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Local sector storms, system wide storms, & nebulae can reduce your sight. Use them to hide and beware of the enemy within. In the stock game, asteroids do not affect sight.

In systems with sight obscuration a combat will only occur if you have sensors to see the enemy and enter a sector. No combat will occur if the enemy enters the sector where you are present (unless he himself has sufficient sensors). There are situations where this is OK but if you have defenses on a warp point you would like to combat the entering enemy (as a surprise to him!). The only way you can do this is to attack when its your turn (if the enemy is still present and has not already warped) and then the enemy gets the first shot! Not very reasonable in my opinion. On the other hand if I enter a sector where he is present the combat will always occur, even if he does not see me and I would like to sneak past him e.g. with a colony ship. In this situation my sensor ability becomes a disadvantage! (Q)

Sensor Levels

Ships have default Level 1 Active EM Sensors, and Level 1 Passive EM Sensors. These can be improved by: (Stock only)

In the stock, there are also Cloaking Devices. These devices provide complete type cloaking.

If the cloak level of any kind is ≤ the sensor level of the same kind, then the ship is detected.

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