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Ed Kolis, often known as ekolis (or E. Coli when Fyron is in an insulting or possibly just jocular mood), is an avid Space Empires fan (he's been playing SE since the demo of SE2) and "self appointed mod advisor". He strongly dislikes MOO3 (though MOO2 was good and has been an attempted subject of a total conversion mod for SE4 several times already) and can never seem to make up his mind whether he wants to run Linux or Windows.

Ed has worked on several mods but rarely finishes them, usually due to running out of steam.

Some things he has actually completed or at least gotten to a working state:

Ed's current mod project is the Capship Mod. Hopefully the cool new ideas in this mod (like renaming "ships" and "bases" via MainStrings.txt to "patrol ships" and "capital ships", and the ground propulsion system which involves bonus movement abilities) work out...