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I'm not so sure that the wiki is the right place to host AAR and, more importantly, fan fiction stories (distinct from AARs). A wiki is more of an encyclopedia than a novel, is it not? Fan fiction stories can get rather lengthy... Fyron 08:04, 19 October 2005 (BST)

Agreed. However, links to fanfics is fine imho, and even information *about* individual fanfic stories, espeically where those fanfic-related articles are linked to races, authors or other se4 items related to the story's content.

For examples of what I had in mind, please see my recent articles on KanesS and xenology. Note the "KanesS in fanfic" section, leading an article that is about (but does not contain) the xenology story.

For instance, someone looking up "Phong" on the wiki might be interested to read other players' interpretations of the Phong, so a "Phong in fanfic" section at the bottom of the Phong entry might be appropriate. Similarly, anyone readng about sphereworlds might want to see a "sphereworlds in fanfic" link. Wikipedia does this all the time. I know, We Are Not Wikipedia, but it seems like as good a template as any until we find our own style.

On another note, who invented the dreadful phrase "after action reports"? What's wrong with "fanfic" or "se-related fiction" or something like that? AAR is incredibly restrictive- it leaves no room for the non-combat aspects of SE, which as we all know are what make the game interesting.

user:Dogscoff About half-three GMT, 19/10/05

not sure

i just created this page so players would be encouraged to post their Player Empires on SEWiki, as well as links to AARs, or even host specific AARs that may have acheived cult status. I'm not sure how it should evolve. I know there is an SE Portal forum for fan fiction in FFA, a link that is duly noted. However, AAR is a question worthwhile of page at least defining it. I'll go with whatever consensus decides what is appropriate when hosting fan fiction on SEWiki beyond the player's empire page. inigma 15:47, 19 October 2005 (BST)

quote: However, AAR is a question worthwhile of page at least defining it.

Yeah, I'll agree to that much, the term does seem to have wriggled its way into SE culture.

user:dogscoff A bit later than the last one. (GMT)

Death to AAR! Death to Richard for creating an AAR subforum instead of Fan Ficiton! I'm contemplating moving all of this to Fan Fiction page... ;)

I agree that information about them is good. I just don't want two of the databases on my site carrying copies of monumunts like Rise of the Rhemoraz. That, and it would be a logistical nightmare setting it up in this format.

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Fyron 17:05, 19 October 2005 (BST)