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Riot is the lowest level on the happiness scale. It occurs when the anger value of a planet is between 75 and 100. Planets in this state have 0 production (the Mood Riot Modifier value in Settings.txt is overridden by hard-code). Note that Homeworlds can never, under any circumstances, riot. The absolute minimum happiness state for homeworlds is Angry. This ensures that no empire can ever have production drop to 0, if the homeworld(s) survives.


Rioting triggers when there is excessive unhappiness. It can be caused by several ways (by default).

  • Enemy ships near or at colonies.
  • Damage done to planet.
  • Losing planets (homeworlds lost cause more unhappiness).
  • Enemy troops besieging planets.
  • Combat losses within system (losses at sector cause more unhappiness).
  • Wars (not bloodthirsty).
  • Peace (not peaceful).
  • Any non-native races exist on planet.
  • Any Intercourse treaties (neutral only)
  • Plagues.
  • The Anarchy Groups intel project.


  • No SY construction
  • No reproduction
  • No resource production

Why should you remove it as soon as possible?

Extended riots may lead to rebellion, causing the planet to break away and form its own empire. Additionally, if a valuable planet is rioting, your resource production can diminish quickly. This may cause a lot of havoc, as you can also lose a lot of ships to maintenance problems.

Tips for slowing or removing rioting

By default, the following items will slow and/or even remove the rioting.

  • Your or allied ships near or at colonies.
  • Capturing planets.
  • Defensive troops on planets.
  • Combat victories (victories at sector cause more happiness).
  • Wars (bloodthirsty only).
  • Peace (peaceful only).
  • Take the "mechanoid" trait during game startup (this prevents plague effects).
  • Spend racial points on "happiness" at game startup.
  • Build an Urban Pacification Center or Temporal Vacation Service.

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