Tactical Combat Specifics (SEIV)

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Tactical Combat Specifics


Q: Why don't I get an option to use Tactical Combat? A (Atrocities, Asmala): You either chose "No tactical combat" during game setup or you chose "Simultaneous Movement" during game setup. There is no tactical combat during simultaneous games. All multiplayer games use simultaneous movement, so practice it if you want to play against humans.

Fire Rate Indicators

In the weapon picture window there are fire rate indicators (little red bars), these indicate the fire rate of the weapon, i.e.: If the weapon has a fire rate of two, then there will be two bars after the weapon is fired and the weapon itself will be darked out. The next combat turn there will be one bar, the next turn the weapon will be ready to fire again. ( Silent Sorrow, Derek, Gandalph)

Hitpoint Display

The topmost bar in combat is a rough gauge of how many of your ship's hitpoints remain. More red = more hitpoints. Red = armor + internals. Blue = shields Each bar / block of colour represents 50 hitpoints (rounded up). If the number of hitpoints exceeds 1500, a number will appear on the right-hand edge of the bar, indicating hitpoints in 1000's (Silent Sorrow, Phoenix-D, Suicide Junkie)

Seeing Damage at Range

In combat you can click on your ship, then right-click on a weapon to see its damage at different ranges, one square on the combat arena is one distance. If you are in range you always have at least 1% chance to hit. (Silent Sorrow, Derek, Phoenix-D).

This only works in tactical combat. In strategic combat (watching replay), damaged components are not shown. (Slick)

Fire on Multiple Targets

Click on a weapon to unhighlight it before firing. It will then not fire. It can then be clicked on again and fired at the same ship the same turn. Very useful for removing shields, killing Weapon Platforms only, etc. This does not work for fighter stacks (unit stacks???) All fighters in a stack will fire at once. (Parasite)

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