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Manual (SEIV)

8.1 Units General
8.2 Fighters
8.3 Troops
8.4 Mines
8.5 Drones
8.6 Weapon Platforms
8.7 Satellites


Units are basically any craft that are too small to make it as a ship or a base. The types of unit found in SE4 are fighters, mines, weapons platforms, satellites, troops, and drones.

Units have no maintenance costs.

Units can be built at any colonized planet, without the need for a spaceyard. A base or ship with a spaceyard component can build units, provided something in the same sector with cargo capacity for the units. Units can't be built in space like ships and bases, even if they are ordered to be launched immediately after building.

Units may be carried in cargo bays and may be launched with the appropriate launch bay. For some units, like fighters and drones, launching is the preferred method of using units, other times moving under their own power is better. Weapon platforms only work when stored in a planet's cargo area. Troops are not launched, they are dropped by transports during combat.

Units can't be retrofit to new designs. They can be scrapped if in orbit around a spaceyard. Many units have built in self destruct capability. There is a jettison order to destroy cargo in storage when the space they occupy is more valuable than they are.

Damage is computed differently for units than for ships. The hitpoints for a unit's components are totaled, and when a unit stack takes that much damage, some units in the stack are destroyed. This has two affects:

  • Units are immune to special damage. For example, the ionic disperser can leave an otherwise intact ship dead in space once it burns out all the engines. This does not work on fighters. Shield depleters and phased polaron beams work properly against shielded units, however.
  • It is possible, after a series of lucky attacks with regular weapons, to end up with a defenseless ship that is still intact. A stack of satellites can be whittled down, but until the last one is gone, it still fires back.

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