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About Me

Quote: All your minds are belong to us.

History: Fan since SEIII, community member since SEIV, and contributor and co-founder of the wiki since right before SEV.


  • In early 2005 I was working on SEIV mod called "The Mentality" right before SEV came out. Gave up after limitations in SEIV code to do what I intended to do with the mod (and lack of time). The Mentality were a methane, gas planet based, hyper-aggressive pacifist religious race who sought to convert by subvertor and talisman all who came across their nirvana path. Sort of like a utopian-minded religious group with borg-like ability to force conversions to the True Path. Interestingly enough, I'm tempted to believe the writers for the Stargate TV series copied my idea in what would later become the Ori in that series, except for the ascended being aspect. :)
  • Co-founded the SpaceEmpires Wiki to help fill in a glaring gap of updated and universal documentation for basic strategies and information.
  • A semi-beta tester for BalanceMod for SEV.
  • Proud parent, which now takes up most of my time.

Interesting facts:

  • I have created strategy guides, but have never really finished a single SE game at all (who actually does anyway?). I mostly give up after dominating the other AI.
  • I have never played a multiplayer game beyond the first 5 turns. (time commitments are just too much in some cases, and the game is updated faster than games are played), although in all the multiplayer games I have started in, my starting techs and production curves were enough to cause even the AI that took over, or other players that did, to at least last until the very end of many of those games. :D