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Repairs and Retrofitting


What is repair all about?

Repair is measured in repair points. Both facilities and components can produce repair points, which are automatically spent each turn on ships and bases in the same sector. Each repair point can restore one damaged component to a functioning state.

It should be noted that units such as troops, fighters and satellites do not lose components when damaged, and never need repair. Any such units which survive the battle will instantly have full health for the next battle. (Suicide Junkie)

What can or can't be repaired?

You can only repair components which you currently have the technology to construct. If you have been given ships by some other race, you will not be able to repair any exotic technology which you do not understand.

In addition, there are certain components, such as the emergency resupply, emergency propulsion and many stellar manipulation components which can not be repaired unless there is a space yard present in the sector.

Any components which cannot be repaired will be ignored and remain in a destroyed state. You will need to move the ship to a spaceyard (or bring a spaceyard ship to it), or give the ship to another race who understands the technology and can repair it for you. (Suicide Junkie)

How many repair points do I get?

All of the repair points generated in the sector are added together. This usually means spaceyard facilities, spaceyard components and repair bay components, although custom modifications can include repair point generation from ship hulls and even units.

The total number of points is then adjusted by any racial modifiers you may have. Add the modifiers from your racial characteristics and culture type. The total modifier multiplies with the total points available in the sector. The answer is then rounded down to the nearest integer.

Note: if you have even a small racial penalty to repair rate, and have one point of repair available in the sector, it will round down from 0.99 to zero, and your ships will never be repaired. Partial repair points are never saved. (Suicide Junkie)

To expand on this note: Space Yard / Repair Bay: I - 3 points, II - 5 points, III - 8 points, Space Yard Facility: I,II,III - 5 points. Repair Racial Characteristic % tresholds:

  • 3 points: 67.134 (and obviously 100)
  • 5 points: 60.8O.120.140
  • 8 points:

3, 5, 8 (= 5 + 3 = space + planet) common in early game, 5, 8 in late.

Can I prioritize repairs?

Repair priorities can be set in the repair priorities window: (F11) Empire Status/Repair Priorities. This is *not* an ordered list, but rather a true/false state. Items on the right side will be prioritized, while items on the left will not be prioritized. (Suicide Junkie)

How are repair points distributed?

Any damaged component which falls into a category on the right side of the repair priorities list will get a "priority flag". Any ship or base which contains a damaged component with priority will also have a priority flag.

Repairs will then be conducted in the following order:

  1. Only ships with priority flags are considered. The priority ship with the lowest ID is selected first.
  2. If no ships with priority flags are present, then all damaged ships are considered, and the lowest ID is selected first.
  3. Components with priority flags are repaired first, in order of placement on the hull.
  4. If there are still repair points remaining, then a second pass is made, and the non-priority damaged components are repaired in order of placement on the hull.
  5. If there are still repair points remaining, and the ship has been fully repaired, the game selects a new ship as in (1) and starts over. (Suicide Junkie)

Why did my ship get repaired a little bit then stop?

If all the priority components on a priority ship are repaired, but there are not enough repair points to completely fix the ship, then that ship will not be a priority ship on the next turn. If there is a second ship with priority components damaged, that second ship will be repaired instead. (Suicide Junkie)

Why are none of my ships being repaired?

  1. There may be no component types set in the repair priority window:
    You must have at least one repair priority item on the right side, otherwise no ships will be repaired.
  2. You may not have a full repair point in the sector:
    If you have objects with repair ability in the sector, but your racial characteristics, culture and traits reduce that amount to less than one, then you get nothing. The repair icons will still show up, but the rate is zero. If your repair penalty is less than -100%, then adding a sufficient number of additional repair vehicles will boost your repair rate above 1.0, and repairs will proceed.
  3. Your ships may be unrepairable:
    If you have broken emergency pods, then you require a Spaceyard in the sector to continue repairs. Either fly the ship to a SY, or bring a SY ship to the damaged vehicle. If you have alien technology that you do not understand aboard the ship then you cannot repair the alien components. If the components are not racial techs, you can "deconstruct and analyse" the ship to learn its secrets. Or you can trade the ship to another empire who does have knowledge of the components and can repair the ship for you.


[An article on Retrofitting by Alneyan. Some concepts discussed here are also discussed in other sections of the FAQ, but this is a great summary.] Retrofitting allows you to "transform" a ship of a certain design into another, at a higher price. The targeted design can only be 50% (or less) more expensive than the original design, all resources added. For instance, a basic ship costing 15,000 minerals could be retrofitted to a design costing 10,000 minerals, 2,000 organics and 10,000 radioactives (total 22,000 resources, while the limit was 22,500 resources).

The added cost of retrofitting is +20% per component added (so adding a component normally costing 400 minerals will cost 480 minerals), and 30% of the cost of any removed component. You will also have to pay maintenance for your ships being retrofitted, although the total maintenance should be lower than for the full design.

Any added component will be "broken" when added, though having broken components does not affect retrofitting in any way. Lastly, retrofitting does not allow you to add spaceyards or colony modules to a ship not having any such component to begin with. If your ship had an Ice module, you would however be able to retrofit it in a Gas colonizer.

  • Once again, retrofitting has several uses:

- It helps speed up the construction of these expensive ships, namely Stellar Manipulation vessels. Building one of the cheaper Stellar Manipulation components (the Matter Gravity Sphere, or the Ionic components if possible) to retrofit them into Warp Openers or Planet Creators is a very effective way of getting these ships more quickly, especially in conjunction with Emergency building.

Be warned that the actual retrofit is very expensive, generally around 80,000 minerals and 60,000 radioactives to retrofit a Planet Creator into a Warp Opener. Because of this, you should have a few storage facilities and a balanced economy before attempting any massive Stellar Manipulation project.

- Retrofitting is also used to virtually increase your number of spaceyards. In other words, you would create a cheaper design, built one turn earlier than the full ship, and would "finish" the ship through a single retrofit in orbit. This does not usually result in ships being completed earlier, but increases your construction abilities. For example, if the original ship required four turns to build, but the retrofitted Version needs three turns, you can build 33% more ships than before.

This will require you to have at least decent repair abilities, and some resources to spare since it is somewhat more expensive than the regular way. It remains quite useful as a temporary adjustment of your construction abilities however; if you have too many resources, you can thus boost your construction rates, while waiting for more spaceyards to come Online. And when/if you lack resources, simply go back to the original design not requiring any retrofit.

- The last main use of retrofits is for retroseries, where a given ship is retrofitted several times before being "finished". This way is the most expensive in resources (although by the time it is widespread, you should not have too many problems with economics), and requires some micromanagement as well. It will significantly improve your construction rates however, as such ships can often be completed in half the time originally needed. [Thanks for a great discussion on Retrofitting, Alneyan!]

Q: How exactly do I retrofit? A:

  1. Create your new design and ensure that the total resources (minerals + organics + rads) is not greater than 150% of the total resources of the original ship. If you want to retrofit to a more expensive design, you need to make multiple steps, each with no more than 150% increase.
  2. Move your ship to a sector with a spaceyard, either planet based or on a ship/base works fine.
  3. Click on any one of the ships in that sector then click the green triangle (retrofit, scrap, analyze, etc) (Hotkey G) for a new window.
  4. Select the ship you want to retrofit, then click the retrofit button.
  5. A new window pops up with all available designs that you can retrofit to. Select your desired upgrade ship.
  6. Click OK.
  7. Your ship is now retrofitted and any new components must be repaired by the spaceyard. Once repaired you are good to go. Note that if you retrofit engines and you don't have a Resupply Depot on the planet, you could end up with a ship with 0 supplies because retrofitted engines come with no supplies.

You can choose multiple ships to retrofit, but all ships has to be the same class (The name you've given the design), after you've chosen them you can choose ships from another class in the same sector in the same turn and order them to retrofit as well.

It doesn't matter what type (Attack ship, defense ship...) you retrofit from, you can change type freely.

You cannot add a space yard or colony module to a ship that doesn't already have one. This can be turned on/off in settings.txt.

Units cannot be retrofitted. (capnq)

Retroseries Building

A faster, but more expensive, method to build ships is to use a retroseries. First, build a basic version of the ship, usually taking a single turn. Then retrofit through a series of designs which gradually add components to the ship. Remember, though, that there can only be a 50% difference in total cost. If you are building a stellar manipulation ship (which has a single very expensive component), you can use any combination of components to get the total cost close enough to the amount needed to add the stellar manip. component, at which point the other components can be removed. (Krsqk, Imperator Fyron)

Engines that are retrofit to a different engine type lose all supplies, unless they also have Supply Storage components. Ensure you retrofit engines over a resupply depot. (DirectorTsaarx, Quikngruvn) Retrofit engines three (or half) at a time and only lose supplies to what the leftover/repaired engines can hold. (Parasite)

If you retrofit (captured, insurrected, or gifted) ships with special racial technology components that your race does not possess, you will lose those components. (DirectorTsaarx)

A space yard ship with a repair bay is an excellent way to refit ships in forward positions. (DirectorTsaarx)

Ships can't be retrofit while in a fleet (it caused problems in 1.49, and is not even possible in Gold). (Quikngruvn)

Ships with a space yard can't build while cloaked but can repair while cloaked. (icon changes from "space yard" to "repair" while cloaked. The cloaked ship does not appear in construction queue. (Suicide Junkie)

Cloaked ships can't be retrofitted.

Emergency supply & propulsion pods need a space yard (not repair bay) to repair.

Retrofitting a ship does not affect its crew experience.

Retrofitting cost 120%, 30% for component removal. This is seen only on the retrofit screen. (settings.txt)

Repairs cost no resources.

Space yard III and Repair Bay III both repair 8 per turn; all planet Space yard facilities only repair 5 per turn. Moral: better to repair in space.

Space yard ships can repair & retrofit while moving, assuming the ship it is repairing/retrofitting can move. Space yard ships cannot build while moving. Attempting to move a space yard ship that is building something results in an error message and no movement, building continues. (Suicide Junkie)

You can get ripped off on upgrading ships. Check that you are not upgrading engines of the same type from I to II or III - no benefit except lower maintenance cost, but additional retrofit cost. Master computers, almost the same thing, slight decrease in size is the only benefit, usually not worth the cost. Check every component to see if there is enough of a benefit to make it worth the cost.

Retrofitting a damaged ship makes sense, it had to be repaired anyway; may as well have it repair upgraded components. Also if a ship will take several turns to retrofit/repair, mothballing it will allow you to save on the maintenance costs. Don't forget that mothballing will reset crew experience to 0%. For clarification, you can retrofit a mothballed ship or base. Sometimes it is advantageous to mothball the ship/base first before retrofitting so that you don't pay maintenance while repairs are in progress.

You cannot repair technology that you don't possess (i.e. beyond your current research, special, racial, etc.) from stolen/gifted ships.

You cannot retrofit a ship which is carrying cargo even if the cargo components are not being changed.

If you fleet a space yard ship, you can't select the ship for building, but it continues to build what it was building. You can access the ship from the construction queue (button with the wrench on it) to alter the queue. (Suicide Junkie)

You cannot retrofit a ship to include a Colony Module or a Space Yard if one was not present on the ship already. (settings.txt)(Quikngruvn) However, if the original ship did have a Colony Module or Space Yard, you can upgrade it or change it or even remove it.

See also section 14.0.2. All refits, successful or not, are shown in the log as "vehicle retrofit". This can be misleading because the retrofit may have failed due to lack of resources or too much of a percent change in its components. You can only tell by highlighting entry and looking at center panel to see if it was successful.

[From a discussion on retrofitting old ships] Other use for obsolete frigates is to add a repair component to them and make them repair ships that still can be useful in the line of battle. Another use for obsolete escort and frigates is to add cargo components and use them as troop transports or faster transports for units, since they can have more engines than the traditional transports (while the traditional transports are more cost-effective, these "fast transports" can help you to transport badly needed units faster to the front). (Makinus)

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