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Vehicle Control

Thanks to Suicide Junkie for the details in this section!


Vehicle Control refers to the required components on ships, bases and units. Ships & bases require a Bridge, Life Support and Crew Quarters; or a single Master Computer. Larger ships & bases require more Life Support and Crew Quarters components if not using a Master Computer.

The Bridge. There is a limit of 1 Bridge per ship. If the Bridge is destroyed, a ship's movement is divided by 2. An Auxiliary Control (AC) may be installed on the ship; only 1 per ship allowed. If an AC is installed, the ship will not lose movement until both the Bridge and AC are destroyed. A ship's weapons will work properly independent of the state of the ship's Bridge or AC.

Crew Quarters (CQ). A ship needs at least 1 CQ. Larger ships require more CQ components. If a ship loses all its CQ components, it's movement is divided by 2. CQ components also adds resistance to boarding attacks; see section 6.4 for more details.

Life Support (LS). A ship needs at least 1 LS. Larger ships require more LS components. If a ship loses all its LS components, it's movement is divided by 4. ____________________

Master Computer (MC). A ship using a MC does not need any Bridge, CQ or LS components. MC's provide no defense against boarding like CQ's do. MC's are pretty expensive but for larger ships can be cheaper than the total cost of a Bridge with multiple CQ's and LS's. MC's also take up less space than the other components. _________________

If movement is lost due to loss of any/all of the components listed above, the different penalties are multiplied together for a cumulative effect. Strategic movement is rounded down but never less than 1.

You can't save the design of a ship unless it has the requested number of Life Support/Crew Quarters, or a Master Computer.

Ships lose movement if they have ZERO life supports or crew quarters remaining. ___________ to 1/turn???

Ships lose movement if they have no intact bridge or aux con. ___________ to 1/turn???

Any ship with an intact Master Computer is exempt from rules 2 & 3. One each of B/LS/CQ is enough to fly the ship normally, but you can't save that design unless you have an MC (or are designing a ship larger then 450KT in size).

If you know of or suspect an enemy psychic race, begin transitioning to Master Computers before war breaks out - makes Allegiance Subverters useless.

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