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All components on satellites/fighters/mines/drones are inactive when unlaunched.

Units in same sector stack and count as 1 unit. Any component on any in the stack applies to all, except shields (until that unit is killed). i.e. 1 multiplex tracking component on 1 sat in a group makes the whole group able to multiplex track until that component is destroyed. The same is true for the Talisman, ECM, etc.

When a stack of units takes damage, all structure is added up and when enough accumulate to destroy 1 unit, it is killed. No partial damage; and units are fully functional until destroyed.

Units cannot ever store (or launch) cargo, not even by modding.


They can be built at any planet where there is cargo room somewhere in the sector to store them and do not require a spaceyard to be built. Obviously they can be also built by spaceyard ships & bases. Therefore it makes sense to build units at non-spaceyard planets to save your spaceyards for ship building.

They do not have any maintenance cost.

They cannot be upgraded, scrapped or analyzed. They cannot be captured with boarding parties, subversion or with intelligence projects; however they can be indirectly captured if they are in the cargo of a ship/base/planet that is captured. When a ship/base/planet is captured, all its cargo is yours.

When they take damage, they are not partially damaged. A unit is fully functional until it receives enough damage to destroy it.

They are stored in cargo of planets, ships or bases; and as cargo can be jettisoned. Jettisoned cargo is immediately removed from the game.

Shield regenerators have no effect on units because of the way their entire structure is summed up and the unit is fully functional until total damage points exceed that number and it is then destroyed. For the same reason, Crystalline and Organic armor on units cannot use their special features, but they will still count toward overall unit structure, and therefore will contribute some damage resistance.

In a "stack" of units, if any unit in that stack has a component with a bonus ability, it will apply to all units in that stack until the unit with that particular component is destroyed. For example, if you make a "Command Weapon Platform" which contains Combat Sensors, the attack bonus will be applied to all of the Weapon Platforms on that planet until the Command Weapon Platform is destroyed. This effect works with Fighters, Weapon Platforms, Satellites and Troops. This effect will not work between different kinds of units. For example, your Command Weapon Platform will not provide any bonuses to troops on that planet.

Cloaking bug ____________________________________

______________________________ automatic 10 multiplex tracking

Units cannot be used to blockade a planet.


Q: Are shields in fighter/satellite count as hitpoints or as shield? So how shield depleter and phased-polaron beam works against them?

A(Baron Munchausen, Parasite): Shields on a unit just add to hit points, but as testing has shown, the PPB does skip the shields on units. Units (aka fighters) must also have supplies for shields to work.

Q: Hypothetical Situation for Stock Version 1.94: Game options dictate 1000 units max in space per player.

1> Does this count units located in cargo space of ships?

2> Does this count units located in cargo space of planets?

3> Does this count units (fighters) launched during combat?

4> If answer is "YES" for <3> ... If 990 mines are already layed throughout the galaxy by player, then combat begins with a carrier loaded w/ 20 fighters, is it true then the carrier will be able to launch only 10 of the 20 fighters? As each fighter is destroyed in combat, another will be launched until the 20 fighter are expended?

Q possed 03/10/08 by TuffyLess ... thank you !

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