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Many facilities have effects that cover an entire system, rather than merely the planet on which they are built. These are most commonly system-wide versions of planet-effecting facilities like the Robotoid Factory, but some, such as the Shrine buildings available to religious races, have unique effects.


Like planetary facilities, if a system-affecting facility that has the caveat of "only one per system effective", multiple instances of the same ability will not stack. For instance, if a system has a System Robotoid Factory and a System Mineral Scanner, both have the same ability to affect minerals production, and as such only the higher of the two will be used as the system-wide minerals effect. While the weaker of the two might be worth using if the building has other effects (such as the System Robotoid Factory's bonuses to Organics and Radioactives production), the primary effect essentially will not exist.

However, system-wide facilities DO stack with planetary facilities. So if, for example, a planet has a Robotoid Factory and is in the same system as a System Robotoid Factory, both buildings will increase its resource outputs. This means that even a level 1 system-affecting facility can have a massive effect.

Keeping Track of Facilities

You can enable indicators for many system wide facilities under Empire Options. These indicators show up as letters to the lower-right of a planet, but begin to spread around the planet if there are more than that area can hold. This is incredibly useful for keeping track of which facilities are present in a system and where they can be found, especially shipyards and resupply depots. Additionally, if you are in a Military Alliance or Partnership, the indicators for that ally's facilities will be shown as well.

Unfortunately, while almost all system-wide facilities have this sort of indicator, not all do. Additionally, even if a facility does have a related indicator, it will not show up if the facility is on a moon, so care must be taken by a player who decides to place an important facility in such a spot. Both of these caveats also hold true for allies in a Military Alliance or Partnership.

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