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Manual (SEV)


Supply represents fuel or energy. Ships consume supplies when moving about the map and when firing some weapon types. If a ship runs out of supplies then it will become virtually stranded; the ship will be reduced to 1 movement point per turn, and the ship will be unable to defend itself in combat.

Consuming Supplies

Supply is used by ships to move about the map. The amount of supplies used is dependent upon the type of engine being used and the distance traveled. The amount of supplies used by an engine can be seen by right clicking on the engine when in the ship design screen. Engines typically provide some storage space for supplies, and supply containers can also be placed on ships in order to extend their range.
Supplies are also used by some, but not all, weapon types. The supply requirement per volley may be in addition to any ordnance requirements the weapon may have. If a vehicle depletes its supplies during combat then these weapons will cease firing.
Colonies do not need or use supplies, but they can hold supplies in storage.

Replenishing Supplies

Ships must periodically replenish their supplies or they become stranded. There are several ways to resupply ships:

Resupply Depots 
Resupply depots generate new supplies, and also distribute a limited quantity of supplies to ships and planets in a system.
Colony Storage 
Colonies can hold supplies as part of their cargo. If a ship moves through a sector with a colony, and the colony has supplies, then the ship will automatically replenish its supplies from the colony.
Cargo Transfer 
A ship can be resupplied by transfering supplies from the cargo hold of another ship.
Solar Panels 
A ship with solar panels generates supplies each turn from one or more stars in a system.
Quantum Reactors 
A ship with quantum reactors will generate supplies each turn.


Weapon Platforms 
Weapon platforms do not need supplies, nor ordnance (in space combat) - they are ressuplied by the planet (Strangely the planet does not consume it's own supplies by doing that).
Space Stations 
Watch out when designing space stations - they don't get supplies from engines like ships, or control cores like satellites. You have to give them their own supply storage or they won't be able to fire or use components that require supply (Space Yards do not require supplies, but Miners do).

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