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Ships are fragile early on. A few satellites for Worm Hole defense can kill or cause them to limp home. It's better than letting them concentrate forces. (Wardad)

Warp point defense: on the "receiving" end, all units are clumped together at start of combat, therefore build defenses for short range/overwhelming attacks.

Putting all (or most) of a systems warp-points into a cluster makes defense more efficient (one fleet will do). [See section] However, there is a pitfall to this strategy. If there is a way to attack them without going through one of the warp-points, several warp-points in a battle can bottle up your fleet so you do not have room to move. I've lost a fleet of Talisman dreadnaughts in such a situation. I was shocked when I lost the battle, but the replay showed my ships fighting piece mail as they wiggled their way out of a 9 warp-point cluster. Besides the 9 warp-points, a bunch of CSM V drones did not help (they just sat there blocking things up even worse). (LGM)

You can use the minefield marker (Ctrl-T) to mark damaging warp points to prevent your ships from going there unless specifically ordered to.

______________________ warp point defenses, first shot, short range weapons, nearest, etc. _______________________ using warp openers and closers to optimize empire internal travel _______________________ send scout to other side of warp point ________________________ use system-wide combat modifiers __________________________ fighters: easy, cheap, mobile, no need SY ____________________________ penetrating a heavily defended warp point

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