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This section is about the setting of ship strategies, not overall game strategies.

Ships do retain original strategies after being retrofitted or captured - you can overcome this by making a 1-ship fleet and giving it new fleet orders.

Ships and units can be assigned default strategies in Designs (F3) under the Stats/Strategy toggle. These Strategies can (and really should) be customized under Empire Status/Strategies (F11). There you can also make your own strategies and decide which ships should break formation in fleets with a certain strategy. ([K126]Mephisto)

If you set a strategy for a ship at the "designs" stage, that strategy is used in strategic combat and if you let the computer control your ships in tactical combat. (Silent Sorrow, Derek)

Fleets are assigned Formations and Strategies with the Change Formation/Strategy (H) order. Fleet strategy takes precedence over ship's strategy, unless/until the ship breaks formation. (Capnq)

Captured enemy ships use the ship strategy decided by the original creator of that ship. He may change that ship types strategy at any time and it will affect your ship. To stop this retrofit the ship to a design of your own. Also when in a fleet the ship will use the fleet strategy first. (Suicide Junkie, Stone Mill)

[paraphrasing] To have a ship perform recon at a planet i.e. attack planet defenses or orbiting ships but not attack the planet and attempt to blockade it, create a new strategy and set it to not target planets, then give your [ship] this new strategy prior to sending to the planet. (Gandalph)

______________________ don't get hurt to ramming.

When using Carriers, never, ever, forget to check their ship strategies. They usually default to "Don't get hurt", even if they happen to carry enough firepower to slaughter a whole civilization. This is fairly awful for carriers used as gunboats, and a disaster if you intend your carriers to keep up with the rest of your fleet (while launching some fighters). As such, it would be best to keep a close eye on their ship strategies, before running into such problems. (Alneyan)

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