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Movement and Orders

In this style, all players take their turn at the same time (or roundabouts). All movement and most (if not all) orders are processed after all players are finished. Movement is split into a thirty day scale.

Note: Some mods allow you to get more than 30 movement points on the ship. This is not useful, as it will still move only thirty sectors per turn (once a day).


Combat happens every 5 days and is always strategic. Hosts attempting to turn tactical combat option on is not useful as this movement style will override it.

Turn Processing Order

In general, things occur in the order that they appear in the turn Log.

Ship movement in sim games appears to take place before construction queues. I had an enemy move into orbit around my home planet. The blockade effect reduced my resource generation and I got a "Out of resources" message and no construction on that turn.

Stellar manipulation happens before ship movement in simultaneous

New ships and ships which have their final movement at a planet with a ship training facility benefit from the facility in that turn, as do fleets.

The following chart lists the suspected ordering of turn processing.

  1. Unit Launching, planets
  2. Treaty Changes, Trades
  3. Movement, 30 days, combat at every 5th day.
    • Mine Laying
    • Mine Sweeping
    • Unit Launching, ships
    • Loading
    • Unloading
    • Stellar Manipulation
    • Ship/Fleet Experience, combat
  4. Intel
  5. Resource Conversion
  6. Retrofit/Mothball
  7. Repair
  8. Income
  9. Maintenance
  10. Research
  11. Production
  12. Ship/Fleet Experience, facility

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