Upgrading Ships (SEIV)

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See also section 5.5 on retrofitting.

Upgrading engines. Taking engine tech to level 2 (or three) just makes the engines cheaper. One level after that, you'll get an engine that gives a bonus movement point. Then two more levels of cheaper, another faster engine, etc. Upgrading engines that doesn't improve performance makes you lose some money overall, but if you keep that ship like that for a while the maintenance savings add up. (Phoenix-D)

Designs that you have marked obsolete will be deleted from your list of ships when all of the following are true:

  • There are no surviving ships of that class. This includes ships that have been captured or gifted to an alien race.
  • You are not building more of those ships.
  • The year is xxxx.9
  • You have just pressed the end turn button to take you to year xxxx.0 (Suicide Junkie)

The latest history.txt file regarding the upcoming patch indicates that the relationship of fleet vs. ship strategies has been modified. Reserve this paragraph for future updates on this item.

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