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Qwevla flag.png

The Qwevla pseudo-3D race portrait.

The Qwevla Pseudo-3D conversion is a partial shipset for Space Empires IV.

It was created by Andres Lescano, who applied a 3D bump-mapping tool to the 2-dimensional Space Empires III shipsets.

Biological Description

The Qwevla are a bulbous organic species that are hideously ugly. Due to their semi-solid form, they have enhanced their bodies with artificial exoskeletons. Without the technological physical enhancements, the Qwevla move very slowly and have difficulty sensing their environment. The Paretorian have an average lifespan of 70 years.

Society Description

The Qwevla are organized into an imperial government with an emperor considered to be the son of god. The people are in absolute thrall to the emperor and will do anything that he commands. Their race tends to be very reclusive and solitary. Due to their horrible appearance, they find relations with other races to be very difficult.

General History Description

The history of the the Qwevla has been very sparse. Few races will interact with them because of either their appearance or the lofty nature of their emperor. They have devoted much of their time to engineering pursuits and improving their exoskeletons.