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Training and Experience

Training Facilities

Training facilities can be obtained by researching Advanced Military Science. Higher levels of a given facility increase the rate that experience increases as well as the maximum amount of experience that can be obtained at the facility.

A ship will gain benefits from a training center even if it is cloaked.

It is usually a good idea to put both a Ship Training Facility and a Fleet Training Facility in the same sector; that way all training can happen simultaneously. Because of the way the game works, there is somewhat of an exploit that some players use by putting training facilities on planets and moons in the same sector. This gets around the restriction of only being able to put one ship/fleet training facility on a planet. If this is done, the training rate will be increased by the number of ship/fleet training advantages in the sector. If you consider this an exploit, make sure you get agreement by other players before starting a game.

At your training planets, make lots of fleets. Initially you should make as many 1-ship fleets as possible. That way if you need to pump out a ship/fleet in a hurry, you can put it into one of these fleets for an instant 20% bonus. If the ship can wait there to be fully trained, it can get a 20% + 20% = 40% bonus. This may be a little cheezy, but you can even make 1-ship fleets with mothballed ships. The mothballed ship won't get experience but the dummy fleet will eventually max out. You can then make specialized super fast small ships to ferry these fully trained "fleets" out to your front lines if necessary.

[The following] does not take cheesiness into account, and merely states what is possible to do that does not sound so obvious (it does not include anything involving abusing allies or the like). Use fighters for your fleet training needs. They travel on their own, do not need a SY, and so can be built at that useless one facility planet without wasting SY-time. Fighters also do not cost anything at all to maintain, unlike ships. (Alneyan)

Training a missile ship will not make its missiles more likely to hit, but it will still be more likely to be missed by enemy direct-fire weapons. (Quikngruvn)


The experience level of a ship is applied as a bonus to its combat offense bonus and its combat defense bonus. It stacks with Combat Sensors and ECM, respectively. In addition it's own experience, ships get the same type of bonus from the experience of the fleet it is in (if any). Ship and fleet experience stack linearly. If the ship has 20% experience and the fleet it is in also has 20% experience, that ship will get a 40% bonus to hit enemy targets, as well as a 40% bonus to its combat defense score (making it harder to hit).

Ships lose fleet experience when they leave fleet, since the fleet bonus on applies only to the ships currently in the fleet.

Fleet experience adds to the individual ship's experience while the ship is in the fleet. The total experience from crew and fleet percentages adds to "less likely to be hit" and "more likely to hit with direct fire weapons" chances.

Removing the last ship in a fleet destroys the fleet, resulting in the total loss of all experience built up by that fleet.

Every time one of your ships destroys an enemy ship, your ship earns 1% experience. Tonnage doesn't matter. The easiest way to get experience is to build training facilities. (shyrka, Imperator Fyron, Dumbluck, Arkcon).

If two ships contribute to a kill, the one who deals the killing blow gets the experience. (Grypin, Arkcon).

Fighters gain fleet experience bonuses (Suicide Junkie)

Racial experience has no meaning, a theory has it that it's a feature that isn't implemented. (Mylon, Taz-in-Space)

For each kill made by a ship in a fleet, there is a 25% chance that the fleet gets 0.1% experience. (Asmala)

Ramming does give experience when it leads to destroying another ship.

The descriptive names associated with experience is as follows: Code:

Novice 0-5% bonus Experienced 5-10% bonus Veteran 10-20% bonus Elite 20-30% bonus Legendary 30-50% bonus Ship and Fleet Experience appear to be capped at 50%

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