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This is a full completed mod for Starfury! This 'Star Blazers Mod' is the retelling of the story "Star Blazers: The Quest for Iscandar".

The whole story of Star Blazers: The Quest for Iscandar' is divided into two campaigns. 

You need to get:

  • 1. Campaign 1 - Star Blazers: The Quest for Iscandar
  • 2. Campaign 2 - Star Blazers: The Quest for Iscandar
  • 3. Star Blazers Music

This is a 3d space action game where you can command a single capital space ship. You can configure most of the items in the ship like weapons, armor, etc. All the action of the game will be in space, but there will be sections of story telling, with a lot of colorful images, that will point you on the right direction as the story develops. The player will be able to control the Earth ships including the Argo/Yamato, launch the Black Tiger Fighter Squadron, and even fire the devastating Wave Motion Cannon! You will be facing the cunning Gamilons who want to stop you.

The Story

The story starts like this: "In the year 2199, Earth was under severe attack from the mysterious planet Gamilon. Gamilon planet bombs covered the Earth with radioactive pollution, and as a result, in one-year time, Earth will be unlivable. But on the planet Iscandar there is a machine that can remove the deadly radioactivity. Queen Starsha offers it to the people of Earth. A team of star blazers called the 'Star Force' undertakes the perilous journey, but can the Star Force travels 148,000 light years and back in just one Earth year? The cosmic space between Earth and Iscandar is under control of the evil Gamilons, who are ruled by leader 'Desslok'!"


The Earth forces have a very limited amount of space ships, and space ship variations. Types of space ships that Earth has:

*Space Torpedo Destroyer class: 'Lightning' 
*Space Cruiser class: 'Mogami' 
*Space Battleship/carrier class: Yamato (The Argo) 
*Cosmo Space Fighter Black Tiger :Type 1 
*Cosmo Zero Superstar Fighter :Type 52 

The formidable forces of Gamilon have dominated many races and galaxies. They have a great deal of ship types and their numbers are estimated on the range of thousands. This are the enemy ships that the player may see:

*Various types of Destroyers 
*Various types of Cruisers 
*Various types of Battleships 
*Various types of Carriers 
*Various types of Star bases 
*Various types of Fighters (a good half dozen!) 
*Various types of … surprises. 

In total: there will be over two dozen different type of ships in the game. As the STORY develops, the player will have the opportunity to try any of the ships from the Earth forces.

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