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Storms and nebulae have a wide range of different effects on your ships. Some will act like cloaking devices of varying degrees of effectiveness. Others will cause damage, or make shields useless, or even affect your ability to hit the enemy. You can use these effects to your advantage by planning attacks and movement to utilize their effects.

Q: How do my ships take damage when entering damaging storms? A(Arkcon): Only entering a storm triggers the damage. Ships built there, parked there, there before the storm is generated aren't damaged.

You can create as many storms in a sector as you want. (Arkcon) After 1.91 patch creating a storm will destroy the Ionic Concussion Blaster component; also the storm creating ship must have at least 1 movement point remaining to create a storm. This fixes an exploit where it was possible to create huge numbers of storms in a sector in 1 turn.

Creating storms can be a good defense in critical sectors (planet, base, star, worm hole, etc.) Damaging storms will damage all ships entering the storm - including your own.

Created storms are random in type.

Damaging storms give default damage of 200 also.

Here's a chart of nebula and other systems with their effects:

Note that these are all full system types and the effects apply to all sectors in that system. Pic names included so you can check out actual graphics.

System               Cloak Lvl   Other                            Pic (pictures\systems)
Purple Nebula          3                                          Storm1.bmp
Bluish Nebula          3         -5000 to all shields.            Storm2.bmp
Orange Nebula          3                                          Storm3.bmp
Green Nebula           4                                          Storm4.bmp
Red Nebula             5                                          Storm5.bmp
Purple & Blue Nebula   3         -5000 to all shields             Nebulae1.bmp
Blue & Green Nebula    3         -5000 to all shields.            Nebulae2.bmp
Red & Purple Nebula    3         -5000 to all shields.            Nebulae3.bmp
Red & Green Nebula     3         -5000 to all shields.            Nebulae4.bmp
Red Blob Nebula        3         -5000 to all shields.            Nebulae5.bmp
Comet                            Eye Candy.                       Comet1.bmp, Comet2.bmp
Core Fragment                    Eye Candy.                       CoreFragment1.bmp
Green Giant                      Eye Candy.                       GreenGiant1.bmp
Nova                             -5000 to all shields.            Nova.bmp
Organic Infestation              Eye Candy                        Plant1.bmp, Plant2.bmp
Red Giant                        Eye Candy.                       RedGiant1.bmp, RedGiant2.bmp
Spatial Rupture                  Ships move 2 sectors randomly,   Rupture1.bmp, Rupture2.bmp
                                 -5000 to all shields.
Burnt Out Star                   Eye Candy.                       StarBurntOut1.bmp
Black Hole                       Ships move 2 sectors to center   BlackHole.bmp, BlackHole2.bmp
                                 each turn, ships at center get
                                 5000 damage, -5000 to all 
                                 shields, damaging warp points.	
Star Forming                     Eye Candy.                       StarForming1.bmp, StarForming2.bmp,
                                                                  StarForming3.bmp, StarForming4.bmp

Note that the "Red Nebula" provides Cloak Level 5! This is a higher level cloak than can be detected by any sensor in the default game. Thus, any of your ships/units/bases in a Red Nebula are essentially invisible to your opponents. See section 9.5.5 on how to destroy a nebula. There is one "sensor" that can "see" through Red Nebulae. A Mine can. Placing one or two mines from a ship with a single minelayer can be used for tracking and warning for when ships are going through nebula sectors. Even if they are swept, you still know the sector and possibly timing and direction of the enemy ships. Imagine a system with one mine in every sector. The entering ship or fleet will show the path taken and stop point. This may let you predict his timing and exit points. (Parasite) Of course, it will only work if you lack any treaty with the crafty Empire, and is of no use when one of your allies is busy planting a fleet in that annoying nebulae right in the middle of your Empire. (Alneyan)

The "Eye Candy" systems are essentially empty, unusuable systems. Some Stellar Manipulation components will work in these systems, though.

Here's a chart of the sector storms and their effects:

There are 4 kinds of sector storms. All are equally likely. It appears that color is random and effects can be determined by the description.


Storm Description Effect

Turbulence causes damage to space vehicles. 200 Damage to ships entering sector. - This storm is opaque to most scanners. Cloak Level 3. - There is heavy radiation causing combat -50% to attack. sensor interference. - Ion radiation renders all shields useless. -5000 to all shields.

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