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The SE4 Companion is a hugely ambitious programming project by Ruatha, designed to provide lots of useful functions to benefit se4 users.

It grew out of a history editor, which exploited the way the game stores its diplomatic history information to create a kind of user editable in-game reference point. Users could make notes in the history editor, hit save, and the notes would appear in se4's diplomatic history window.

The history editor grew, acquiring new functions and eventually grew into the name "se4 companion."

By the time it reached version 0.853 (At which point development ceased) it included such additional features as:

  • History editor
  • Mod launcher and manager
  • Automatic checking of PBW for new turn files.
  • Automatic download & decompression of turn files.
  • Game password management.
  • Automatic upload of completed turns to PBW
  • A shipset viewer.
  • A shipset checker that highlights any missing shipsets needed for your current games.
  • A nice photo of the author and his missus.
  • A shipset cleaner that deletes unnecessary files.
  • Probably a whole load more stuff besides.

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