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1.63 Game Hanging Patch

Make a backup copy of the script_main_intelligence.csf file in the data folder and place it somewhere safe. Now download the file linked below and place it in your data folder. Play game as normal.

Download Here

General Info

Unnamed's Mod is a compilation of different modders' AIs for the stock version of Space Empires with the intent of making it more challenging. We are always looking for more modders and AIs to further improve the Space Empires Universe.

Version 1.10 - Released

[1] Version 1.10 without FQM Download

[2] Version 1.10 with FQM Download (note: I believe this will break save games that are not FQM already)

(will also require FQM Multimedia Pack: info available here [3]; download here[4])

Recent Changes

Version 1.10 - Released

Version Notes: This version concentrated on improving the AI's use of racial technology; in particular religious components and crystal facilities. In addition a host of other problems and additions were made. Please see the complete version history for more details. Corellon also updated his scripts for the Amon'krie, Abbidon, Sergetti, Ukra'Tal and the Norak making numerous improvements.

Complete Version History

Future Releases

Unnamed Mod Forum

Please use the Unnamed Mod Forum, linked below, for all your questions, complaints, suggestions, comments, etc. This will make it easier to find and respond when the threads are all in one central place. It will also help those modders that dont check the other forums very often.

Unnamed Mod Forum Link

AI Modders/Contributors



Empire Scripts

Version 1.10 Unnamed Empire Scripts [5]

Version 1.09 Corellon Empire Scripts - To be released

See Race/Modder Breakdown below to see which script goes with which race.

Detailed Race/Modder Breakdown

Saved Empires

[6] Saved Empires - Extract to your SavedEmpires folder. This will allow you to pick specific empires to add to your game on creating a new game. Currently with 2000, 3000, or 5000 racial points and no tech empires. Others will be added in the future.