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In TCP/IP mode, the game host persistently runs SE4, and players directly connect. Unlike PBEM, all players must be present and playing at the same time.

Sequential TCP/IP

Does not support Sequential games. For right now, Sequential games can only be done on PBEM.

Simultaneous TCP/IP

Although Simultaneous games can be done on TCP/IP, they can also be done in PBW or PBEM

  1. Host sets settings, picks "TCP/IP Host" under mechanics and clicks on "Begin Game" button.
  2. Other players select "TCP/IP Player" under mechanics and clicks on "Begin Game" button.
  3. Once the host has his/her players, the "Begin Game" button is clicked.
  4. Other players (optionally including the host) start setting up empires. Sending .emp files are automatic.
  5. First turn begins. Players start doing their turn.
  6. When players finish their turn, the .plr files are automatically sent to host.
  7. Host processes turn and returns the .gam file to players. Any empires which did not fully process turn by the time the host decides to do it will have their empires controlled by the AI.
  8. Steps 6 and 7 are repeated until the game terminates.

All players must be online at the same time!

Saving and loading

If host opts to quit at any time, the game is automatically saved. Loading is similiar to starting a new game under TCP/IP

  1. Host loads game, confirmation about continuing to be "TCP/IP Host" pops up. "Yes" should be picked.
  2. Host awaits connection. Players who were in that game start connecting to host.
  3. Turn in which it was last left off will continue.
  4. Game continues with steps 6, 7, and 8 above.

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