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Manual (SEV)


As an Empire's technology improves, the player must periodically upgrade older vehicle designs so that they use newer components. Improved components are not automatically installed on existing vehicles or existing designs. Fortunately, the Space Empires V design interface provides a very easy method of upgrading old designs.


The Design Window has a very handy feature called Upgrade. By selecting an old ship design and pressing Upgrade, a new design is created which is identical to the old design, except that all components are upgraded to the latest available technology (bug: it appears that mounts are not automatically upgraded, probably because they are not classified as components).

For example, consider a ship design which currently uses Armor components with technology level five. When the player finishes researching level six Armor, the old ship design needs to be upgraded. By pressing Upgrade from the design window, a new design will be created which uses level six armor in all the places where the old design used older armor.

Note, however, that existing ships are not automatically upgraded to the new design. Existing ships must be retrofitted in order to use recent technology improvements. It is also worth mentioning that current ship build queues are not updated to the new specifications automatically. Queues can be upgraded by selecting the pre-upgraded design after creating an upgraded design and selecting the "Upgrade Queues" button. A new dialog box will open asking what design to upgrade to. Select the new design and all ships currently in queue, but not actually being worked on, will be upgraded to the new design.

In addition to upgrading components, the Upgrade command will also automatically take advantage of any vehicle tonnage improvements. The player can place additional components, weapons, or armor to use extra tonnage.


The Upgrade command also has a useful method of automatically incrementing design names, if a player chooses to follow conventions. If a vehicle design's name is suffixed with roman numerals then the Upgrade command will automatically increment the number. For example, a design named "Attack Ship II" would be upgraded to "Attack Ship III". Similarly, "Attack Ship III" would become "Attack Ship IV".

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