Point-Defense Weapons (SEIV)

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Point-Defense is the branch of the Tech Tree for making Point-Defense Cannons which can be used to destroy incoming missiles, along with other small targets like fighters, drones, and satellites. They are small mobile direct-fire cannons on turrets which are used to target and destroy incoming fighters and seekers. Point-Defense becomes unlocked for research after completing Military Science I.

Point-Defense Cannons

All point-defense cannons (PDCs) have a mass of 20 kT, have a reload time of one combat round, and have no supply cost for firing. Damage is always the same regardless of distance. PDCs can be equipped on ships, bases, satellites, weapon platforms, and drones.

Note that unlike other weapons, PDCs will automatically fire in tactical combat, even during the enemy's turn, when a valid target comes within range.

Name Mineral cost Range Damage Tech level required
Point-Defense Cannon I 50 3 25 1
Point-Defense Cannon II 100 4 35 2
Point-Defense Cannon III 150 4 45 3
Point-Defense Cannon IV 200 4 55 4
Point-Defense Cannon V 250 4 65 5


Planetary defense: Point-defense cannons can be placed on weapon platforms on planets, accompanied by missile platforms. This makes the planet very difficult to attack since the planet will fire missiles at any ships which get close, and will destroy any missiles which are fired at it.

Talisman combo: Combining point-defense cannons with the Religious Talisman guarantees that each shot will hit, giving the cannons the ability to perfectly screen out missile attacks as long as the number of missiles at one time does not exceed the number of shots the cannons can fire.

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