Space Empires Wiki Proposal and Vision

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Space Empires Wiki Proposal and Vision

Posted 10/14/05 01:02 PM on Shrapnel Community Forums for SEIV by inigma:

Hear ye, hear ye fellow imperators, emperors, kings, primary whatevers, generals, presidents, first thises, great whatnots, and so on, and so forth: With Deluxe comming out in the next few weeks as a new and available commercial release of Space Empires IV to the unsuspecting public, and with the influx of newbies it is bound to generate to our corner of the galaxy; there is no better time for this proposal: THE SPACE EMPIRES WIKI A wiki. A publically-updateable on-the-fly comprehensive community-editable library of strategy guides, FAQs, and encyclopedias of Space Empires, its mods, its players, and its evolution; editable by all, owned by none, and updated at will. A place where mod manuals can be posted and updated at will, a place where strategies are organized and taught, a place to update the names of the latest and greatest. A place to point newbies to when answering a specific question. This project wouldn't be reinventing the wheel per-say, as there is a lot of good stuff out there, and already another wiki; but rather than reinventing the wheel, I thought it would be approproate to propose upgrading it to a quantum engine III, adding a quantum generator, and putting it all on one ship. Fans of SEII and SEIII may find this proposed Space Empires Wiki to be a place for home and comfort, should they feel like contributing, and later this wiki would provide the foundation to a transition of an up-to-the minute documentation of SEV.

There are over 10+ years of comments, questions, posts, books, anthologies, guides, preferences, strategies, etc, etc, etc, that if not recollected in our Great Library, may be lost forever to the purges of time and old memory, and bad programming. This wiki and its primary pages would be planned by a volunteer committee, using the formats and ideas created and laboriously presented by many great contributors in our current (but antiquated and incomplete) Newbie Guide, Dubious Strategy Guide, and other guides currently listed as stickies in this and other SE forums. Secondary pages, such as the encyclopedia and individual stratgeies would be added later, or transitioned from other documentation. To make a seamless transition from using the forums to the wiki as a primary source for answering questions, veteran players on the forums would be encouraged to answer new questions that are posted here by creating or updating a SEW (SE Wiki) page with the answer, and redirecting the poster to a link to that page to get them in the habit of looking up their questions there first.Thanks to everyone who makes the Space Empires experience a better place for people of all skill levels. This community is awesome!

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