Tea Consortium

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Tea Consortium

The Tea Consortium is the race used by Violist in multiplayer games.

Biological Description: We are not one species, but rather a collection of sentient species from our homeworld, united by a common goal: to find and sample new types of tea. Due to similar evolutionary constraints, none of our species can survive extremely low temperatures and must maintain about 300K - 400K to survive. Many members of our species have a highly allergic reaction to any coffee-derivative compounds.

Society Description: An oligarchical system permeates our society, with representatives coming from each sector of life. While this is a recognised holdover from ancient times, there still are not many decisions made where each citizen has a chance to vote for a determination of a course of action. This governmental system even holds true at starship level, though in such a situation, it is usually practical for each crewmember to have a vote.

General History: Early on in our history, most of the sentient species were at war. However, we realised that most of us had only a little overlap necessary for survival, and thus were able to maximise our resource use by means of co-operative alliance. The need for tea is much simpler: when youth are studying for their annual rigorous knowledge and intelligence tests, they must force themselves beyond mere physical requirements for survival. They have traditionally turned to tea for substances which grant short-lived energy boosts to our species, and thus become addicted. The addiction continues into adulthood, where now we seek to find new sources of tea for enjoyment and intellectual reasons.