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This is a template to follow when creating mod articles.

Some general guidelines for article formatting:

  • If a mod exists for multiple games, make sure to name the articles appropriately. For example, FQM (SEV).
  • Do not use the top-level section header formatting (single =). Such formatting should always be reserved for the article title, for every type of article.

The following should be used as a template for the articles. Mod Title should not appear in an actual article; it is simply an illustrative placeholder to separate the template from this introductory information.

Mod Title

A basic synopsis of the mod description should go here. This top section should have no title, since it is redundant with the article title. It should be fairly short, only a few sentences in length.


A more detailed description of the mod should go here. Minor features that warrant detailed explanation should have a third level header (three =). Examples might include a brief explanation of leaky armor, a racial trait system, or a propulsion system.

Minor Feature X

Explanation of minor feature.

Major Feature Y

Explanations of major (generally unique) mod features can be broken out of Overview into new major sections, if warranted by length.


A listing of the mod author(s) and any other persons that should be credited for the mod should be listed here.

See Also

Other SE Wiki articles relevant to the mod should be listed here. Naturally, this section is optional.

External Links

Any external site relevant to the mod should be listed here. If the mod has a web site, it should be listed first. A link to the latest downloadable version of the mod should also be provided, with a version number. Any further links should be listed after these. Some things that might be listed include external readmes, version histories, etc.

Categories relevant to the mod should be listed at the end. For example, the game the mod is for and the Mods category.