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Suicide Junkie's Scripting Toolkit is a collection of scripts which can be used in SE5 mods.

Function Aliases

To avoid needless typing, the toolkit contains aliases for all the stock script functions with the "Sys" prefix and the underscores stripped out. There are aliases for just the "no Sys", and just underscores removed, and both together.

Research Breakthroughs

An enhanced version of the research breakthrough script from the Random Research Mod is included.

Parameters allow you to specify the rate of research point decay (or growth), as well as the difficulty of rolling a breakthrough.

Homeworld Tweaks

Functions for "tweaking" the empires' homeworlds are included.


  • Starting Supplies
  • Starting Ordnance
  • Starting Population
  • Starting Conditions

Utility Functions

Various utility functions are included.

  • Absolute Value Function
  • Real To String (with decimal places shown)
  • HexID to Coordinates conversion

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