  Fixed   - Deconstruct and Analyze was not returning the correct techs. 
2.  Fixed   - Maximum storage for resources was not being properly enforced.
3.  Fixed   - Ships were moving through planets in combat. 
4.  Fixed   - Planets in the Space Simulator would maintain their old owner. 
5.  Fixed   - Empires created through events would sometimes cause errors at the 
              end of all player's turns processing.
6.  Fixed   - Fighters groups could retreat from combat and end up a long way away
              from the combat sector. 
7.  Fixed   - If there was more than one ground combat in a turn, the mouse pointer 
              would be invisible for the start of the second ground combat. 
8.  Fixed   - "Show Enemy Systems" on the expanded Quadrant map was highlighting both
              enemy systems and our systems. 
9.  Fixed   - Small Supply Storage and Small Ordnance Storage should only be available
              for fighters and troops. 
10. Fixed   - The Supply Storage, Ordnance Storage, Ordnance Vat, Solar Collector, and 
              Quantum Reactor were not showing up for Weapon Platforms.
11. Fixed   - The Autocomplete and the AI would sometimes put incorrect supply and ordnance
              components on its designs. 
12. Fixed   - Sometimes voting for an alliance proposal would cause a crash. 

Patch Release 1.17

  • Patch No: 3
  • Release Date: 20 November 2006.

Version 1.17

1.  Fixed   - Memory Leak in Game Setup - Generate Map function. 
2.  Fixed   - Tweak to increase numbers of AI Attack ships with size of empire. 
3.  Fixed   - You could add more than 1 Space Yard to a planet using the Build # setting.
4.  Fixed   - Ground combat was not occuring in Simultaneous Games. 
5.  Fixed   - Ground combat now takes place at the end of all player's turns but before
              the end of all player's turns processing. 
6.  Fixed   - In Turn Based, only one ground combat was occuring per turn. 
7.  Fixed   - You could launch the Sector View on sectors you couldn't currently see. 

Version 1.16

1.  Fixed   - StellarAbilityTypes.txt now checks each ability for inclusion instead of just picking one. 
2.  Changed - Increased the combat map retreat radius to 1500. 
3.  Fixed   - Solar Sails had stopped working. 
4.  Fixed   - The tech area "Stellar Manipulation" should have a maximum level of 100. 
5.  Fixed   - Requirement text for "Emergency Propulsion" was wrong. 
6.  Fixed   - More than one Emergency pod could be put on a ship.
7.  Fixed   - Crew was always being set to maximum. 
8.  Fixed   - Ship capture would never succeed. 
9.  Fixed   - Combat piece list for multiple items would not show ownership changes. 
10. Fixed   - You were unable to place vehicles in Simulated Combat. 
11. Fixed   - AI was not getting items after an Accept Gift message.
12. Fixed   - AI was switching items in an Accept Trade message. 
13. Fixed   - TCP/IP Host would not allow players to connect when reloading a saved game. 
14. Fixed   - "Naturally Happy" and "Naturally Depressed" racial traits were working in reverse.
15. Fixed   - Space Yards on vehicles were not getting the correct resource rate. 
16. Fixed   - Shield Regeneration was not getting the correct value. 
17. Fixed   - The Ram order in Tactical Space Combat was causing the ship to move to the location and not
              seek and ram. 

Version 1.15

1.  Fixed   - The Launch/Recover window was not showing the correct units in space during a combat
2.  Fixed   - The Launch/Recover window would sometimes not launch a unit and show an empty unit 
              group in space.
3.  Fixed   - Drones were not dying when they impacted their targets. 
4.  Fixed   - Empires were getting research in areas they didn't have access to via treaties.
5.  Fixed   - Messages from treaty elements were going to the wrong player. 
6.  Fixed   - Autosave Turns are now saved on the machine and not per game. You'll need to turn
              this on if you had it on in an old savegame. 
7.  Fixed   - The intelligence event which kills research progress was setting the progress to 
              a giant negative number. This would result in some research areas showing hundreds
              of turns to complete. 
8.  Fixed   - Speed up for computer player combat. 
9.  Added   - Added progress bars to computer player turns. Green is ship movement, red is combat, 
              blue is the end of all player turns. 
10. Fixed   - Sometimes combat between AI players would crash and end turn processing would never complete.
11. Fixed   - Ground combat between AI players was never ending. 
12. Fixed   - Some ministers would not work unless the "Vehicle Design" minister was selected. 
13. Fixed   - Right-clicking on the Victory Conditions would cause an error. 
13. Fixed   - Warp points should never be placed within 2 sectors of a black hole center. 
14. Fixed   - The Intelligence button should be disabled in games where intelligence projects are not
              allowed (the Construction Queues button was being disabled instead). 
15. Fixed   - A stellar manipulation would only destroy the first stellar manip component on use even
              if it was already destroyed. 
16. Fixed   - You can't start a new stellar manipulation while the animation for one is going on. 
17. Fixed   - Alliances were causing a crash during end turn processing.
18. Fixed   - Alliances might cause a crash when the game was shutdown.
19. Fixed   - AI messages about alliances sometimes contained unreplaced flags.
20. Fixed   - The AI would sometimes tell you to remove your colonies from a system you were not in. 
21. Fixed   - Some speedups for Game Load and statistics. 
22. Fixed   - The game now stores each empires specific screen layout and restores it on their turn. 
23. Fixed   - In a Simultaneous Same Machine Game with only 1 human player, there's no need to show 
              the Login window.
24. Fixed   - Atmospheric conversion was not firing off when it should. 
25. Fixed   - Your vehicle does not get any bonus movement unless it has at least 1 standard movement. 
26. Added   - Icon over a planet in Tactical Combat if the attacker cannot bombard the planet because of treaties. 

Version 1.14

1.  Added   - Field "Empire Name" to the [Empire Name]_AI_Main.txt data files. 
2.  Fixed   - Troops were not moving in ground combat because VehicleSizes.txt had
              Engines Per Move for troops set to zero. 
3.  Fixed   - The ownership flag for ringworlds and sphereworlds was not next to the planet.
4.  Fixed   - You had to click on the border of a ringworld or sphereworld to colonize it. 
5.  Fixed   - Ringworlds and Sphereworlds were not centered around their star. 
6.  Fixed   - Sometimes ships starting combat would be outside the retreat ring. 
7.  Fixed   - Fleet members would stop moving after their leader retreated. They should instead
              move to the same retreat location. 
8.  Fixed   - The "Massive Planetary Shield Generator" was showing the wrong number of shields in
              its ability description. 
9.  Fixed   - Any ships which retreat from combat will have their orders cleared. 
10. Fixed   - After a retreat, ships were not facing the correct direction on the System Map. 
11. Fixed   - Any ship which has been in a sector for a phase, should be considered to be in the 
              middle of that sector for combat placement. 
12. Fixed   - Sometimes ships would come out of the wrong warp point. 
13. Fixed   - The Explore order would sometimes give the correct location to move to but the wrong
              warp point id to warp through. 

Patch Release 1.13

  • Patch No.: 2
  • Release Date: 6 November 2006.

Version 1.13

1.  Fixed   - Sometimes the TCP/IP Host would not send the first turn game file to the players. 
2.  Fixed   - Planet structure points were too high. 
3.  Fixed   - "Propulsion Experts" racial trait was giving movement to bases.
4.  Fixed   - Some designs would lose racial trait effects on load of game. 
5.  Fixed   - Text was overruning the side of the Set Construction Queue lists.
6.  Fixed   - A ship constructing a vehicle cannot retreat from combat. 
7.  Added   - Whether a vehicle can retreat from combat to the Combat Piece Report. 
8.  Fixed   - Repulser beams will not knock a ship past the retreat border. 
9.  Fixed   - A ship cannot retreat into a blocked sector (such as a star). 
10. Fixed   - If all retreat locations are blocked, no retreat is possible. 
11. Fixed   - In the Construction Queues window, the On Hold and Repeat filters were switched.
12. Fixed   - "Upgrade Facilities" action on the Construction Queues window would not work correctly 
              if upgrades were already present in the queue. 
13. Changed - Some weapon balancing. 
14. Fixed   - More than one Emergency Resupply or Emergency Reordnance pod could be put on a ship. 
15. Fixed   - AI was sending multiple colonizers to the same planet. 
16. Fixed   - AI was trying to retrofit ships that had cargo. 
17. Fixed   - Sometimes ships which could drop troops or capture ships would just sit still. 
18. Fixed   - Crew were too strong in defense of a ship during ship capture. 
19. Added   - "Space Combat Crew Boarding Strength" in Settings.txt which sets the base race combat strength. 
20. Fixed   - Sometimes finding ruins would cause a crash. 

Version 1.12

1.  Fixed   - Some components were not showing up for weapon platforms.
2.  Fixed   - In the Alliance Chambers window, the Alliance Relations option would cause an error. 
3.  Fixed   - Alliance votes were not completing.
4.  Fixed   - Game was not removing old Alliance log entries. 
5.  Fixed   - Alliance messages had two headers on them. 
6.  Fixed   - Alliance proposals wouldn't complete if no majority and all players had voted. 
7.  Fixed   - Game was not removing old Alliance proposals.
8.  Fixed   - Empires added to an Alliance were remaining as individuals on Empire and Alliance windows.
9.  Fixed   - AI's were not voting in alliances. 
10. Fixed   - Planet's were keeping 1M population of all populations on the planet. 
11. Fixed   - Floating point error when try to move population in the Transfer Cargo window. 
12. Fixed   - You can't move ships in the Sector View if enemy ships are present. 
13. Fixed   - In Simultaneous games, combat should happen (in sectors with enemies) once per sector per 
              turn even if no ships move (unless combat already occured in the sector).  
14. Fixed   - Space combat now allows you to retreat if you move your ship past the circle border (and
              it has strategic movement points left). Retreat costs 1 strategic movement point.
15. Fixed   - Space combat no longer ends when the distance between enemies remains the same or increases.
16. Fixed   - The combat border is now displayed on the overview map. 

Version 1.11

1.  Fixed   - Using the setting "Warp Points located anywhere in the system", warp points would sometimes
              overlap stars or the center of a black hole. 
2.  Fixed   - Ruins on planets were disappearing after the first turn. 
3.  Fixed   - Sometimes ground combat would occur on a ship (the AI was loading enemy troops on his ships). 
4.  Fixed   - Sometimes an error would occur if a fleet with no task forces engaged in combat.
5.  Fixed   - Fleets could exist with ships but no task forces.
6.  Fixed   - Intelligence spending should be cleared against an empire with which you've lost contact. 
7.  Fixed   - "Can Be Placed On Vehicle Types" in Components.txt was not matching items correctly. 
8.  Fixed   - "Component Type List" in Components.txt was not matching items correctly. 
9.  Fixed   - Combat replay would create real unit groups from the combat. 
10. Fixed   - Units in ground combat were losing weapons even if the weapon was undamaged.
11. Fixed   - Units were retaining maximum movement even if their engines were damaged. 
12. Fixed   - In Space or Ground Combat, the selection list would not change if the same number of items were selected.
13. Fixed   - Units were showing 100% damaged in combat reports at the start of combat.
14. Fixed   - In a Simultaneous Game, the sector view ship placements were not being maintained to the next turn. 
15. Fixed   - Sometimes the Movement Replay would cause an Access Violation. 
16. Fixed   - In a Simultaneous Game, name changes for vehicles were not being maintained on the next turn. 
17. Fixed   - Loading an empire from a file in Game Setup would lose all of its technology. 
18. Fixed   - Game Setup was incorrectly preventing some loaded empires because of technology.

Version 1.10

1.  Fixed   - After using the Fleet Transfer window from the Space Simulator, all controls would be unresponsive. 
2.  Fixed   - When selecting Set Fleets in the Space Simulator window, you are setting fleets for the 
              currently selected empire in the button panel. Only vehicles and fleets owned by that empire will 
              be displayed in the Fleet Transfer window. 
3.  Fixed   - Simulated Empires were not getting their strategies from the current player. 
4.  Fixed   - You shouldn't be able to press buttons while a Generate Map is in progress.
5.  Fixed   - The Launch/Recover Units window would sometimes crash when recovering a unit. 
6.  Fixed   - Sometimes units in cargo would show damage with huge values. 
7.  Fixed   - Sometimes when a planet rebelled and formed a new empire, an error occurred. 
8.  Fixed   - A rebelling planet should start with the technology of its parent empire. 
9.  Fixed   - A ship or unit is destroyed if all non-armor components are destroyed. 
10. Fixed   - You would get a black screen after the "Processing after all player turns..." was complete and
              the autosave was taking place. 
11. Fixed   - Satellites, mines, and drones were taking part in Ground Combat. 
12. Fixed   - AI was not laying mines and dropping satellites on warp points. 
13. Fixed   - AI was not designating enough "Mining" colonies.
14. Fixed   - AI was not surveying unexplored systems properly. 
15. Fixed   - AI was proposing treaties to human players in Team Mode.
16. Fixed   - AI's on the same team were not forming the best treaties possible.

Version 1.09

1.  Fixed   - Possibly fixed error international users were having when trying to load data files. 
2.  Fixed   - Recovering a unit in the Launch/Recover window would sometimes cause an Access Violation.
3.  Changed - Drones can now be recovered on ships. Drone Launcher component will allow you to recover drones.
4.  Fixed   - Recovering a unit in the Launch/Recover window would sometimes leave a blank line. 
5.  Fixed   - A Fleet would sometimes lose ordnance for no apparent reason. 
6.  Fixed   - Some player created empires under computer control were not speaking. 
7.  Fixed   - The Fleet Report - Task Forces tab would misposition the text if scrolled. 
8.  Fixed   - The Select Package window would sometimes not let you hit OK. 
9.  Fixed   - The Planet Report - Races tab would sometimes show population amounts wrong for more than one race.
10. Fixed   - When colonizing, if you have population in cargo, then the crew of your ship will not become 
              1M population on the planet. 
11. Fixed   - Shard Cannon was not increasing damage with level. 
12. Fixed   - Sometimes ground combat would occur on a ship. 
13. Fixed   - Buffer Error at the end of combat. 
14. Fixed   - The combat progress bar would reset after 60 seconds. 
15. Fixed   - Organic and Crystalline Dreadnoughts cost too much per level. 
16. Fixed   - Large combats would sometimes cause the game to lockup. 

Patch Release 1.08

  • Patch No.: 1
  • Release Date: 17 October 2006.

Version 1.08

1.  Fixed   - The Alliance Chambers button in the Empires window would enable when it shouldn't. 
2.  Fixed   - Combat would end if enemy forces were moving away but an enemy planet was getting closer. 
3.  Fixed   - In the Create Design window, Auto Complete would sometimes cause a crash. 
4.  Fixed   - Help Text would flash on screen if mouse passed over help control. 
5.  Fixed   - For Simultaneous Game Processing, added mini-progress bars to the main progress bar. Blue is
              the complete turn processing, green is the movement execution, and red is combat execution. 
6.  Fixed   - Remote Mining was not showing in the ship's "Production (Net)" field. 
7.  Fixed   - Remote Mining was causing a crash during End Turn processing. 
8.  Fixed   - Status Icons would sometimes overlap the Ship Portrait border.
9.  Fixed   - Bottom panels were showing after multiplayer simultaneous game was created. 
10. Fixed   - Bottom panels would show for the host after changing players computer control. 
11. Fixed   - In the Empires window, the treaty name in the empire's list would overflow the list. This has
              been changed to show "None", "War", or "Yes". 
12. Fixed   - If you had a treaty which prevented treaties with other empires, you could not propose changes
              to the treaty or accept treaty changes with the empire you had the treaty with. 
13. Fixed   - Alt-tabbing out of the Communicate window would cause a crash. 
14. Fixed   - The treaty name on the Communicate window could overflow the box it was in. 
15. Fixed   - Added back launch rates to components. Units will now be launched at a given rate and your
              ship will launch 1 unit per launch bay at that interval. Launch and Recover is unlimited in 
              a normal game turn.
16. Fixed   - Some combat effects were not taking into account a modified time rate. 
17. Fixed   - The SystemsNames.txt file would crash the game if it had over 16,380 names in it. 

Version 1.07

1.  Fixed   - Mounts would not be loaded correctly after a Select Ship Size in the Create Design Window. 
2.  Fixed   - The help text was in the wrong place on the Vehicle Design report. 
3.  Fixed   - Mothballed ships still had crew. 
4.  Fixed   - The Unmothball order would always fail. 
5.  Fixed   - Speed up for loading of Components List on the Create Design window (especially when a mount
              was selected). 
6.  Fixed   - The AI would sometimes research tech areas that it didn't have access to. 
7.  Fixed   - You can now click and type in an amount on the Transfer Cargo and Transfer Units windows. 
8.  Fixed   - Increased the indent for cargo items on the Transfer Cargo and Transfer Units windows.
9.  Added   - Population now shows the number present in millions on the Transfer Cargo window. 
10. Added   - Added a "Condensed View" button to the Transfer Cargo and Transfer Units windows. When
              moving units in Condensed View, all undamaged units will be moved first. You cannot right-click
              a group of condensed units to get a report. 
11. Fixed   - Decreased slow down of game when large number of units were launched in combat.
12. Fixed   - Fighters will no longer form a cloud and a pole when launched in combat. 
13. Fixed   - Unit textures in combat would be lost when the game was alt-tabbed.
14. Fixed   - You would sometimes get a lockup when large numbers of units were destroyed in combat.
15. Fixed   - You would sometimes get an Access Violation when you closed combat. 
16. Fixed   - Some speedups for combat. 
17. Added   - Added "Space Combat Ends Only When Time Up Or No Enemies" field to Settings.txt to allow modders
              to prevent combat from ending when enemies are moving away from each other. 
18. Fixed   - Ability "Planet Population Happiness" was working backwards. 
19. Fixed   - Cleanup and fixups for happiness. 
20. Fixed   - Removed launch and recover rates. 
21. Changed - Decreased the size increase per level for Fighter Bays and Mine Layers. 
22. Fixed   - Unit space combat speed was using ground movement.
23. Fixed   - Moving units from the Storehouse was not quite working correctly. 
24. Fixed   - Canceling an "Add Strategy" on the Empire Options window would lockup the window. 
25. Fixed   - Fleets were regaining supply and ordnance after each turn with no Resupply Depot present. 
26. Fixed   - Atmosphere Conversion was working in turns not years. 
27. Changed - Decreased Shield Regenerator amount.
28. Fixed   - "Component - Regeneration" ability was not working. 
29. Fixed   - "Shield Generation From Damage" ability was not working. 
30. Fixed   - "Component - Damage Resistance" ability was not working.
31. Fixed   - Point - Defense should no longer be effected by time rate. 
32. Fixed   - "Combat Movement" ability was not working. 
33. Fixed   - Solar Generators were not working. 
34. Fixed   - Loss of crew was not decreasing ship's abilities.
35. Fixed   - Toxic Injector was not killing crew. 
36. Fixed   - Results of Ship states:
                No Supply        - 1 movement point. Cannot cloak. 0 Shields.
                Critical Failure - Half normal movement points. Cannot resupply or reordnance others.
                                   Half attack and defense modifier. Cannot cloak.
                Mothballed       - 0 movement points. Cannot resupply or reordnance others. Cannot cloak.
                                   0 Supplies and Ordnance. 0 Crew. 0 Shields. 0 attack and defense modifier.
                                   No spaceyard capabilities.
                Cloaked          - Cannot resupply or reordnance others. No spaceyard capabilities.

              Critical Failure = Loss of your bridge, all life support, all crew quarters, or all your crew 
              (a Master Computer when present, replaces the previous criteria). 
37. Fixed   - "Use Component" order was not enabling. 
38. Fixed   - In a Simultaneous Games, Sector View position changes were not being kept. 
39. Fixed   - Not having the combat grid on in space combat would cause the map to not expand automatically. 
40. Fixed   - Enter and Exit warp points sounds were switched in the game. 
41. Fixed   - The option button for resources on the Select Package window was not working. 
42. Fixed   - Clicking the Plus or Minus button in a selection list would often fire the doubleclick. 
43. Fixed   - Date text on received messages was overflowing the list on the Empires and Communicate windows. 
44. Fixed   - "Allow Intelligence" setting in Game Setup was not working. 
45. Fixed   - "Allow Tech Gifts" setting in Game Setup was not working. 
46. Fixed   - Game Setup window should not mention tributes which don't exist. 
47. Fixed   - You could get vehicles with no movement to move when selected with a group with a mover included. 
48. Fixed   - The Ship List was selecting all items on a refresh instead of maintaining old selections. 
49. Fixed   - Planet's with zero population will still be owned by their original owner in combat until all 
              population, units, and facilities are destroyed. 

Version 1.06

1.  Fixed   - Clicking and holding the thumb button Component Report would cut out if the mouse left the scroll bar.
2.  Fixed   - Text wrapping was cutting words in the middle. 
3.  Fixed   - Some fields on the Component Report were overflowing their boxes. 
4.  Fixed   - "Weapon Explosion Effect Name" field in Components.txt should be working now. You can specify either a 
              random "Specific Type" or an "Effect Name".
5.  Fixed   - Multiline Edit boxes were not word wrapping correctly. 
6.  Fixed   - Sometimes the text in the last column of a big list would overlap the scroll bar. 
7.  Fixed   - Carriage returns weren't displaying correctly in Multiline Edit boxes.
8.  Fixed   - More characters are usable in the Edit boxes and Multiline Edit boxes.
9.  Fixed   - Added a maximum length to the amount edit box so that it cannot be overflowed.
10. Fixed   - The number pad was not working for typing in numbers.
11. Fixed   - End of Turn reminder will not specify research if you have attained all tech levels. 
12. Fixed   - Small size log pictures were not drawn correctly.
13. Fixed   - Condensed the small picture and no picture log reports. 
14. Changed - "Salvage Value" to "Orders" on the Ship Report and Unit Group Report. 
15. Fixed   - Construction Queues were not building multiple items in separate groups.
16. Fixed   - Multiple constructions of items condensed into single log item reports. 
17. Fixed   - Moved log buttons "View" and "Reply" to the same line. 
18. Fixed   - You can't remove the last 1M population from a planet. 
19. Fixed   - Seekers were not taking into account firing point (mainly for planets) to determine if weapon should 
              be fired (if target would move out of range during travel time).
20. Fixed   - Weapon mount range bonuses were not being applied.
21. Fixed   - Random empires would sometimes have the same flag as a created player. 
22. Fixed   - Point Modifiers were not being applied properly to planet point production. 
23. Fixed   - Ships given the "Colonize" order would move 1 sector even if they had no movement remaining.
24. Fixed   - Repeat Build was allowing amounts to decrease to zero. 
25. Fixed   - Empire Options for "Show Grid Lines" and "Show Warp Lines" were not working. 
26. Added   - Added fields to Settings.txt for setting quadrant map colors.
27. Fixed   - Population amount modifier to construction queues was not being shown in the Abilities list. 
28. Fixed   - Hardy Industrialists bonus was being applied twice to planetary space yards.
29. Fixed   - "Role", "Fleet Experience", and "Strategy" were not showing help on the Ship Report window. 
30. Fixed   - "Strategy" field was not showing help on the Planet Report window. 
31. Fixed   - In the Cargo Transfer Window, you can now move multiple items of the same type from the Storehouse.
32. Added   - The Vehicle Design report now shows the component the mouse is over.
33. Added   - The Create Design window now shows the component the mouse is over. 
34. Added   - "Attack", "Defense", "Turn Rate", and "Acceleration" fields to the Vehicle Design Report.
35. Added   - "Attack", "Defense", "Turn Rate", and "Acceleration" fields to the Create Design window.
36. Fixed   - Attack and Defense modifiers from vehicle sizes were not being applied.
37. Fixed   - Music would stop when you loaded a game. 
38. Fixed   - Damage Types file now supports decimal percentages. 
39. Fixed   - Cargo mouse over display was not working for the Combat Piece reports. 
40. Added   - Empire options under "Display" to select whether to see a Component's Section, Level, Damage, and Mount
              on all component grids. 

Version 1.05

1.  Fixed   - The resources amounts on the Select Package window would not change.
2.  Fixed   - On the Set Construction Queue window, the "In Existence" was always zero for facilities.
3.  Changed - On the Set Construction Queue window, the "In Existence" field will now include
              all versions of this object regardless of level. 
4.  Added   - "Lock System View" button at the top of the Orders panel. 
5.  Note    - To use Automatic Moveto for Construction Queues, you need to define a waypoint where you
              want the ships to moveto. Then in the Set Construction Queue window, select Queue Settings
              and scroll the list to the bottom where you can choose that waypoint as a Moveto location.
6.  Fixed   - Changed Planet Temperature formula so its not quite so cold. 
7.  Changed - You can no longer change your intelligence defense spending. It is automatically set to the
              remainder after your attack spending is deducted from 100%. 
8.  Added   - Scrollbar to the Weapon Report so that damage at range can be scrolled through a distance of 300.
9.  Added   - "Override InvConfiguration Slots" to the Mod_Definition.txt file. If this field is set TRUE, then
              all Inventory Configurations will be read from the file "Override_InvConfiguration_Slots.txt" in the
              mod directory (the flag [%EmpireName%] from VehicleSizes.txt will be set to "" and the name will be 
10. Fixed   - Revised Help Text from Chris Traber.
11. Fixed   - Size for Small Supply Storage and Small Ordnance Storage reduced to 2. 
12. Fixed   - Select Colony Type window was not responding to the Return key and not selecting an item on double-click. 
13. Fixed   - Sometimes in Sector View, you could move planets. 
14. Fixed   - Sometimes ending the Sector View would show the Simulator window. 
15. Fixed   - Log window should jump to the top most message at the beginning of a turn. 
16. Fixed   - In a Combat Replay, the targeting icon should not show over enemy ships.
17. Fixed   - In a Combat Replay, you should not be able to right-click to give orders. 
18. Fixed   - In combat, you shouldn't be able to see movement destinations and weapon targets for computer controlled ships.
19. Fixed   - Construction Queues were absorbing their full resource rate regardless of the cost of the items being built.
20. Fixed   - Units were not showing any supplies or ordnance in combat replays. 
21. Fixed   - Game was changing Speaker Configuration to Stereo. 
22. Fixed   - If a minister style wasn't selected when creating a new empire, no default strategies would be loaded. 
23. Fixed   - Victory Conditions and Racial Traits were using the wrong style of option box. 
24. Fixed   - Lists with option buttons or check buttons will allow you to select the text to toggle the option.
25. Fixed   - Some Lists with options buttons or check buttons were highlighting the row you clicked on. 

Version 1.04

1.  Fixed   - In SystemTypes.txt, the "Ring" position would not register rings 10 or above. 
2.  Fixed   - Closing the Political Message Report would cause a crash. 
3.  Fixed   - Sometimes damage to a planet would cause a crash. 
4.  Fixed   - A planet's condition of "Plague" should show in red.
5.  Fixed   - A planetary plague was not showing in the Planet Report "Planetary Damage". 
6.  Fixed   - Weapon Damage Type in the Components.txt file is now a formula.
7.  Fixed   - The Plague Bomb was only doing Plague Level 1 damage. 
8.  Fixed   - Fleets were using more movement than they should. 
9.  Fixed   - Fleets were getting one movement even if they had zero movement.
10. Fixed   - Fleet were using more supply than they should. 
11. Added   - Popup Help Text Delay to game options. The default is 0.5 seconds. 
12. Fixed   - In the Create Design window, available mounts would not be reloaded when the Vehicle 
              size was changed.
13. Fixed   - You could exceed the maximum tech level in research if enough points were spent.
14. Fixed   - In Player Setup - Technology, you would retain tech levels even if you removed the prerequisites.
15. Fixed   - In Player Setup - Technology, you could click disabled buttons to change tech. 
16. Fixed   - Occasional Access Violation when shutting down the game. 
17. Fixed   - Combat Replays were not always playing. To get rid of bad combat replays, all combat replays from
              games earlier than 1.04 will be deleted (on game load). 
18. Fixed   - The Set Construction Queue window was not showing the Usage Rate based on Emergency Build. 
19. Fixed   - Return now works for OK on the Login window. 
20. Fixed   - Vehicle Designs and Vehicle Sizes were not showing maintenance reductions.
21. Fixed   - In Player Setup, picture lists were showing large gray bands. 
22. Fixed   - Lists were enabling their buttons incorrectly. 
23. Fixed   - In Create Design, if you pressed Create, then Escape, the wrong window would dissappear. 

Version 1.03

1.  Fixed   - Accepting an alliance would cause the game to lockup. 
2.  Fixed   - Empire Icon spacing for an Alliance report on the Empires window was off. 
3.  Fixed   - Alliances were not showing moods on the Empires window. 
4.  Fixed   - Alliance Report was displaying blank. 
5.  Fixed   - In the Alliance Chambers window, the text for proposals was offset. 
6.  Fixed   - Alliances were not getting or generating First Contact messages.
7.  Fixed   - Communicate window had text offset for Alliances.
8.  Fixed   - When viewing a message, the interior of the report would not move with the window. 
9.  Fixed   - Revised Help Text from Chris Traber.
10. Fixed   - "Upgrade Facilities" was replacing facilities in the construction queue with facility upgrades.
11. Fixed   - In the Create Design window, if you were holding a component and used Shift to delete a 
              component, the design stats would not get updated. 
12. Fixed   - Some of the big list windows were still changing highlights under a popup window. 
13. Fixed   - Some of the reorder items in the Empire Options window were not performing Move to Top and
              Move to Bottom correctly. 
14. Fixed   - Units viewed in Sector View would not "give back" their supplies and ordnance to their Unit Group.
15. Added   - Component highlight information on the Ship Report for Components and Cargo. 
16. Fixed   - Help Text on the Units Group Report was backwards for Orders and Units.
17. Added   - Component highlight information on the Unit Group Report for Units. 
18. Added   - Component highlight information on the Planet Report for Cargo. 

Version 1.02

1.  Fixed   - Items in a construction queue would not be constructed if the empire could not 
              provide the full resource usage of the queue. 
2.  Fixed   - The Empire Options window would allow lists under windows to be clicked. 
3.  Fixed   - The Log would show multiple tech level gains in the same area with the current
              tech level. 
4.  Fixed   - Alt-Tab would cause order buttons to blank out. 
5.  Fixed   - Moving through an enemy minefield would cause an error. 
6.  Fixed   - Cultural Achievements and Intelligence Achievements were not working correctly. 
7.  Fixed   - On the Intelligence window, Estimated Intel Expenditures were not correct. 

Version 1.01

1.  Fixed   - The recalculation of Warp Transit Order would sometimes cause an Access Violation. 
2.  Fixed   - Clicking on "Racial Traits" in the Empire Setup window would cause an Invalid Index error.
3.  Fixed   - In the Empire Setup window, random selection would allow you to get a Gas Giant 
              with a None Atmosphere. There is also an added warning message as a fail safe. 
4.  Changed - Selecting a "Gas Giant" atmosphere type will no longer restrict the Planet Types. 
5.  Fixed   - In combat, once you entered into an order mode such as "Fire Specific On Target"
              but had no valid targets, then there was no way out of the mode. Also, when in an order
              mode, the select region box should not display. 
6.  Fixed   - After turning Autotargeting off, using "Fire Specific On Target" would set the vehicle
              to have autotargeting for all untargeted weapons. 
7.  Fixed   - In Simultaneous Games, duplicate designs were showing up. 
8.  Fixed   - AI Setup was not researching correctly.
9.  Changed - Increased the tech points for the 3 starting tech levels. 
10. Fixed   - Message boxes were not responding to the Return key as clicking the OK button. 
11. Fixed   - The mousewheel would not work if the mouse was over the thumb or arrow buttons. 
12. Fixed   - In windowed mode, the mouse coordinates for the mousewheel were off by the size of the 
              window border. 
13. Added   - End of Turn confirmation information. 
14. Added   - On the System window, you can hold Ctrl and right-click to perform a Move order (or 
              an Attack order if the sector you click on has a visible enemy present). 
15. Fixed   - Blue line under large green planet. 
16. Fixed   - Space & Ground Combat hotkeys were misassigned.
17. Fixed   - Sound clips on full screen windows were not being played (until the window was closed). 
18. Fixed   - The Load/Save window was not supporting double clicks. 

Version 1.00

  • Patch No: 0 (Release Version)
  • Release Date: Early October, 2006 [some claim to have recieved the game earlier than others].
1.  Note    - Release Version