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See also section 20 for an Article for one person's opinion on empire setup.


Maintenance Aptitude

Unlike other characteristics Maintenance aptitude gives a benefit different that what appears at first. Increasing Maintenance Aptitude from 100% to 110% give significantly more than a 10% advantage from normal. This will in fact decrease the base maintenance paid on ships from the default of 25% of it's cost by 10% to 15%. (DavidG)

Reproduction Value

The reproduction value works in a similar way to the Maintenance Aptitude. Every percentage point you increase your reproduction increase the planets reproduction by one percentage point. So if you choose 110% reproduction a typical planet could increase its reproduction from 10% to 20%. Thus what seems like a 10% improvement (100% to 110%) is actually a 100% improvement. (DavidG)


Every five percentage points you increase your Happiness makes 0,1% people happier every turn. For example if you increase happiness 10% it's the same effect if you have one troop on your every planet. If you drop your Happiness to 50%, it makes 1% of your population angry each turn. Natural decrease is 2% (neutral 5%). The result is 1% happy people each turn. (Asmala)

Environmental Resistance

A 5% change in Environmental Resistance equates to a 1% change in Reproduction and Happiness. If you set both ER and Reproduction down, your population may never be able to grow. (Suicide Junkie)


Every point into agressiveness will increase your to-hit chance by 1%, and likewise every defensiveness point will decrease your enemy's to-hit chance by 1%. Obviously these are popular traits for almost everyone, because we all have to fight eventually. (B McLean)

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