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Welcome to the Space Empires Wiki Project

This is the main page that organizes the stated goals, tasks, and other info of the Space Empires Wiki Project. It is expected that in order to contribute to the project that you visit this place for a quick reference of everything you need.

Talk pages for articles and sections are currently being listed here that are of primary focus for the Space Empires Wiki Documentation Project for quick reference to jump in on the conversation. You may add a link to your talk page here for any article you have created if you would like the community to know about the discussion on that article and assist you in its development.

The Talk:SEWiki Project page is the talk page for the Space Empires Wiki, and is the main discussion page to talk about where we should go with this whole wiki, what should be put on this Documentation Project page, as well as to help develop standards to keep this wiki sane.

Priority Project Talk Pages

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