Religious Talisman (SEIV)

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Religious Talisman
Mass: 50 kT
Prerequisite: Religious Technology IV
Mineral: 300
Organic: 300
Radioactive: 300

The Religious Talisman allows every hit from a direct fire weapon to score. SE IV treats stack of units (weapon platform on planet, stack of satellites, stack of fighters) as one "ship". This is why you need only one RT to get the benefit for all units in stack. You may notice that the absolute maximum to-hit that you can get from experience is 99%. The talisman gives you 100%. That tells you these two effects are quite separate, since the experience is applied before the total is capped at 99%, and the talisman applies afterwards. (Jim, Suicide Junkie, Oleg)

The only stock race with access to the Talisman is the Norak Continuum.

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