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The Random Research Mod was created by Ed Kolis with the initial idea from Suicide Junkie as a demo of randomized research in SE5 which could be incorporated into other mods. It differs from stock only in that research has two additional factors applied to it: Breakthroughs and Decay.


Every turn, an event script runs and checks all players' research levels. If a player has points invested in a tech area, there is a chance (equal to the square of the ratio of research points invested to the cost of the next level) that a "breakthrough" is achieved. When a breakthrough is achieved, bonus research points are granted to bring the technology up to the next level. (Due to SE5 not working as expected, the technology is not actually gained until the turn after the breakthrough occurs.)


However, the event script also causes research points to decay. This means that any invested points in a tech area are reduced by 10% every turn, so if you have invested 5,000 points in a tech and you don't reach a new level or achieve a breakthrough, the next turn you will only have 4,500 points invested.

These two factors working in concert lead to the need for a balance between pumping all your research into one tech (which will get it done quickly) and spreading out your research (which will provide far bigger benefits when breakthroughs occur, but you suffer from the effects of decay should the breakthroughs not occur).


This mod was created by Ed Kolis, but the original idea is Suicide Junkie's.

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