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The 'Proportions Mod is a well-established and popular mod for SEIV that radically changes the economy and research tree of the game. The mod was created by PVK. Advocates of the mod often talk avidly about the slower pace of games and the increased individuality of each colony in proportions games.

The fundamental premise of the mod is that homeworlds represent thousands of years worth of development and population growth, so that colonised worlds will take a very very long time to catch up with them in economic terms.

This is implemented in several ways:

  • Homeworlds start with "cultural centres" that provide enormous resource production and storage, considerable research and intel production, as well as providing other benefits like spaceport facilities.
  • Cultural centres are so horrendously expensive to build that it is utterly unfeasible to build them on colonised worlds. Instead, players can choose from a variety of lesser urban, agricultural and specialised facilities that represent the planet's growing infrastructure.
  • Population growth is severely restricted in Proportions, compared to the unmodded game.
  • Transporting population is also a far more difficult undertaking- The largest ships in the game with the highest-tech cargo components will carry only ten or twenty million passengers. A typical starliner or colony ship will carry only one or two million population.
  • Low-population planets are heavily penalised in terms of production and construction.
  • Colony ships are massively expensive, and travel only very slowly.

The result of all this is that even in the late game, colonised planets make up only a small fraction of an empire's economy, and an empire may not bother colonising every little moon in their territory. Homeworlds are incredibly important, and must be defended at all costs. Due to the massive value of homeworlds, and the very slow development of colonies, planet capture becomes a far more useful tactic than glassing. Colonies are rarer than in the standard game, hard-won and painstakingly developped, so each tends to have its own 'personality' and unique combination of facilities. They become important as staging posts, resupply depots and repair/ construction yards rather than as the ubiquitous, anonymous resource factories of unmodded SEIV.

Other changes are made in the game's structure as well. The facility system, as already mentioned, has been completely turned upside down. Later versions also skew the resource balance in order to more tightly control the production of organics, which in turn control the production of colonisers. Quasi-newtonian movement is used, and a wider choice of propulsion options have been introduced. Master computers, sensors, combat modifiers, ship hulls, cargo storage and stellar manipulation have all been reworked, along with a great many other things not mentioned here.

The game uses some images from the Neostandard, as well as some from the neo-standard++. Proportions players may be interested in downloading the Proportional Response Pack.

Some versions of the mod support AI players, but later versions are only really viable for multiplayer games.

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