Repair Bay (SEIV)

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Repair Bay I-III
Mass: 150 kT
Prerequisite: Repair I-III
Mineral: 300
Organic: 0
Radioactive: 10
Repairs per turn
Modules: 3 (I), 5 (II), 8 (III)

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Repair Bay for Space Empires IV

When components of a ship or base is damaged, but the ship is not destroyed, the components may be repaired. Units and facilities on planets don't display partial damage like this, they are either intact at the end of combat or destroyed.

Components can be repaired at a spaceyard or at a repair bay. Repair bays are a tech area available for research. The various tech levels of repair bay repair the same number of components per turn as the corresponding level of spaceyard components. They are however cheaper, so the cost less to build and can be built faster. They are smaller, and fit on smaller ships.

Repair priorities

In the empire options window, you can select repair priorities. When damaged ships occupy the same sector as a repair bay or spaceyard, ships are compared to the repair priorities. The first ship with a component matching one of the entries in your priority list will be repaired first.


Repair bays come in handy when:

  • A fleet is engaging the enemy and is far from planets you control. A few destroyers with repair bays will repair your ships.
  • To keep defense ships in fighting condition when combat is enough to damage them but not destroy them. This can happen in the early game if you start adjacent to an aggressive race.
  • To speed up retrofits

Simply put, a few repair bays will seem to keep a moderate fleet battle ready at all times. Trying to retrofit a huge fleet with one spaceyard can be disappointingly slow.

Stellar manipulation

Repair bays are handy for stellar manipulation since most stellar manipulation components must be repaired after each use.


Your cultural and racial traits for repair will impact how quickly repair bays work.

Since version 1.42 of SE4, the emergency supply pod and emergency propulsion pod can only be repaired at a spaceyard.

As is distinct from ship construction in SE4, the repair functions of multiple spaceyards and repair bays do stack. That is more than one spaceyard and repair bay can work on one ship. Also, excess repair functions will carry over to the next ship.

See also FAQ for SEIV 5.5.