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Space Empires V Manual

3.1 - Research Points
3.2 - Starting Technologies
3.3 - Acquiring Technologies
3.4 - Unique Discoveries
Table: Tech Tree
FAQ: Research FAQ


Technologies are what allow an empire to expand in capability. They affect everything from what ships you can build to how much you may develop a planet. All ship components, planetary facilities, and even other technologies require active research in order to be built and even grow. This chapter will delve into the intricacies of gaining research points and distributing them to learn technologies. Accompanied with this chapter are links to the Tech Tree and the Research section of the FAQ.

3.1 - Research Points

Research Points are the core units for researching technologies. Research Points are gained automatically at the beginning of every turn and spent according to your research distribution at the end of every turn. The amount of Research Points gained depends mostly on your planetary development and which facilities are on them. The three primary facilities that give Research Points are Research Center, Central Computer Complex, and the System Computer Complex.

Placing Research Facilities

  • Research Center - The Research Center is the most basic research facility an empire can develop. A planet may have as many of these as there is room to build them.
  • Central Computer Complex - The Central Computer Complex gives a bonus (maximum of 30%) to the total research given by a planet. There may only be one on each planet. In general, it is only worthwhile to build one of these on a planet with at least 3 Research Centers.
  • System Computer Complex - The System Computer Complex gives a bonus to the total research attained by all planets in a system (owned by the same empire). There may only be one in each system. The System Computer Complex gives a maximum of 30%, so only place one in systems where there are at least 3 Research Centers

3.2 - Starting Technologies

The following base technologies are at level 1 for all races at the start of the game: Astrophysics, Biology, Chemistry, Construction, Industry, Military Science, Physics, Planetary Engineering, Psychology, Light Hull Construction, Base Construction, Space Yards, Satellites, Troops, Weapon Platforms, Starship Support, Storage, Minerals Extraction, Organics Extraction, Radioactives Extraction, Cargo, Ion Engines, Armor, Sensors, Applied Research, Missile Weapons, Projectile Weapons.

All races also start with an appropriate Colonization tech depending on their Empire's Planet Type.

In addition to these basic starting technologies, the "Technology Points For New Players" setting used during game setup determines the pool of technology points that all players start with to add starting tech's to their empire during empire creation.

3.3 - Acquiring New Technologies

To gain new technologies, you have choose which technologies you wish to research. In most other 4X strategy games, you may only research a single technology at a time. Space Empires V takes a different approach. Additionally, since most technologies have multiple levels, often your research points won't be wasted if you spend too much on a given technology, unless you have reached the final level of that specific technology. The game, however, will not let you know what the last level is until you have reached it.

Distributing Research Points

  1. Open the Technology screen by clicking the Microscope Icon on the Main Screen or by pressing Shift-R.
  2. Choose one of the listed Technologies and give it a percentage by clicking the arrow buttons. If you hold Shift when clicking the percentage will increment by 10 instead of 1. Alternatively, you may click directly on the bar.
  3. Repeat Step 2 until the Bar at the bottom labeled "Total Research Spent" says "100%"

Research Tips

  • Check your research every turn. This is especially true if you are a technology heavy player. Research Points can grow quickly and Tech Levels can sky rocket if you aren't paying attention.
  • The game lets you know when you will be done researching a level with each technology. To avoid wasting technology in the early game, gain only 1 level in a given technology at a time.
  • Don't let your research go wasted. If you are researching technologies that upgrade facilities or ship components, upgrade them regularly.
  • Set research goals and priorities. Place most of your research points into a particular area of focus. When you achieve one goal, move onto another.
  • Don't neglect any given area of technology. Research a little of everything while maintaining your focus.

3.4 - Unique Discoveries

Researching is not the only way to gain access to technologies. As you explore the quadrant, you may find planets that have ruins on them. Upon colonizing these planets and gaining access to the ruins, you may attain a access to a new technology. These are called Unique Discoveries. These technologies are typically more powerful than can be attained through normal researching methods. There are six technologies that can only be gained from a Unique Discovery.

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