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Shield Generator I-V
Mass: 30 kT (I), 40 kT (II-V)
Prerequisite: Shields I-V
Mineral: 100 (I), 200 (II), 300 (III), 400 (IV), 500 (V)
Organic: 0
Radioactive: 0
Shield points: 50 (I), 100 (II), 150 (III), 225 (IV), 300 (V)


Shields is the a branch of the Tech Tree for making Shield Generators to protect ships against attack.


Incoming damage first is absorbed by shield points. When shields are depleted, damage is taken by armor and then by other internal components. Shields do not protect your ship from damage outside of combat. Ships with shields start combat with their shields charged to maximum and incoming damage will reduce shield strength until they are depleted. However, if a ship is out of supplies, it will be unable to use its shields. See also section 21 for an article on how damage is assigned.

Shields don't protect against mines, damaging warp points or damaging storms or any other damage taken outside of combat; they only are used in combat. However, armor protects against those things as well as combat damage.

In addition to the damage protection, shields provide protection that even armor does not. As long as the shields are working, they will deny the usage of Boarding Parties vs. the ship, and absorb Ionic Disperser attacks vs. the engines.

Shield depleters

Main article: Shield Damaging Weapons (SEIV)

Shield depleters can wipe out shields while leaving the rest of the ship unscathed, and some, like the Massive Shield Depleter, can be startlingly effective at it. Once shields are depleted, incoming damage is applied to armor then to the ship's internal components.

Phased shields

Phased Shield Generator I-V
Mass: 40 kT
Prerequisite: Shields VI-X
Mineral: 400 (I), 500 (II), 600 (III), 700 (IV), 800 (V)
Organic: 0
Radioactive: 0
Shield points: 75 (I), 150 (II), 225 (III), 300 (IV), 375 (V)

Regular shields can be bypassed by phased weapons, like the Phased Polaron Beam (PPB) in the unmodded game.

To manage this, phased shields are almost identical to regular shields in how they operate, except that weapons which skip normal shields do not bypass phased shields. The PPB is a favorite weapon for this reason. Damage from a PPB can only be shielded using phased shields. Phased shields become available by researching high levels of Shields. Phased shields also continue to block attacks from normal weapons just like regular shields. The highest level of Phased Shield Generator provides more shielding than any other shield generator available.

Warning, do not mix phased and non-phased generating shield components. If you do, you get non-phased shields. That is, until all the non-phased shield generating components are destroyed; then suddenly, in the middle of battle, your shields will become phased.

Shield regenerators

Main article: Shield Regenerators (SEIV)

Shield regenerators shields allow shields to be restored even after being reduced to 0. They work equally well with both regular and phased shields, but they don't work on units. Shield regenerators expend supplies to restore the shields.

Bug note

Shields installed on fighters and weapon platforms appear to count double. (Suicide Junkie, Geo??_________)

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