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Manual (SEV)


As ships take damage, either from combat or other events (such as retrofitting), they will eventually need to be repaired. Repairs can be performed in any sector containing a space yard or a repair bay. Facilities and components which perform repairs will automatically repair damaged ships which end their turn in the same sector.

Fortunately, repairs do not interfere with a space yard's current construction queue. A space yard can repair ships while it is also building new ships.

The time needed to repair a ship will vary depending on how much damage it has taken, and whether there are other ships also undergoing repairs. Multiple repair bays can repair the same ship if needed, reducing the time needed to completely repair the target.

Repair Priority

Component repairs are prioritized. Typically this means that vital components (such as life support, engines, etc...) are repaired before non-essential ones (weapons, armor, etc...). The player can manually adjust repair priorites on a global level, if needed. There is not a way to prioritize certain ships above others; prioritization only takes place at the component level.

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