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Current Version

1.17 (Released 23 November 1998)

Text File History.txt

Space Empires III Version History

10/13/97: Version 1.00 
Initial Release.

10/20/97: Version 1.01
Changes - 
1. Improved AI Retrofitting.
2. Improved AI ship design with regards to Point-Defense.

10/28/97: Version 1.02
Bugs Fixed - 
1. Fixed a bug where a combat which resulted in the destruction
   of both sides would not show a log picture.
Changes - 
1. Increased the damage for Point-Defense Cannons.
2. Increased the size of Capital Ship Missles.
3. Changed the tech levels available in the shareware
   game to make play a little more balanced.
4. Improved some of the AI routines for AutoMove and AutoTarget.

11/10/97: Version 1.03
Bugs Fixed - 
1. Fixed a bug where games started in the shareware version and
   then continued with the registered version would have some
   tech areas disallowed.
2. Fixed a bug where ships in combat using AutoMove would accidently
   retreat through a warp point. 
3. Recovering Fighters in Tactical Combat will now only recover YOUR
4. You cannot retrofit your ship to an identical design of a different
5. Fixed a bug where purchasing fighters or mines would result in 
   extra units being placed in storage. This would occur when there 
   were multiple ships with storage components and space yards who 
   were not in a sector with a planet. 
Changes - 
1. If you attack through a Warp Point, and you have ships in the 
   destination system, then the defending ships are not "Unknown".
2. AI improved such that it will now heavily research Open Warp Point
   technology if it is cut off from the rest of the galaxy.
3. Softened up Rebellions a bit so they're not so frequent.
4. Softened up Intel so that its a little easier to defend. 
New Features - 
1. Added Sentry command.
2. Add Estimated Remaining Cost to the Research Window.
3. Add 10% increment change to pct when holding the Shift key in
   the Research and Intelligence Windows.
4. Added 3 new modes to the Ship List Window.
5. Added more options about Ship List display to the Empire Options 
6. Added ship status icons to the Ship List Window, and the All Ships 
   List Window.

11/17/97: Version 1.04
Bugs Fixed - 
1. Fixed a bug where you could not give orders to move a ship out
   of a restricted system.
2. Fixed a bug where Victory Conditions would be cleared if you started
   the game using the File/New selection.
3. Fixed a Range Check Error that would occur if a computer player 
   started in a system where his home planet was the only planet.
New Features - 
1. Simple Fleets!
2. Added "Select All/Select None" in the Tactical Combat Piece List.
3. Added "Target Selected Ships" button in the Tactical Combat Window.
4. Added a "View Ally Treaties" window.
5. Added a "Add Purchase at Location" menu item to the System Window
   popup menu.

12/01/97: Version 1.05
Bugs Fixed - 
1. Tactical Combat: Damage is shown for weapons even though the damage type can't hurt the target.
2. You cannot edit Combat Strategies during combat.
3. Sometimes the AI would design troop or population transports which were illegal.
4. Fixed a bug where ships wouldn't retreat correctly using AutoMove.
5. Fixed a bug where under AutoMove in combat, carriers wouldn't launch their
   fighters after the first combat turn.
6. Fixed a bug where Boarding ships would sometimes not be able to board enemy ships.
7. Fixed a sorting bug where ships with lowercase first letters would get sorted wrong.
8. Fixed a bug where you would receive "Out of System Resources" when resizing the Galaxy Window.
Changes - 
1. Increased the cost of Sun Destroyers (a lot).
New Features - 
1. Add settings for Maximum Player Ships and Maximum Player Mines to the Machine Options.
2. Added HotKeys for Load (Ctrl G) and Save (Ctrl S).
3. Added HotKeys for Zoom In (+) and Zoom Out (-) on the Galaxy Window.
4. Added a "Lock Map" button to the Galaxy Window.
6. Added a check box "Show Mines" on the All Ships List Window.
7. Added Next Fleet/Previous Fleet buttons to the Ship List Window.
8. Added Next/Previous Planet buttons on the Tactical Toolbar.
9. Added HotKeys for Next Planet (Ctrl M) and Previous Planet (Ctrl N).
10. Added HotKeys for Next Fleet (Shift Del) and Previous Fleet (Shift Ins).
11. Ministers don't touch human fleets
12. Added Empire Option so that Next/Previous only stop once at a location
13. Clicking on a log message about New Tech, will display the Reseach Window with that tech selected.
14. Added a Resupply and Return Menu Item for the Ship List (HotKey "E").
15. Only ships that have some cargo capacity are shown in the Transfer Window.
16. You can now right click on enemy ships in the Ship List Window and get an option for "Enemy
    Design Report" if you have seen this design in combat (if its in your Enemy Designs Window).

12/08/97: Version 1.06
Bugs Fixed - 
1. The Repair Queue window would sometimes show "dead" items.
2. You would receive an error if you boarded another ship in the Combat Simulator.
3. The Create and Destroy Sun components had incorrect costs.
4. Sometimes Deconstruct and Analyze would give you too many research points.
Changes - 
1. Fighter shields are now stronger at higher levels.
2. The Point-Defense tech costs a little more.
3. Lock Map now prevents any type of movement of the Galaxy Map.
New Features - 
1. Next/Previous Fleet buttons only highlight ships which belong to that fleet.
2. Added ability to Scrap all selected ships.
3. Added ability to Retrofit all selected ships.
4. Added Cargo display mode to the Ships List Window.
5. Added Orders display mode to the Ships List Window.
6. The Repair Queues window is now resizable.
7. The Planet List, All Known Planets, Ships List, and Repair Queues window will
   now remember their previous state (if they were maximized, they will come up
   maximized the next time they are displayed).

12/15/97: Version 1.07
Bugs Fixed - 
1. Weapons destroyed in combat would still retain their target 
   (which would upset your Multiplex tracking). 
2. If an attacker's ship was captured, and the attacker lost,
   the captured ship would end combat in the sector it started from
   (not in the sector with the defender who just captured it).
3. The AutoTarget would target specific component damaging weapons 
   against ships that didn't have that component.
4. Specific component damaging weapons would damage the specific
   components in order, rather than randomly.
5. The Repeat Orders and Current Order Executing settings for ships
   were not being loaded correctly into games (this is now fixed 
   and will load them correctly from your savegames).
6. AutoMove would not have boarding ships board colony or transport ships.
7. You would sometimes receive an Access Violation when your ships 
   executed Repeat Orders.
8. AutoMove would not launch fighters from bases.
Changes - 
1. Increased Fighter shields yet again.
2. Top speed of Capital Ship Missles decreased to 3.
3. Mildly increased the tech cost of Capital Ship Missles and Plasmas.
4. Improved AIs colonizing research and speed of colonizing in a game.
5. You cannot retrofit a ship which has cargo.
New Features - 
1. Added ability to increase ship sizes in game settings.
2. Added ability to choose "Normal Shields" as a technology area to exclude from a game.
3. Added a scrolling list for the Orders List in the Ship Report Window.

12/22/97: Version 1.08
Bugs Fixed - 
1. Sometimes the Board Ship menu item in Tactical Combat would
   not work correctly. 
2. When pressing the sort headers bar buttons on the Ship List Window
   the highlighting would be incorrect for the selected Empire options.
Changes - 
1. Decreased the damage Capital Ship Missles do.
2. Improved the AI in early stages of a game.

1/5/98: Version 1.09
Bugs Fixed - 
1. You sometimes see "Dead Items" in the Repair Queues Window.
2. When you board a ship and capture it, its weapons would still be
   targeted at your ships.
3. When you drop troops and capture a planet, its weapons would still
   be targeted at your ships.
4. The Repeat Orders feature was not being saved correctly.
5. In the Purchases Window, Alt-D was used for 2 different buttons.
6. When starting a new game and then canceling it, the changes made to 
   settings would persist for a new game or effect the current game.
7. In the Planets List Window, the sort by percentage output was not 
   working correctly.
8. The AI does not respond to Phased Weapons fast enough.
9. Seekers moving through asteroids or storms would not take any damage.
Changes - 
1. Decreased the damage Phased-Polaron beams do.
2. Top speed of Capital Ship Missles is back to 4.

1/21/98: Version 1.10
Bugs Fixed - 
1. You will sometimes get an infinite loop (the program would lock
   up) when you gave a ship repeat orders. This usually occured when
   giving a transport orders to both load and drop cargo.
2. If you try to close the Tactical Window while orders are executing
   you'll get an Access Violation.
3. Its possible to load a ship design which uses more spaces than its
   ship size will allow. 

2/1/98: Version 1.11
Bugs Fixed - 
1. The computer players would build ships with all Point Defense 
   if their weapon style was Phased Energy.
2. Sometimes the Halt Ship menu item would go away.
Changes - 
1. The Victory Condition "Percent score of another player" has been changed
   so that it is now "Percent score of all other players".
2. Made sabotage events twice as expensive as espionage events.
3. Made Riot and Rebellion sabotage intel events much harder to get.

2/14/98: Version 1.12
Bugs Fixed - 
1. You would receive an error going to the Combat Options window 
   immediately after a Ground Combat.
2. The Cheat code for Money was incorrect. The code should be entered
   in the Empire Status Window.
3. The game would incorrectly tell you that two designs were identical 
   for a retrofit when going from a design that had extra components than
   the new one (but in all other ways they were identical).
4. The Facility minister would endlessly scrap facilities to make room
   for a spaceport even though the player had the "Natural Merchants"
   racial advantage.
5. You will sometimes receive Integer overflows from the game.
6. The hotkeys for the Ship List would only work if you had the Ship 
   List Window selected first.
7. When you select no shield technology allowed in a game, fighters should
   not have shields.

3/16/98: Version 1.13
Bugs Fixed - 
1. If a player selected "Planet Killer/Plasma" as their weapon style,
   the game would generate Range Check errors.
2. Better refreshing of the Ship List window when orders are given.
3. Better refreshing of the Planet List window when changing things.
4. Removal of the Tool-Tip display window in Tactical combat for the
   End Turn button.
5. Fixed the Distance Calculator so that ships will always take the 
   shortest path available.
6. Warp Points opened in sector 0 will now display their name.
New Features - 
1. Moved the Tech Maximum and Tech Costs to a text file in the Files
   directory. This is now modifiable by the user.
2. Made improvements in the game to support the SE3 Data File Editor. 

5/11/98: Version 1.14
Bugs Fixed - 
1. Incorrect text displayed in the Victory Conditions list for % score
   of all other players.
2. Access Error received in certain conditions from the Ship List when 
   look at Mines.
3. Minor misspellings correct in text messages.
4. Access Error sometimes when combat ends. 
5. Colony ships should attempt to load population before they set
   out to colonize.
6. You could see Unexlopred solar systems by placing Known Mine Locations
   within them. 
7. Bug where you could delete a design which was in your Purchases queue.
8. The Shields Base I should have a cost of 1500.
9. The special bonus movement property of components was being used
   only for engine types. This has been fixed to allow better Editor customization.
10. Weapons damages were off just slightly. Usually they were rounded down
    when they should have been up. This fix causes minor changes in the damages
    that weapons do at different ranges. Only effects weapons which use
    Dec Damage. 
11. Minor fixes here and there to support the Data File Editor. 

NOTE: There is no fix which will make the AI behave properly for all possible
      component settings. If the AI is trying to design a colony ship, and yet
      there are no colony components which can fit in the ship size, he will 
      design a colony ship with no colony module. The AI assumes that if he designs
      a ship, he will be able to fit at least 1 primary component on that ship
      size (primary being weapon for ATK & DEF, Colony module for Colony Ships,
      Space Yard for SY Bases, etc).

5/18/98: Version 1.15
Bugs Fixed - 
1. Fixed a bug from version 1.14 where the AI would fail to give
its colonizers valid orders.

11/4/98: Version 1.16
Bugs Fixed - 
1.  Expense screen will now update from changes made in the Planets screen.
2.  Cloaking sounds were made regardless of whether your ship had a cloaking
    device and attempted to cloak\decloak.
3.  Bonus movement was being calculated incorrectly. All engines must be of
    the same type to get the bonus. 
4.  Not all cargo on a Colony ship was being put on the planet after a 
    successful colonization.
5.  The colonization minister would attempt to colonize planets in 
    restricted systems.
6.  It was possible to open Warp points from within a system.
7.  The time to resupply was being incorrectly set in cases where a 
    ship under construction was cloaked before being completed.
8.  When you retrofitted a ship, it resupply time was restored.    
9.  Space Yards with really high repair rates would show items as 
    "Dead Item" in the Repair Queue. This would also show 0 time in the 
    Add Purchase Window.
10. Not really a bug, but more a change: When a treaty was improved, the
    treaty time was reset. Most players didn't like this.
11. When you boarded a ship in combat, any weapons that were still targeted
    on that ship would fire at it. 
12. If you had the Ship List window in view Orders mode, then sometimes ships
    would not execute your orders. The Orders mode would also cause the same 
    order to be given to multiple ships in a sector even though they were not 
13. If the Galaxy Map was locked, then it would not be updated when an
    unexplored system was entered. 
14. There is a bug in Windows 95 which would put a maximum height of 255
    pixels in a custom height listbox. This was causing the problem where
    a long message sent to another player might get cut off in the Log
    Window. There is no work around for this other than to limit the 
    length of the message. 
15. Fixed a nasty little bug where you could find out the game master 
    password in a multi-player game (I won't go into details). 

New rules or clarifications -
1.  The AI will purchase units based on the current empire's tech level in
    that unit type, not the tech area specified in the data file for that
    unit type. 
2.  Populations that are angered by natural disasters or high production 
    output will merely riot. This rioting will go on forever, but they 
    will never rebel. It takes an outside influence (sabotage) for a
    rioting population to rebel.
3.  If a ship has an engine on it with no bonus, then the total ship movement
    bonus will be zero, regardless of any other bonuses. This requires that
    all engines have the bonus for your ship to get the bonus. A ship will
    use the lowest bonus of the engines it has. 
4.  The Colonization minister will not colonize planets that are in 
    Restricted Systems.
5.  Ships that are cloaked will not be repaired.
6.  Ships that are cloaked will not be resupplied.
7.  Ships that are retrofitted will no longer be considered as Under Construction.
    They will remain as a normal ship that is damaged. 
8.  You have to be decloaked to use any stellar manipulation.
9.  A player can decloak in the same sector with enemies without initiating
10. You must use the order Render Medical Aid for a Medical Bay on a ship to
    cure a plague on a planet.
11. If your old treaty was at least TRADE, and your new treaty is at least TRADE,
    then you will keep your trade point level.
12. There is now a limit of 500 characters per message sent to another player. 
13. The Empire save files will not store Minister setting information. This 
    is a bug, but one that when fixed would invalidate all of the current
    Empire save files.

11/23/98: Version 1.17
Bugs Fixed - 
1.  Version 1.16 introduced a problem where Open Warp Point components 
    would not work anywhere in a system.
2.  Planet revolts (as random events) would generate an incorrect message
    for non-owner players in the system.
3.  Newly created revolt players would be able to detect other hidden players.
4.  Another minor problem with starting a New Game and then canceling.
5.  The AI would not purchase Open Warp Point ships and use them as often
    as it should. Same goes for Close Warp Point.