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Proportions for Space Empires V tries to replicate the feeling from the old Proportions Mod for Space Empires IV by PvK.


Mod Features

  • Low populated colonies are heavily penalized in production/construction. Densely populated worlds receive high bonus.
  • Colonization tech areas are very expensive and will only produce a usable component after some 10 levels of research. Colonization is not important in the early game as colony ships are very big, expensive and take some time to build. Further research in Colonization, Biology and Colony ship hulls can greatly reduce the overall ship cost. Use of a "Engineering Section" component can also significantly help with maintenance.
  • New colonies are more of a burden as they will barely produce enough to maintain themselves. Construction of Cultural facilities is needed to make a planet useful in terms of production/research.
  • Space Yards do stack but they are now a lot bigger and much more expensive to compensate. Only large developed worlds can support them. Small repair facilities can be built everywhere though.
  • The homeworld is very strong and almost impossible to invade/glass in early game. It produces a very large surplus and can maintain a reasonable fleet on its own.
  • Almost completely new tech tree. Most of the components received their own tech area. Research is inter dependent. You may have to research two or tree fields to open a new tech area.
  • Remote mining is a quick and cheap way of producing more resources.
  • Fighters are fast and dangerous in numbers, both in Space and Ground combat but move very slowly on the system map. Carriers are the only way to get them to where they are needed.
  • Infrastructure development is a painstakingly process. Glassing and recolonizing enemy planets is not a viable strategy. Ground invasion have much more importance.
  • Sensor component is bigger and more expensive. Installing one in each ship is not feasible. Dedicated sensor ships will be needed.
  • Spaceports have many more abilities like small bonus to production and some sensor range.
  • Developing the homeworld is much more important in the early game than colonizing every little moon in the home system. Resource production/Research can be raised more easily by high level facilities than by a higher number of small level facilities. Quality is usually more important than quantity.
  • Initial tech level is quite low so using a low or medium research points bonus on empire creation can speed the game a lot.
  • There are no racial tech traits anymore. The former racial techs are in the main tech tree and can be research by any empire.
  • Quasi-Newtonian Propulsion added. There is no limit to the number of engines in each ship. Engines produce a modest bonus to combat and ships without them will be easier to hit.
  • Combat bonus to smaller ships and penalties to bigger ones.


Proportions Mod (SEV) was created by Heber Magalhães.

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