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Stellar Warfare Mod is a mod for Space Empires V which turns the focus of the game away from diplomacy and toward the strategies and tactics of interstellar warfare. It was created by Ed Kolis and can be downloaded here.


In this mod, you cannot gain resources by treaties with other empires, and the tech tree is completely revamped, with many items requiring multiple prerequisites, or even being available through multiple research paths. Spaceyards are stackable and come in 3 "flavors", each flavor constructing faster with one of the 3 resources in the game. Shields and armor often "leak" damage, and shields are weak but quickly regenerate, like in MOO2. Weapons have "blind spots" in which they cannot fire, but these can be adjusted via mounts. Crew requirements are dynamic, like in Gritty Galaxy, but life support and crew quarters are merged into one component to make vehicle design simpler. A number of things in the mod are scaled down from in stock to make things clearer for the player (e.g. fewer sectors per system; fewer extraneous zeroes in resource and tech costs) and to speed up turn processing (e.g. smaller combat map), and the less-essential unit types have been removed.

Deemphasized Diplomacy

The maximum trade percentage is set to 0%, so you're basically on your own. All technologies are additionally marked "racial/unique", so the only way to form a tech-sharing treaty is to share ALL techs. (Eventually there may be some scripted penalty for doing so...) There is no intel system in this mod, though eventually a scripted system for automatic "tech diffusion" between empires may be added, with facilities available to either enhance or prevent such diffusion, similar to the Patent Law Concept in the Crimson Concept Mod.

New Tech Tree

There are only four theoretical sciences: Biology, Chemistry, Physics, and Governance. Each of these provides immediate benefits; the "research X to unlock Y" model is deemphasized, though still present to a degree. Each theoretical science has three "tiers"; to unlock the next tier, you will need to research level 3 (of 5 total levels) in the current tier. Some facilities (such as resource extractors) will produce occasional boosts to research in the tech area they belong to; these boosts are called "mini-breakthroughs". The first level of each technology costs more than the next few levels, due to "bleeding-edge" costs of developing entirely new ideas.

Combat Model

Damage types are more realistic and less generic/gamey sounding, with lots of leakage, but all armor blocks some damage and all shields regenerate extremely quickly. Combat maps are smaller and combat times out after a shorter period, but retreat is disallowed, reducing turn processing time from endless pursuits. Smaller ships and fighters have combat speed multipliers, while larger ships are ponderous, even if the strategic speed is the same. Weapons have blind spots equal to half their range; they cannot fire at point blank unless you use a short-ranged weapon with the Carronade (reduced range, increased damage) mount. Other mounts include Artillery (increased range, reduced damage), Overthruster (for engines - reduces tonnage but increases fuel usage), and Layered (an armor mount for larger ships).


  • Mod Creator: Ed Kolis
  • Beta Testers: se5a, Skyburn, Suicide Junkie, rnl

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