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Scale mounts are a modding concept introduced to Space Empires IV with the advent of the maximum vehicle tonnage field in CompEnhancement.txt. They allow components to be scaled to the size of a hull, so for instance larger ships might have larger and/or more expensive versions of master computers, cloaking devices, engines, or other such components. (mQNP is simply scale-mounting engines, as a matter of fact.)

To make a scale mount, first create a component and make it very large, expensive, and tough (say, 100 times the size/cost/HP you want it to be on the smallest hull). So you have your 1000kT engine with 2000 HP. Now create a series of mounts in CompEnhancement.txt which are limited to that particular family of component (or all the component families you wish to scale-mount), one for each applicable hull, with the minimum and maximum vehicle sizes set to the size of each mount's hull. Each scale mount should then have the size, cost, and hitpoints percentage set to some percentage less than 100% and proportional to the size of the hull. So if your engine is 1000kT and an escort is 150kT and a cruiser is 500kT you might set the percentage to 3 for the escort and 10 for the cruiser. (Of course, the ratios do not need to be strictly proportional - you could always have the size proportional to the square root of hull size while the cost is proportional to the hull size squared, to make large ships more space-efficient but more expensive, if you so desire!)

Scale mounts can also be used to limit components to a single hull; to do so, simply make the component really huge and create only one mount for the specific hull, not a series of them for all hulls. This is how Adamant limits colony modules to colony ships; the module is 3000kT, too large to fit on any ship, but the colony ship has a scale mount making it only 30kT.

Supposedly scale mounts are supposed to be much easier to implement in Space Empires V, though it remains to be seen how this is the case...